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No Limits: The Art and Science of High Performance

No Limits: The Art and Science of High Performance

Tech entrepreneur Mukesh Bansal has been a lifelong student of human performance optimisation. He has studied the science behind it, and worked closely with high performers across business, sports and entertainment, to understand what it takes to transcend apparent limitations and achieve true potential.

Through his entrepreneurial experience and studying the field of health and fitness, Bansal came to understand the enormous power of plasticity: the ability of the human brain to rewire itself at will as we develop new skills. He also realised that high performers across domains rely on common tools that were embraced by ancient wisdom and are validated by modern science. Knowing that high performance is not a matter of genetics or luck is highly empowering.

No Limits distils Bansal’s findings on talent, deliberate practice, mindset, habit, willpower and learning. It is a guide to maximising one’s potential with well-defined strategies. So, no matter what you do, you can be a superior version of yourself, performing at increasingly better levels, constantly reaching higher.

Let Me Say it Now

Let Me Say it Now

‘Son, I think you have made a mistake. You have written IPS five times.’

‘No, sir, it’s not a mistake,’ I said. ‘It is deliberate. Sir, give me IPS or nothing.’

Rakesh Maria’s entry into the elite Indian Police Service and rise to the coveted post of Mumbai’s Police Commissioner is a gripping and inspiring story.

One of India’s best-known police officers, Maria’s life is the stuff police legends are made of. Time and again his bosses and various political masters took him off his regular postings to detect serious crimes. But he successfully steered challenging and monumental investigations -- the 1993 serial blasts and the audacious 26/11 terror attack being two such instances. His work confined him to the Urbs Prima in Indis for the better part of his career. It constantly kept him under the spotlight, attracting the ire of many and resulting in some deeply distressing moments. But Maria persisted and led from the front, wherever his duty took him.

Just when he was about to complete his tenure as Commissioner, the sensational Sheena Bora murder case came to light. As usual, Rakesh Maria ensured that no stone was left unturned to unravel the roles of the influential accused. Just then, he was abruptly transferred on promotion. The treatment meted out to one of Mumbai’s top cops created a huge controversy. Several explanations were offered; guesses hazarded. However, Maria held his silence, as always. He was not new to controversies. They dogged him as they do all public servants who choose to act rather than take the easy way out, seeking shelter under rules of hierarchy and office.

In Let Me Say It Now, Maria breaks his silence for the first time, letting the reader into his side of the stories built around him. It is the chronicle of a conscientious and steadfast cop who found himself in the midst of sensitive cases and created benchmarks in complicated investigations. The book is also an unusually frank and penetrating look into the criminal justice system and the socio-political set-up it operates in.

From Cowrie to Crypto: Blockchain and the Future of Money

From Cowrie to Crypto: Blockchain and the Future of Money

There is a new kid on the currency block. Even as cryptocurrencies have fired the imagination of millions around the world, both as a replacement for regular currency as well as an investment option, awareness about this futuristic option is low and there are a number of misconceptions and myths surrounding it.

Cryptocurrencies, whether used as currency, assets or as smart contracts, are based on a digital ledger called the blockchain. The application of blockchain goes well beyond cryptocurrency, and could potentially revolutionise banking, telecom and all kinds of transactions. From Cowry to Crypto explains what blockchain is, how it works, what it has to do with cryptocurrencies, and what it means for companies and governments. It also discusses how this is different from any form of money we have known so far—its advantages as well as the dangers, and the best way to manage it.

From cowry shells to advanced cryptography, the history of money is a fascinating one. The future even more so!

Lift Off: The Story of Conzerv

Lift Off: The Story of Conzerv

This fascinating story of an exemplary family enterprise, successful because of both technology and values, holds lessons for every entrepreneur and manager.

-T.N. Ninan, Former Editor and current Chairman, Business Standard

In 1996, Hema Hattangady took over as the CEO of Conzerv, an embattled family-owned firm based in Bangalore that manufactured digital energy meters. Over the next twelve years, she grew it to a Rs 100 crore market leader, which was also by then India’s largest energy-management company.

Right from the get-go, Hattangady’s vision for the company was global in its scope: from her vision for it to the product quality, from people practices to systems and processes. Conzerv also carved a unique niche for itself through its insistence on ethical business practices, a rare initiative in a sector marred by corruption.

