Zerone 2 Sets DC 3.7V~4.2V to 15KV High Voltage Pulse Generator Transformer Inverter Arc Igniter Coil Power Module Disassembled Parts
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Zerone 2 Sets DC 3.7V~4.2V to 15KV High Voltage Pulse Generator Transformer Inverter Arc Igniter Coil Power Module Disassembled Parts

Input Voltage: 3.7V~4.2V
Current: ≤2A
Output Voltage: <+15kV
Output Current: <+0.4A
Arc Discharge Distance: 0.5cm~1cm
PCB Size: 4.2*3.2*0.16cm/1.65*1.26*0.06"
Quantity: 2 sets

This kit requires certain professional knowledge and ability, please make sure you know how to assemble and use it.

Package Includes:
2 Sets x High Voltage Generator(Disassembled Parts)

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Product Specification

Binding Misc.
Brand Zerone
Ean 0798382180297
Ean List:Ean List Element 0798382180297
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY -- The module can output high voltage pulse current, small size and high efficiency.
  • VOLTAGE RANGE -- The input voltage is 3.7V~4.2V DC and will output 15kVAC high voltage.
  • EASILY IGNITE -- Output high voltage high temperature arc that could easily ignite paper or plastic.
  • WIDE APPLICATION -- It can be used for anion generator, electronic instrument or science experiment.
  • 2 SETS COMPONENTS -- There are 2 sets in disassembled parts, very popular among electronics enthusiasts.
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 118
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Length: Content 433
Item Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 13
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Item Dimensions:Width: Content 315
Item Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Label Zerone
List Price:Amount 59900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 599.00
Manufacturer Zerone
Mpn Zeronery8qg4s7gm
Package Quantity 1
Part Number Zeronery8qg4s7gm
Product Group BISS
Product Type Name BISS
Publisher Zerone
Studio Zerone
Title Zerone 2 Sets DC 3.7V~4.2V to 15KV High Voltage Pulse Generator Transformer Inverter Arc Igniter Coil Power Module Disassembled Parts
Upc 798382180297
Upc List:Upc List Element 798382180297

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2 Sets DC
2 Sets 3.7V~4.2V
2 Sets to
2 Sets 15KV
2 Sets High
2 Sets Voltage
2 Sets Pulse
2 Sets Generator
2 Sets Transformer
2 Sets Inverter
2 Sets Arc
2 Sets Igniter
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2 Sets Power
2 Sets Module
2 Sets Disassembled
2 Sets Parts
2 DC 3.7V~4.2V
2 DC to
2 DC 15KV
2 DC High
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2 DC Pulse
2 DC Generator
2 DC Transformer
2 DC Inverter
2 DC Arc
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2 DC Coil
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2 DC Module
2 DC Disassembled
2 DC Parts
2 3.7V~4.2V to
2 3.7V~4.2V 15KV
2 3.7V~4.2V High
2 3.7V~4.2V Voltage
2 3.7V~4.2V Pulse
2 3.7V~4.2V Generator
2 3.7V~4.2V Transformer
2 3.7V~4.2V Inverter
2 3.7V~4.2V Arc
2 3.7V~4.2V Igniter
2 3.7V~4.2V Coil
2 3.7V~4.2V Power
2 3.7V~4.2V Module
2 3.7V~4.2V Disassembled
2 3.7V~4.2V Parts
2 to 15KV
2 to High
2 to Voltage
2 to Pulse
2 to Generator
2 to Transformer
2 to Inverter
2 to Arc
2 to Igniter
2 to Coil
2 to Power
2 to Module
2 to Disassembled
2 to Parts
2 15KV High
2 15KV Voltage
2 15KV Pulse
2 15KV Generator
2 15KV Transformer
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2 15KV Arc
2 15KV Igniter
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2 15KV Power
2 15KV Module
2 15KV Disassembled
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2 High Voltage
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2 High Generator
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2 High Arc
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2 High Coil
2 High Power
2 High Module
2 High Disassembled
2 High Parts
2 Voltage Pulse
2 Voltage Generator
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Sets 15KV Power
Sets 15KV Module
Sets 15KV Disassembled
