Urbalaa Floret Yellow Gota Patti Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Maang Tika for Women & Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)
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Urbalaa Floret Yellow Gota Patti Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Maang Tika for Women & Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)

Skin Friendly Indian Inspired Jewelry Keep Away From Water And Perfume Pair this traditional Indian-inspired Jewelry with any traditional outfit for an enhanced look. Products from Urbalaa are skin friendly. You can pair this Jewelry with any outfit of your choice. Keep away from water, Perfume and other Chemicals and clean it with dry and soft cloth.

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Product Specification

Binding Jewellery
Brand Urbalaa
Color Yellow
Department Women, Girls
Label Urbalaa
List Price:Amount 59900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 599.00
Manufacturer Urbalaa
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 382
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 654
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 40
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 457
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Product Group Jewelry
Publisher Urbalaa
Studio Urbalaa
Title Urbalaa Floret Yellow Gota Patti Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Maang Tika for Women & Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)

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Floret Necklace, Women
Floret Necklace, &
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Floret Necklace, (Mehandi/Haldi)
Floret Earrings, Bracelet
Floret Earrings, &
Floret Earrings, Maang
Floret Earrings, Tika
Floret Earrings, for
Floret Earrings, Women
Floret Earrings, &
Floret Earrings, Girls
Floret Earrings, (Mehandi/Haldi)
Floret Bracelet &
Floret Bracelet Maang
Floret Bracelet Tika
Floret Bracelet for
Floret Bracelet Women
Floret Bracelet &
Floret Bracelet Girls
Floret Bracelet (Mehandi/Haldi)
Floret & Maang
Floret & Tika
Floret & for
Floret & Women
Floret & &
Floret & Girls
Floret & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Floret Maang Tika
Floret Maang for
Floret Maang Women
Floret Maang &
Floret Maang Girls
Floret Maang (Mehandi/Haldi)
Floret Tika for
Floret Tika Women
Floret Tika &
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Yellow Gota Patti
Yellow Gota Necklace,
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Yellow Gota Bracelet
Yellow Gota &
Yellow Gota Maang
Yellow Gota Tika
Yellow Gota for
Yellow Gota Women
Yellow Gota &
Yellow Gota Girls
Yellow Gota (Mehandi/Haldi)
Yellow Patti Necklace,
Yellow Patti Earrings,
Yellow Patti Bracelet
Yellow Patti &
Yellow Patti Maang
Yellow Patti Tika
Yellow Patti for
Yellow Patti Women
Yellow Patti &
Yellow Patti Girls
Yellow Patti (Mehandi/Haldi)
Yellow Necklace, Earrings,
Yellow Necklace, Bracelet
Yellow Necklace, &
Yellow Necklace, Maang
Yellow Necklace, Tika
Yellow Necklace, for
Yellow Necklace, Women
Yellow Necklace, &
Yellow Necklace, Girls
Yellow Necklace, (Mehandi/Haldi)
Yellow Earrings, Bracelet
Yellow Earrings, &
Yellow Earrings, Maang
Yellow Earrings, Tika
Yellow Earrings, for
Yellow Earrings, Women
Yellow Earrings, &
Yellow Earrings, Girls
Yellow Earrings, (Mehandi/Haldi)
Yellow Bracelet &
Yellow Bracelet Maang
Yellow Bracelet Tika
Yellow Bracelet for
Yellow Bracelet Women
Yellow Bracelet &
Yellow Bracelet Girls