In 2009, the company was acquired by Schneider Electric, and Hema Hattangady turned her attention to impact investing and community service. The firm’s organisational practices and business model were the subject of a Harvard Business School case study, a rare honour for an Indian firm.

An inspirational story of grit and determination, Lift Off is also an uncommon lesson in best business practices—and proof that they are sound strategy.

The Vault of Vishnu

The Vault of Vishnu

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A Pallava prince travels to Cambodia to be crowned king, carrying with him secrets that will be the cause of great wars many centuries later.

A Buddhist monk in ancient China treks south to India, searching for the missing pieces of a puzzle that could make his emperor all-powerful.

A Neolithic tribe fights to preserve their sacred knowledge, oblivious to the war drums on the Indo-China border.

Meanwhile, far away in the temple town of Kanchipuram, a reclusive scientist deciphers ancient texts even as a team of secret agents shadows his every move.

Caught in the storm is a young investigator with a complex past of her own, who must race against time to maintain the balance of power in the new world.

Welcome back to the exciting and shadowy world of Ashwin Sanghi, where myth and history blend into edge-of-the-seat action.

Stories We Never Tell

Stories We Never Tell

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There are stories we never talk about. Stories we are afraid to share. Simply because they hurt too much or no one wants to listen to them.

Such was the story of Jhanvi, who is a budding social media influencer. She appears to have it all together, living her ideal life, but something is missing: Jhanvi has this impossible need that drives her to be more perfect than any person could possibly be.

And the story of Ashray, who had a rocky start in life. With hard work and determination, he translates his dreams into reality, but his deep-seated insecurities come to the fore when life throws him a curveball.

As their stories intersect, their lives change in ways they never expected.

In a world of loss, darkness and destruction, will Jhanvi and Ashray be able to tell a story of hope, light and recovery?

A History of Islam in 21 Women

A History of Islam in 21 Women

Beginning in seventh-century Mecca and Medina, A History of Islam in 21 Women takes us around the globe, through eleventh-century Yemen and Khorasan, and into sixteenth-century Spain, Istanbul and India. From there to nineteenth-century Persia and the African savannah, to twentieth-century Russia, Turkey, Egypt and Iraq, before arriving in present-day Europe and America.

From the first believer, Khadija, and the other women who witnessed the formative years of Islam, to award-winning architect Zaha Hadid in the twenty-first century, Hossein Kamaly celebrates the lives and groundbreaking achievements of these extraordinary women in the history of Islam.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Teachers: The Heroes of Real India

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Teachers: The Heroes of Real India

‘Two classrooms in this school double up as a night hostel for students whose parents migrate seasonally so that they do not miss school.’

For a large majority of Indian children, their only chance of an education is the government school. For nearly two decades, S. Giridhar has been crisscrossing the country in the course of his work with the Azim Premji Foundation, travelling to remote corners and observing the public education system. In these years, he has met hundreds of government school teachers—profoundly committed to improving the lives of the children in their care. These are teachers who defy all constraints because of a burning belief that every child can learn.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Teachers has emerged from Giridhar’s in-depth study of these inspirational teachers and the ecosystem they function in. Innovative and creative, dogged and resourceful, firm and kind—the government school teacher wears many a hat. This book is a tribute to their commitment and resilience.

An Epic Life: Ramanand Sagar: From Barsaat to Ramayan

An Epic Life: Ramanand Sagar: From Barsaat to Ramayan

On 25 January 1987, with the telecast of the very first episode of Ramayan, Indian television changed for all time to come. In a matter of weeks, the series became a national obsession. During the Ramayan slot, roads emptied out. No marriages and political rallies were scheduled for that time. More than three decades later, there has been nothing to match it.

Ramanand Sagar, the man behind the phenomenon and a successful filmmaker from Bombay, was among the first to recognise the immense power of television. He first made his mark as a writer in Raj Kapoor’s Barsat (1949). From 1961 to 1970, Sagar wrote, produced and directed six consecutive silver jubilee hits—Ghunghat, Zindagi, Arzoo, Ankhen, Geet and Lalkar.

An Epic Life: Ramanand Sagar, From Barsaat to Ramayan, written by his son, Prem Sagar, an award-winning cinematographer, is an intimate look at the life of a visionary. It traces Sagar’s life from his birth in Kashmir in 1917, his dramatic escape in 1947 when Pakistani tribesmen attacked the state, his arrival in Bombay and his subsequent glorious career—the crowning achievement of which was the smashing success of Ramayan.