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Sets High Igniter
Sets High Coil
Sets High Power
Sets High Module
Sets High Disassembled
Sets High Parts
Sets Voltage Pulse
Sets Voltage Generator
Sets Voltage Transformer
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Sets Voltage Arc
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Sets Voltage Power
Sets Voltage Module
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Sets Pulse Generator
Sets Pulse Transformer
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Sets Pulse Arc
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Sets Pulse Power
Sets Pulse Module
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Sets Pulse Parts
Sets Generator Transformer
Sets Generator Inverter
Sets Generator Arc
Sets Generator Igniter
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Sets Transformer Inverter
Sets Transformer Arc
Sets Transformer Igniter
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DC 3.7V~4.2V Generator
DC 3.7V~4.2V Transformer
DC 3.7V~4.2V Inverter
DC 3.7V~4.2V Arc
DC 3.7V~4.2V Igniter
DC 3.7V~4.2V Coil
DC 3.7V~4.2V Power
DC 3.7V~4.2V Module
DC 3.7V~4.2V Disassembled
DC 3.7V~4.2V Parts
DC to 15KV
DC to High
DC to Voltage
DC to Pulse
DC to Generator
DC to Transformer
DC to Inverter
DC to Arc
DC to Igniter
DC to Coil
DC to Power
DC to Module
DC to Disassembled
DC to Parts
DC 15KV High
DC 15KV Voltage
DC 15KV Pulse
DC 15KV Generator
DC 15KV Transformer
DC 15KV Inverter
DC 15KV Arc
DC 15KV Igniter
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DC 15KV Power
DC 15KV Module
DC 15KV Disassembled
DC 15KV Parts
DC High Voltage
DC High Pulse
DC High Generator
DC High Transformer
DC High Inverter
DC High Arc
DC High Igniter
DC High Coil
DC High Power
DC High Module
DC High Disassembled
DC High Parts
DC Voltage Pulse
DC Voltage Generator
DC Voltage Transformer
DC Voltage Inverter
DC Voltage Arc
DC Voltage Igniter
DC Voltage Coil
DC Voltage Power
DC Voltage Module
DC Voltage Disassembled
DC Voltage Parts
DC Pulse Generator
DC Pulse Transformer
DC Pulse Inverter
DC Pulse Arc
DC Pulse Igniter
DC Pulse Coil
DC Pulse Power
DC Pulse Module
DC Pulse Disassembled
DC Pulse Parts
DC Generator Transformer
DC Generator Inverter
DC Generator Arc
DC Generator Igniter
DC Generator Coil
DC Generator Power
DC Generator Module
DC Generator Disassembled
DC Generator Parts
DC Transformer Inverter
DC Transformer Arc
DC Transformer Igniter
DC Transformer Coil
DC Transformer Power
DC Transformer Module
DC Transformer Disassembled
DC Transformer Parts
DC Inverter Arc
DC Inverter Igniter
DC Inverter Coil
DC Inverter Power
DC Inverter Module
DC Inverter Disassembled
DC Inverter Parts
DC Arc Igniter
DC Arc Coil
DC Arc Power
DC Arc Module
DC Arc Disassembled
DC Arc Parts
DC Igniter Coil
DC Igniter Power
DC Igniter Module
DC Igniter Disassembled
DC Igniter Parts
DC Coil Power
DC Coil Module
DC Coil Disassembled
DC Coil Parts
DC Power Module
DC Power Disassembled
DC Power Parts
DC Module Disassembled
DC Module Parts
DC Disassembled Parts
3.7V~4.2V to 15KV
3.7V~4.2V to High
3.7V~4.2V to Voltage
3.7V~4.2V to Pulse
3.7V~4.2V to Generator
3.7V~4.2V to Transformer
3.7V~4.2V to Inverter
3.7V~4.2V to Arc
3.7V~4.2V to Igniter
3.7V~4.2V to Coil
3.7V~4.2V to Power
3.7V~4.2V to Module
3.7V~4.2V to Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V to Parts
3.7V~4.2V 15KV High
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Voltage
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Pulse
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Generator
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Transformer
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Inverter
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Arc
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Igniter
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Coil
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Power
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Module
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V 15KV Parts