Yellow Bracelet (Mehandi/Haldi)
Yellow & Maang
Yellow & Tika
Yellow & for
Yellow & Women
Yellow & &
Yellow & Girls
Yellow & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Yellow Maang Tika
Yellow Maang for
Yellow Maang Women
Yellow Maang &
Yellow Maang Girls
Yellow Maang (Mehandi/Haldi)
Yellow Tika for
Yellow Tika Women
Yellow Tika &
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Gota Patti Girls
Gota Patti (Mehandi/Haldi)
Gota Necklace, Earrings,
Gota Necklace, Bracelet
Gota Necklace, &
Gota Necklace, Maang
Gota Necklace, Tika
Gota Necklace, for
Gota Necklace, Women
Gota Necklace, &
Gota Necklace, Girls
Gota Necklace, (Mehandi/Haldi)
Gota Earrings, Bracelet
Gota Earrings, &
Gota Earrings, Maang
Gota Earrings, Tika
Gota Earrings, for
Gota Earrings, Women
Gota Earrings, &
Gota Earrings, Girls
Gota Earrings, (Mehandi/Haldi)
Gota Bracelet &
Gota Bracelet Maang
Gota Bracelet Tika
Gota Bracelet for
Gota Bracelet Women
Gota Bracelet &
Gota Bracelet Girls
Gota Bracelet (Mehandi/Haldi)
Gota & Maang
Gota & Tika
Gota & for
Gota & Women
Gota & &
Gota & Girls
Gota & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Gota Maang Tika
Gota Maang for
Gota Maang Women
Gota Maang &
Gota Maang Girls
Gota Maang (Mehandi/Haldi)
Gota Tika for
Gota Tika Women
Gota Tika &
Gota Tika Girls
Gota Tika (Mehandi/Haldi)
Gota for Women
Gota for &
Gota for Girls
Gota for (Mehandi/Haldi)
Gota Women &
Gota Women Girls
Gota Women (Mehandi/Haldi)
Gota & Girls
Gota & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Gota Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)
Patti Necklace, Earrings,
Patti Necklace, Bracelet
Patti Necklace, &
Patti Necklace, Maang
Patti Necklace, Tika
Patti Necklace, for
Patti Necklace, Women
Patti Necklace, &
Patti Necklace, Girls
Patti Necklace, (Mehandi/Haldi)
Patti Earrings, Bracelet
Patti Earrings, &
Patti Earrings, Maang
Patti Earrings, Tika
Patti Earrings, for
Patti Earrings, Women
Patti Earrings, &
Patti Earrings, Girls
Patti Earrings, (Mehandi/Haldi)
Patti Bracelet &
Patti Bracelet Maang
Patti Bracelet Tika
Patti Bracelet for
Patti Bracelet Women
Patti Bracelet &
Patti Bracelet Girls
Patti Bracelet (Mehandi/Haldi)
Patti & Maang
Patti & Tika
Patti & for
Patti & Women
Patti & &
Patti & Girls
Patti & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Patti Maang Tika
Patti Maang for
Patti Maang Women
Patti Maang &
Patti Maang Girls
Patti Maang (Mehandi/Haldi)
Patti Tika for
Patti Tika Women
Patti Tika &
Patti Tika Girls
Patti Tika (Mehandi/Haldi)
Patti for Women
Patti for &
Patti for Girls
Patti for (Mehandi/Haldi)
Patti Women &
Patti Women Girls
Patti Women (Mehandi/Haldi)
Patti & Girls
Patti & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Patti Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)
Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet
Necklace, Earrings, &
Necklace, Earrings, Maang
Necklace, Earrings, Tika
Necklace, Earrings, for
Necklace, Earrings, Women
Necklace, Earrings, &
Necklace, Earrings, Girls
Necklace, Earrings, (Mehandi/Haldi)
Necklace, Bracelet &
Necklace, Bracelet Maang
Necklace, Bracelet Tika
Necklace, Bracelet for
Necklace, Bracelet Women
Necklace, Bracelet &
Necklace, Bracelet Girls
Necklace, Bracelet (Mehandi/Haldi)
Necklace, & Maang
Necklace, & Tika
Necklace, & for
Necklace, & Women
Necklace, & &
Necklace, & Girls
Necklace, & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Necklace, Maang Tika
Necklace, Maang for
Necklace, Maang Women
Necklace, Maang &
Necklace, Maang Girls