Panipat (English)

Panipat (English)

The third battle of Panipat was fought over the throne of Delhi between the Marathas and the king of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Abdali. While the face-off had stretched for months, the actual conflict took place on 14 January 1761. And within a span of twelve hours, 150,000 soldiers lost their lives. About 80,000 horses, bullocks and elephants were slaughtered too. And even though the Marathas fought like absolute heroes, the battle ended up bringing their empire to its knees, emptying out its coffers and decimating an entire generation of youth.

Panipat has received thirty-eight awards since its release in 1988, and sold more than 200,000 copies. Published in English for the first time, this translation is going to be an absolute treat for connoisseurs of historical fiction.

Hindu Trinity: 21 Life-enhancing Secrets Revealed Through Stories and Art

Hindu Trinity: 21 Life-enhancing Secrets Revealed Through Stories and Art

In the living tradition that is Hinduism, divinity manifests as the Goddess, who embodies the world, as Shiva, who seeks to withdraw from it, and Vishnu, who engages with it.

In this omnibus, comprising the bestselling titles

7 Secrets of Shiva

7 Secrets of the Goddess

7 Secrets of Vishnu

Devdutt Pattanaik, India’s foremost mythologist, explores the art, rituals and stories of the Hindu trinity, and their relevance today. Using popular and classical icons, he introduces readers to the many representations of the trinity, and decodes the hidden wisdom.

A must-have compendium for anyone interested in the symbolism that give form to Hindu worship.



‘Heartwarming, inspiring and hilarious.’ - Russell Peters

‘I come from the land of the Kama Sutra. I can f*** you in more ways than you can count!’ - Papa CJ

When an award-winning comedian performs at gunpoint in South Africa and lives to tell the tale, you know it's going to be an interesting one. Pranks both childish and reckless, nights of wild partying, a career repeatedly built and torn down, a roller-coaster love life, and risks you and I wouldn't dare to take: Papa CJ is able to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. And then destroy it. Only to rise again like a phoenix.

As Papa CJ lays bare his life, from the streets of Calcutta to the University of Oxford and stages across the world, you will bask in nostalgia, laugh your guts out, feel your heart ache, and find a new lens with which to look at your own life. A lens that allows you, like Papa CJ, to always see the positive. And of course, the funny. Seize it. Enjoy it!

Praise for NAKED (the show on which the book is based)

‘A spellbinding storyteller’ ~ Huffington Post, New York

‘You will walk out vowing to tell your friends about this comedian’ ~ Herald Sun, Australia

‘Crosses continents and decades while remaining very personal’~ The Scotsman, Scotland

‘Comedy, courage and class’~ Hindustan Times, India

‘You feel like giving it a gallantry award too’ ~ Mitali Saran,, India

The Rudest Book Ever

The Rudest Book Ever

Shwetabh Gangwar is a professional problem-solver—and he’s ace at it. For the past five years, people from all over the world have contacted him with their troubles and he’s worked these out for them.

In the process, he has picked up on a simple pattern: people need a set of principles and perspectives to protect them from all the unnecessary bullshit they go through. Codes to live by, essentially.

But be warned: Gangwar has no desire to spare your feelings. What you will find in this straight-forward, straight-talking, no-craps-given guide, is:

How to deal with rejections of all kinds

How to change your perceptions of people so you don’t end up screwed

Why a society that sees people as ‘good and bad’ is dumb

How the search for happiness screws us over

How seeking approval and acceptance kills our individuality

The truth about social media influencers

Why we should be taught ‘how to think’, instead of ‘what to think’

Laying out clear principles, YouTube megastar Gangwar shows you how to deal with the shit that has happened to you, is happening to you and will happen to you.

A refreshing, easy-to-read, and relatable guide, The Rudest Book Ever will make you rethink everything you’ve been taught.

Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel

Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel

Dear Stranger,

I don’t know much about you, but I do know how you feel.

You are feeling lost, lonely and misunderstood. You are tired of pain and suffering. Depression, anxiety and negativity chase you. You don’t know where to find hope and how to heal yourself. Trust me, I have been there myself, and I know it’s not easy.

So, I am writing these thirty letters and poems to you, to let you know that you are not alone, and that you are understood. You are still cared for.