3.7V~4.2V High Voltage
3.7V~4.2V High Pulse
3.7V~4.2V High Generator
3.7V~4.2V High Transformer
3.7V~4.2V High Inverter
3.7V~4.2V High Arc
3.7V~4.2V High Igniter
3.7V~4.2V High Coil
3.7V~4.2V High Power
3.7V~4.2V High Module
3.7V~4.2V High Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V High Parts
3.7V~4.2V Voltage Pulse
3.7V~4.2V Voltage Generator
3.7V~4.2V Voltage Transformer
3.7V~4.2V Voltage Inverter
3.7V~4.2V Voltage Arc
3.7V~4.2V Voltage Igniter
3.7V~4.2V Voltage Coil
3.7V~4.2V Voltage Power
3.7V~4.2V Voltage Module
3.7V~4.2V Voltage Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V Voltage Parts
3.7V~4.2V Pulse Generator
3.7V~4.2V Pulse Transformer
3.7V~4.2V Pulse Inverter
3.7V~4.2V Pulse Arc
3.7V~4.2V Pulse Igniter
3.7V~4.2V Pulse Coil
3.7V~4.2V Pulse Power
3.7V~4.2V Pulse Module
3.7V~4.2V Pulse Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V Pulse Parts
3.7V~4.2V Generator Transformer
3.7V~4.2V Generator Inverter
3.7V~4.2V Generator Arc
3.7V~4.2V Generator Igniter
3.7V~4.2V Generator Coil
3.7V~4.2V Generator Power
3.7V~4.2V Generator Module
3.7V~4.2V Generator Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V Generator Parts
3.7V~4.2V Transformer Inverter
3.7V~4.2V Transformer Arc
3.7V~4.2V Transformer Igniter
3.7V~4.2V Transformer Coil
3.7V~4.2V Transformer Power
3.7V~4.2V Transformer Module
3.7V~4.2V Transformer Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V Transformer Parts
3.7V~4.2V Inverter Arc
3.7V~4.2V Inverter Igniter
3.7V~4.2V Inverter Coil
3.7V~4.2V Inverter Power
3.7V~4.2V Inverter Module
3.7V~4.2V Inverter Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V Inverter Parts
3.7V~4.2V Arc Igniter
3.7V~4.2V Arc Coil
3.7V~4.2V Arc Power
3.7V~4.2V Arc Module
3.7V~4.2V Arc Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V Arc Parts
3.7V~4.2V Igniter Coil
3.7V~4.2V Igniter Power
3.7V~4.2V Igniter Module
3.7V~4.2V Igniter Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V Igniter Parts
3.7V~4.2V Coil Power
3.7V~4.2V Coil Module
3.7V~4.2V Coil Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V Coil Parts
3.7V~4.2V Power Module
3.7V~4.2V Power Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V Power Parts
3.7V~4.2V Module Disassembled
3.7V~4.2V Module Parts
3.7V~4.2V Disassembled Parts
to 15KV High
to 15KV Voltage
to 15KV Pulse
to 15KV Generator
to 15KV Transformer
to 15KV Inverter
to 15KV Arc
to 15KV Igniter
to 15KV Coil
to 15KV Power
to 15KV Module
to 15KV Disassembled
to 15KV Parts
to High Voltage
to High Pulse
to High Generator
to High Transformer
to High Inverter
to High Arc
to High Igniter
to High Coil
to High Power
to High Module
to High Disassembled
to High Parts
to Voltage Pulse
to Voltage Generator
to Voltage Transformer
to Voltage Inverter
to Voltage Arc
to Voltage Igniter
to Voltage Coil
to Voltage Power
to Voltage Module
to Voltage Disassembled
to Voltage Parts
to Pulse Generator
to Pulse Transformer
to Pulse Inverter
to Pulse Arc
to Pulse Igniter
to Pulse Coil
to Pulse Power
to Pulse Module
to Pulse Disassembled
to Pulse Parts
to Generator Transformer
to Generator Inverter
to Generator Arc
to Generator Igniter
to Generator Coil
to Generator Power
to Generator Module
to Generator Disassembled
to Generator Parts
to Transformer Inverter
to Transformer Arc
to Transformer Igniter
to Transformer Coil
to Transformer Power
to Transformer Module
to Transformer Disassembled
to Transformer Parts
to Inverter Arc
to Inverter Igniter
to Inverter Coil
to Inverter Power
to Inverter Module
to Inverter Disassembled
to Inverter Parts
to Arc Igniter
to Arc Coil
to Arc Power
to Arc Module
to Arc Disassembled
to Arc Parts
to Igniter Coil
to Igniter Power
to Igniter Module
to Igniter Disassembled
to Igniter Parts
to Coil Power
to Coil Module
to Coil Disassembled
to Coil Parts
to Power Module
to Power Disassembled
to Power Parts
to Module Disassembled
to Module Parts
to Disassembled Parts
15KV High Voltage
15KV High Pulse
15KV High Generator
15KV High Transformer
15KV High Inverter
15KV High Arc