Necklace, Maang (Mehandi/Haldi)
Necklace, Tika for
Necklace, Tika Women
Necklace, Tika &
Necklace, Tika Girls
Necklace, Tika (Mehandi/Haldi)
Necklace, for Women
Necklace, for &
Necklace, for Girls
Necklace, for (Mehandi/Haldi)
Necklace, Women &
Necklace, Women Girls
Necklace, Women (Mehandi/Haldi)
Necklace, & Girls
Necklace, & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Necklace, Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)
Earrings, Bracelet &
Earrings, Bracelet Maang
Earrings, Bracelet Tika
Earrings, Bracelet for
Earrings, Bracelet Women
Earrings, Bracelet &
Earrings, Bracelet Girls
Earrings, Bracelet (Mehandi/Haldi)
Earrings, & Maang
Earrings, & Tika
Earrings, & for
Earrings, & Women
Earrings, & &
Earrings, & Girls
Earrings, & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Earrings, Maang Tika
Earrings, Maang for
Earrings, Maang Women
Earrings, Maang &
Earrings, Maang Girls
Earrings, Maang (Mehandi/Haldi)
Earrings, Tika for
Earrings, Tika Women
Earrings, Tika &
Earrings, Tika Girls
Earrings, Tika (Mehandi/Haldi)
Earrings, for Women
Earrings, for &
Earrings, for Girls
Earrings, for (Mehandi/Haldi)
Earrings, Women &
Earrings, Women Girls
Earrings, Women (Mehandi/Haldi)
Earrings, & Girls
Earrings, & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Earrings, Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)
Bracelet & Maang
Bracelet & Tika
Bracelet & for
Bracelet & Women
Bracelet & &
Bracelet & Girls
Bracelet & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Bracelet Maang Tika
Bracelet Maang for
Bracelet Maang Women
Bracelet Maang &
Bracelet Maang Girls
Bracelet Maang (Mehandi/Haldi)
Bracelet Tika for
Bracelet Tika Women
Bracelet Tika &
Bracelet Tika Girls
Bracelet Tika (Mehandi/Haldi)
Bracelet for Women
Bracelet for &
Bracelet for Girls
Bracelet for (Mehandi/Haldi)
Bracelet Women &
Bracelet Women Girls
Bracelet Women (Mehandi/Haldi)
Bracelet & Girls
Bracelet & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Bracelet Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)
& Maang Tika
& Maang for
& Maang Women
& Maang &
& Maang Girls
& Maang (Mehandi/Haldi)
& Tika for
& Tika Women
& Tika &
& Tika Girls
& Tika (Mehandi/Haldi)
& for Women
& for &
& for Girls
& for (Mehandi/Haldi)
& Women &
& Women Girls
& Women (Mehandi/Haldi)
& & Girls
& & (Mehandi/Haldi)
& Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)
Maang Tika for
Maang Tika Women
Maang Tika &
Maang Tika Girls
Maang Tika (Mehandi/Haldi)
Maang for Women
Maang for &
Maang for Girls
Maang for (Mehandi/Haldi)
Maang Women &
Maang Women Girls
Maang Women (Mehandi/Haldi)
Maang & Girls
Maang & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Maang Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)
Tika for Women
Tika for &
Tika for Girls
Tika for (Mehandi/Haldi)
Tika Women &
Tika Women Girls
Tika Women (Mehandi/Haldi)
Tika & Girls
Tika & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Tika Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)
for Women &
for Women Girls
for Women (Mehandi/Haldi)
for & Girls
for & (Mehandi/Haldi)
for Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)
Women & Girls
Women & (Mehandi/Haldi)
Women Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)
& Girls (Mehandi/Haldi)

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Urbalaa Floret Yellow Gota Patti Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Maang Tika for Women & Girls (Mehandi/Haldi) Reviews

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