Please read one of these letters every day, and I promise you, together we will get through this. Life is difficult, but not if we take it one day at a time.

Trust the universe and never give up.

Love and light,

A stranger who feels you

Stand By Me!

Stand By Me!

On the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday, Ruhi’s family and friends throw her a surprise party. The next morning, she is found lying on the floor of her room, dead. Her brother Kartik is convinced she was murdered. But no one believes him.

The police investigation concludes that it is a case of suicide. Kartik is devastated and suffers an emotional breakdown. Not only is his beloved little sister gone, but there is no one who will believe his story. His elder sister, Dipika, is convinced he is crazy, a drunkard who doesn’t know what’s happening around him. Ruhi’s heartbroken boyfriend Mihir thinks Kartik’s love for his sister is blinding him. However, Kartik is sure he actually saw the killer, even though he has no clear memory of what happened that night.

Seven months later, Kartik is released from a treatment centre, and Dipika dedicates herself to helping him restart his life. But Kartik can only focus on finding out what really happened. He is determined to bring justice to Ruhi.

Can Kartik uncover the truth when everyone’s a suspect—including himself? Stand By Me! is an emotion-charged, intricate thriller, and the story of a brother who pushes himself beyond all limits for the love of his sister.

You Only Live Once: 108 Nuggets of Wisdom

You Only Live Once: 108 Nuggets of Wisdom

Live fearlessly, like a child for whom the world is filled with endless possibilities.

God loves us, no matter what religion we follow.

The mysterious realms of time, nature and karma are open to human understanding.

Swami Avdheshanand Giri, the spiritual head of one of India’s oldest mutts, is an apostle of peace and a bringer of serenity. He has initiated thousands of sannyasis into the Juna Akhara and touched the lives of millions of others through his service to society. This book brings together 108 nuggets of wisdom from Swamiji’s teachings that will help create a balance be- tween excellence in everyday life and spiritual attainment.

By developing an awareness of our subconscious thoughts, he says, we can assume control over our perspectives and actions. Satisfaction comes from gratitude and recognising the blessings in our lives, which helps fight greed and the desire for excess. He advocates a simple yet passionate life, filled with love and kindness for one and all, as a way to be closer to God.

This is timeless wisdom from a sage who has devoted himself to God and to the service of humanity—wisdom that will give you the power to control your thoughts and feelings, and empower you to believe in the best within you.

Lady, You're the Boss

Lady, You're the Boss

A new call to action from the bestselling author of Lady, You're Not a Man!

'So, do you intend to work after marriage?'

'I am the COO of an organisation. Obviously, I intend to work after marriage!'

No man has ever been asked this question. For a working woman, it's par for the course. At work and home, there is latent institutional discrimination and social prejudice at play. Whether it is the assumption that a career is only a stopgap until marriage or the reluctance to promote married women for fear that they will prioritise family over work, the climb to the top is twice as steep for women. As a result, they second-guess their own abilities and hesitate to claim what is rightfully theirs.

To counter these roadblocks, Purohit compiles an essential action plan for women: believe in yourself, never minimise or question your achievements, resist stereotypes, and constantly and fearlessly call out biases. Through personal anecdotes and real-life stories of women professionals, she offers indispensable lessons on successful leadership, with practical insights into its fundamentals, like effective communication, perseverance, prioritising and personal accountability.

Deeply poignant and often hilarious, Lady, You're the Boss! is a woman leader's guide to breaking socially imposed and self-reinforced glass ceilings, and growing to her full potential.

30-Day Indian Keto Recipes: Lose Weight with Delicious Indian Keto Food

30-Day Indian Keto Recipes: Lose Weight with Delicious Indian Keto Food

The Keto Diet has taken the world by storm. It is now proven that a Ketogenic diet leads to weight loss, a decrease in appetite and an increase in mental focus. As more and more Indians turn to it, the alien nature of recipes and food suggestions from the West that still dominate Keto plans makes it hard to sustain the diet long term. Besides, these plans tend to have a strong focus on meats, but many Indians are vegetarian either daily or on some days of the week.

Rima Pai struggled with this herself and put together a special Indian plan—one that has worked for her. She discovered through experimentation that there are, in fact, excellent Indian foods that substitute carbs with healthy fats, and forces the body to burn fat for fuel instead of carbs for fuel. Many of these are traditional recipes tweaked to suit the modern lifestyle and a Keto diet.