15KV High Igniter
15KV High Coil
15KV High Power
15KV High Module
15KV High Disassembled
15KV High Parts
15KV Voltage Pulse
15KV Voltage Generator
15KV Voltage Transformer
15KV Voltage Inverter
15KV Voltage Arc
15KV Voltage Igniter
15KV Voltage Coil
15KV Voltage Power
15KV Voltage Module
15KV Voltage Disassembled
15KV Voltage Parts
15KV Pulse Generator
15KV Pulse Transformer
15KV Pulse Inverter
15KV Pulse Arc
15KV Pulse Igniter
15KV Pulse Coil
15KV Pulse Power
15KV Pulse Module
15KV Pulse Disassembled
15KV Pulse Parts
15KV Generator Transformer
15KV Generator Inverter
15KV Generator Arc
15KV Generator Igniter
15KV Generator Coil
15KV Generator Power
15KV Generator Module
15KV Generator Disassembled
15KV Generator Parts
15KV Transformer Inverter
15KV Transformer Arc
15KV Transformer Igniter
15KV Transformer Coil
15KV Transformer Power
15KV Transformer Module
15KV Transformer Disassembled
15KV Transformer Parts
15KV Inverter Arc
15KV Inverter Igniter
15KV Inverter Coil
15KV Inverter Power
15KV Inverter Module
15KV Inverter Disassembled
15KV Inverter Parts
15KV Arc Igniter
15KV Arc Coil
15KV Arc Power
15KV Arc Module
15KV Arc Disassembled
15KV Arc Parts
15KV Igniter Coil
15KV Igniter Power
15KV Igniter Module
15KV Igniter Disassembled
15KV Igniter Parts
15KV Coil Power
15KV Coil Module
15KV Coil Disassembled
15KV Coil Parts
15KV Power Module
15KV Power Disassembled
15KV Power Parts
15KV Module Disassembled
15KV Module Parts
15KV Disassembled Parts
High Voltage Pulse
High Voltage Generator
High Voltage Transformer
High Voltage Inverter
High Voltage Arc
High Voltage Igniter
High Voltage Coil
High Voltage Power
High Voltage Module
High Voltage Disassembled
High Voltage Parts
High Pulse Generator
High Pulse Transformer
High Pulse Inverter
High Pulse Arc
High Pulse Igniter
High Pulse Coil
High Pulse Power
High Pulse Module
High Pulse Disassembled
High Pulse Parts
High Generator Transformer
High Generator Inverter
High Generator Arc
High Generator Igniter
High Generator Coil
High Generator Power
High Generator Module
High Generator Disassembled
High Generator Parts
High Transformer Inverter
High Transformer Arc
High Transformer Igniter
High Transformer Coil
High Transformer Power
High Transformer Module
High Transformer Disassembled
High Transformer Parts
High Inverter Arc
High Inverter Igniter
High Inverter Coil
High Inverter Power
High Inverter Module
High Inverter Disassembled
High Inverter Parts
High Arc Igniter
High Arc Coil
High Arc Power
High Arc Module
High Arc Disassembled
High Arc Parts
High Igniter Coil
High Igniter Power
High Igniter Module
High Igniter Disassembled
High Igniter Parts
High Coil Power
High Coil Module
High Coil Disassembled
High Coil Parts
High Power Module
High Power Disassembled
High Power Parts
High Module Disassembled
High Module Parts
High Disassembled Parts
Voltage Pulse Generator
Voltage Pulse Transformer
Voltage Pulse Inverter
Voltage Pulse Arc
Voltage Pulse Igniter
Voltage Pulse Coil
Voltage Pulse Power
Voltage Pulse Module
Voltage Pulse Disassembled
Voltage Pulse Parts
Voltage Generator Transformer
Voltage Generator Inverter
Voltage Generator Arc
Voltage Generator Igniter
Voltage Generator Coil
Voltage Generator Power
Voltage Generator Module
Voltage Generator Disassembled
Voltage Generator Parts
Voltage Transformer Inverter
Voltage Transformer Arc
Voltage Transformer Igniter
Voltage Transformer Coil
Voltage Transformer Power
Voltage Transformer Module
Voltage Transformer Disassembled
Voltage Transformer Parts
Voltage Inverter Arc
Voltage Inverter Igniter
Voltage Inverter Coil
Voltage Inverter Power
Voltage Inverter Module
Voltage Inverter Disassembled
Voltage Inverter Parts
Voltage Arc Igniter
Voltage Arc Coil
Voltage Arc Power
Voltage Arc Module
Voltage Arc Disassembled
Voltage Arc Parts
Voltage Igniter Coil
Voltage Igniter Power
Voltage Igniter Module
Voltage Igniter Disassembled
Voltage Igniter Parts
Voltage Coil Power
Voltage Coil Module
Voltage Coil Disassembled
Voltage Coil Parts
Voltage Power Module
Voltage Power Disassembled