The easy-to-make foods in 30-Day Indian Keto Recipes use everyday ingredients that are available at your local supermarket. Paneer Methi Cheese Marke Chilla, Cauliflower Tikkis, Jhatpat Jhinga, Shrikhand and other delicacies that feature in the Mains, Sides, Snacks and Desserts will fit your Keto calculations. Lose weight and feel great—all the while eating delicious home-cooked Indian food.

The Mists of Brahma (The Pataala Prophecy - Book 2)

The Mists of Brahma (The Pataala Prophecy - Book 2)

Prepare to be shocked.

The adventures of Arjun and Maya continue in this sequel, but if you thought you knew what was coming in this book, guess again.

In Book 2 of the bestseller The Pataala Prophecy series, mythology meets fantasy in an explosive mix of adventure, suspense and mystery. From the pen of bestselling author Christopher C Doyle, who pioneered the genre of modern day thrillers that blend science, mythology and history, and who wrote the first fantasy adventure thriller set in modern times, based on Indian mythology, comes a series where he creates a world of fantasy and mystery, in which mythology, action and suspense come together to weave a thriller that will keep you spellbound till the very end.

The Mists of Brahma explores the hidden secrets of the ancient Sanskrit texts and the lost knowledge of the ancients as you enter a world that is fictional, yet could very well exist.

Join Arjun and Maya as they grapple with issues of identity and purpose. Walk with the Maharishis and Kshatriyas of the Sangha, as they face an enemy and a threat that can change the future of a world that is unaware of the perils that surround it.

A horrific carnage stuns the Sangha. But nothing the Sangha can do will protect the world against another onslaught from Pataala Lok.

There is only one way out. An ancient mystery. An enigma so perilous that it is feared by even the Maharishis of the Sangha.

The Mists of Brahma.

When a shocking development threatens to turn her life upside down, Maya has to solve the mysteries in her father’s diary. But she cannot imagine the unspeakable consequences of her decision.

Arjun and Maya will have to confront a new, powerful enemy. One, who will kill without remorse. And who they cannot defeat.

What secrets will the Mists of Brahma reveal? Will Arjun and Maya survive their most lethal test yet? Or is the prophecy doomed to fail?

Find out in The Mists of Brahma, where mythology meets fantasy in an explosive mix of adventure, suspense and mystery.

The Mists of Brahma is a sequel to Son of Bhrigu and is the second book in The Pataala Prophecy series.

Wizards: The Story of Indian Spin Bowling

Wizards: The Story of Indian Spin Bowling

The story of Indian spin bowling goes as far back as the turn of the twentieth century. In the Bombay Triangular (later, Quadrangular and Pentangular) and in the 1911 tour to England, Palwankar Baloo and his brand of left-arm spin delighted Englishman and Indian alike. Later, in the ’50s, the genius of Subhash Gupte, Vinoo Mankad and Ghulam Ahmed enthralled connoisseurs throughout the cricket-playing world.

But it was truly in the ’60s and ’70s, with the fabled Spin Quartet – Bedi, Prasanna, Chandra and Venkat – who foxed and out-thought the mightiest batsmen, that India began to dominate the world of spin. In the ’80s and ’90s, Sivaramakrishnan, Maninder Singh and Hirwani flattered to deceive before Kumble, Harbhajan and Ashwin re-established India’s reputation as possibly the finest spin nursery in world cricket.

No other skill has contributed more to the country’s cricket – and, arguably, spin bowling is what drove its race to the top. The first comprehensive book on Indian spinners, Wizards is deeply researched, nuanced and richly anecdotal, and fills an important gap in literature on the sport. An essential addition to every cricket lover’s library.

The Gamechangers: Transforming India

The Gamechangers: Transforming India

So, is this a new India? I don’t, for a second, doubt that,’ says journalist, author, talk-show host and master raconteur, Vir Sanghvi, in The Game Changers: Transforming India. In this transformed nation—driven primarily by a new middle class—success is measured by the ability to stand apart and a willingness to break with the past and with precedents.

TheGame Changers explores this change, and the people who have wrought it. Asma Khan, a former journalist who found a place on Netflix’s Chef ’s Table; Karan Johar, the man who made romance fashionable despite a terrible lack of it, while struggling with his sexuality; Arnab Goswami, who the millennials think ‘invented’ TV news; Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw who first learnt how to brew beer and then set up a global biotech conglomerate; Gaggan Anand whose ‘Progressive Cuisine’ is what food fantasies are made of; Shashi Tharoor whose best-selling books make big ideas accessible to the general reader. These men and women, among them Nandan Nilekani, Sameer Sain and Vijay Shekhar Sharma, are the architects of a new order. A nuanced understanding of their lives is one way to understand the India of this age—and no one reads the signs better than Vir Sanghvi.

7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfilment

7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfilment

Thoughts and feelings that persist over time harden into an attitude. If you live with an attitude long enough, it becomes second nature—a mindset. The wrong mindset could lead you off the path of contentment, joy, enlightenment. The right one will point you to the road to success, to fulfilment and towards an extraordinary life.

Blending science with Vedic scriptures, and logic with spiritual insight, Swami Mukundananda unravels the secrets of the 7 mindsets—seven techniques of training the mind and intellect and unlocking the immense potential within. An alumnus of IIT and IIM, Swami-ji’s brings his decades-long mastery of Vedic scriptures to this powerful yet simple technique for mind management and life transformation.

The Monkey Theory: Conquer Your Mental Chatter

The Monkey Theory: Conquer Your Mental Chatter

Are people destined for greatness? What sets the achievers apart from the rest? What is at the heart of success?

The Monkey Theory answers these persistent questions with a deceptively simple answer: the mind, our greatest asset. But not every mind finds itself equal to the task of fulfilling its potential. It flutters from one thing to another, one task to another, one goal to another … like a monkey. To achieve focus, determination and discipline, an individual needs to control the many monkeys who dominate, attack and hijack logical thinking.

Sfurti Sahare, one of India’s leading motivational speakers, spells it out: understand your mind to control it. Make it work for you. In these pages is a guide to imbibing good habits, breaking down one’s ego, living a stable life, letting go of the unessential and uniting your energies.

A book of hard-won wisdom, astute tips and practical techniques, The Monkey Theory is a first and concrete step towards becoming a top performer and an achiever.

Ahalya's Awakening

Ahalya's Awakening

I searched all these years for myself—and I only found Ahalya, the woman I was supposed to be born as: unblemished, without any faults. I had no hala in me, no sin, no crime, no guilt. What I had done was to respond to the call of life within me…’

Ahalya. Created by Brahma; married to one of the greatest rishis of all time; desired by the king of gods, Indra. A woman maligned and cursed.

But who was Ahalya? What did she want? Did she have ambitions and desires?

In this sparkling retelling of the well-known legend, bestselling author Kavita Kané draws out the voice of a character that lacked one—even before she was turned to stone. Tracing her journey from a precocious child, to a studious and sheltered princess, to the loving wife of Rishi Gautam, Ahalya’s Awakening delves into the mind of a woman who yearns to control her own destiny. In her tale lies the story of every woman, even today.

Rs. 307.23

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No Limits: The Art and Science of High Performance Rs. 359.0
Let Me Say it Now Rs. 579.0
From Cowrie to Crypto: Blockchain and the Future of Money Rs. 295.0
Lift Off: The Story of Conzerv Rs. 372.0
The Vault of Vishnu Rs. 299.0
Stories We Never Tell Rs. 161.0
A History of Islam in 21 Women Rs. 239.0
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Teachers: The Heroes of Real India Rs. 399.2
An Epic Life: Ramanand Sagar: From Barsaat to Ramayan Rs. 649.0
Panipat (English) Rs. 719.2
Hindu Trinity: 21 Life-enhancing Secrets Revealed Through Stories and Art Rs. 690.0
Naked Rs. 375.0
The Rudest Book Ever Rs. 180.0
Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel Rs. 165.0
Stand By Me! Rs. 135.0
You Only Live Once: 108 Nuggets of Wisdom Rs. 174.0
Lady, You're the Boss Rs. 218.0
30-Day Indian Keto Recipes: Lose Weight with Delicious Indian Keto Food Rs. 287.0
The Mists of Brahma (The Pataala Prophecy - Book 2) Rs. 319.2
Wizards: The Story of Indian Spin Bowling Rs. 465.0
The Gamechangers: Transforming India Rs. 174.0
7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfilment Rs. 239.0
The Monkey Theory: Conquer Your Mental Chatter Rs. 169.0
Ahalya's Awakening Rs. 307.23