Voltage Power Parts
Voltage Module Disassembled
Voltage Module Parts
Voltage Disassembled Parts
Pulse Generator Transformer
Pulse Generator Inverter
Pulse Generator Arc
Pulse Generator Igniter
Pulse Generator Coil
Pulse Generator Power
Pulse Generator Module
Pulse Generator Disassembled
Pulse Generator Parts
Pulse Transformer Inverter
Pulse Transformer Arc
Pulse Transformer Igniter
Pulse Transformer Coil
Pulse Transformer Power
Pulse Transformer Module
Pulse Transformer Disassembled
Pulse Transformer Parts
Pulse Inverter Arc
Pulse Inverter Igniter
Pulse Inverter Coil
Pulse Inverter Power
Pulse Inverter Module
Pulse Inverter Disassembled
Pulse Inverter Parts
Pulse Arc Igniter
Pulse Arc Coil
Pulse Arc Power
Pulse Arc Module
Pulse Arc Disassembled
Pulse Arc Parts
Pulse Igniter Coil
Pulse Igniter Power
Pulse Igniter Module
Pulse Igniter Disassembled
Pulse Igniter Parts
Pulse Coil Power
Pulse Coil Module
Pulse Coil Disassembled
Pulse Coil Parts
Pulse Power Module
Pulse Power Disassembled
Pulse Power Parts
Pulse Module Disassembled
Pulse Module Parts
Pulse Disassembled Parts
Generator Transformer Inverter
Generator Transformer Arc
Generator Transformer Igniter
Generator Transformer Coil
Generator Transformer Power
Generator Transformer Module
Generator Transformer Disassembled
Generator Transformer Parts
Generator Inverter Arc
Generator Inverter Igniter
Generator Inverter Coil
Generator Inverter Power
Generator Inverter Module
Generator Inverter Disassembled
Generator Inverter Parts
Generator Arc Igniter
Generator Arc Coil
Generator Arc Power
Generator Arc Module
Generator Arc Disassembled
Generator Arc Parts
Generator Igniter Coil
Generator Igniter Power
Generator Igniter Module
Generator Igniter Disassembled
Generator Igniter Parts
Generator Coil Power
Generator Coil Module
Generator Coil Disassembled
Generator Coil Parts
Generator Power Module
Generator Power Disassembled
Generator Power Parts
Generator Module Disassembled
Generator Module Parts
Generator Disassembled Parts
Transformer Inverter Arc
Transformer Inverter Igniter
Transformer Inverter Coil
Transformer Inverter Power
Transformer Inverter Module
Transformer Inverter Disassembled
Transformer Inverter Parts
Transformer Arc Igniter
Transformer Arc Coil
Transformer Arc Power
Transformer Arc Module
Transformer Arc Disassembled
Transformer Arc Parts
Transformer Igniter Coil
Transformer Igniter Power
Transformer Igniter Module
Transformer Igniter Disassembled
Transformer Igniter Parts
Transformer Coil Power
Transformer Coil Module
Transformer Coil Disassembled
Transformer Coil Parts
Transformer Power Module
Transformer Power Disassembled
Transformer Power Parts
Transformer Module Disassembled
Transformer Module Parts
Transformer Disassembled Parts
Inverter Arc Igniter
Inverter Arc Coil
Inverter Arc Power
Inverter Arc Module
Inverter Arc Disassembled
Inverter Arc Parts
Inverter Igniter Coil
Inverter Igniter Power
Inverter Igniter Module
Inverter Igniter Disassembled
Inverter Igniter Parts
Inverter Coil Power
Inverter Coil Module
Inverter Coil Disassembled
Inverter Coil Parts
Inverter Power Module
Inverter Power Disassembled
Inverter Power Parts
Inverter Module Disassembled
Inverter Module Parts
Inverter Disassembled Parts
Arc Igniter Coil
Arc Igniter Power
Arc Igniter Module
Arc Igniter Disassembled
Arc Igniter Parts
Arc Coil Power
Arc Coil Module
Arc Coil Disassembled
Arc Coil Parts
Arc Power Module
Arc Power Disassembled
Arc Power Parts
Arc Module Disassembled
Arc Module Parts
Arc Disassembled Parts
Igniter Coil Power
Igniter Coil Module
Igniter Coil Disassembled
Igniter Coil Parts
Igniter Power Module
Igniter Power Disassembled
Igniter Power Parts
Igniter Module Disassembled
Igniter Module Parts
Igniter Disassembled Parts
Coil Power Module
Coil Power Disassembled
Coil Power Parts
Coil Module Disassembled
Coil Module Parts
Coil Disassembled Parts
Power Module Disassembled
Power Module Parts
Power Disassembled Parts
Module Disassembled Parts

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