TGK 360 Degree Rotating Leather Rotary Swivel Stand Case Cover for Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus 10.1 inch Tablet (Black)

This is universal 360 Degree rotating case. Holes given are for camera slot, please check if your tablet model has camera at that place as the holes will be same irrespective of model selected by you, it may happen that it won't support your camera if they are not aligned to the holes and you need to remove tab and use that function. Holes are given in center of vertical and horizontal sides. The really smart cover makes tablet do things no other cover can. The smart cover doesn't just protect tablet, it allows you to rotate tab as you like. Strap locks to lock your tablet when not in use and hence making it totally safe. You can put it stand up for watching videos or lay it down for typewriting. Ultra slim & lightweight design. Soft high quality synthetic leather outer gives tactile and aesthetic appeal and full protects your latest tablet whilst the leather interior adds strength and durability to the case.

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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Brand TGK
Color Black
Ean 6572265382022
Ean List:Ean List Element 6572265382022
  • ✅COMPATIBLITY - Designed to fit Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus 10.1 inch.
  • ✅PREMIUM QUALITY - Made of premium PU leather and microfiber interior for comfortable sense of touch and durable purpose while provides ultimate protection.
  • ✅LIGHTWEIGHT & PROTECTIVE - Slim design that adds minimum bulk and weight to your device while the case wrap around the edge for protection purpose.
  • ✅SMART STAND COVER - Stand design is super convenient for providing different viewing angles when watching videos, texting, gaming or learning etc.
  • ✅PRECISE OPENINGS - Easy Access to All Buttons.Ultra compact and precisely cut to preserve full access to all buttons without taking off the case like charging, listening to music, videos etc.
Label TGK
List Price:Amount 99900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 999.00
Manufacturer TGK
Model TGK_2148
Mpn TGK_2148
Number Of Items 1
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 100
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1120
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 55
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 800
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Part Number TGK_2148
Product Group Personal Computer
Publisher TGK
Size Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus 10.1 inch
Studio TGK
Title TGK 360 Degree Rotating Leather Rotary Swivel Stand Case Cover for Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus 10.1 inch Tablet (Black)

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Leather Case Cover
Leather Case for
Leather Case Lenovo
Leather Case Tab
Leather Case 4
Leather Case 10
Leather Case Plus
Leather Case 10.1
Leather Case inch
Leather Case Tablet
Leather Case (Black)
Leather Cover for
Leather Cover Lenovo
Leather Cover Tab
Leather Cover 4
Leather Cover 10
Leather Cover Plus
Leather Cover 10.1
Leather Cover inch
Leather Cover Tablet
Leather Cover (Black)
Leather for Lenovo
Leather for Tab
Leather for 4
Leather for 10
Leather for Plus
Leather for 10.1
Leather for inch
Leather for Tablet
Leather for (Black)
Leather Lenovo Tab
Leather Lenovo 4
Leather Lenovo 10
Leather Lenovo Plus
Leather Lenovo 10.1
Leather Lenovo inch
Leather Lenovo Tablet
Leather Lenovo (Black)
Leather Tab 4
Leather Tab 10
Leather Tab Plus
Leather Tab 10.1
Leather Tab inch
Leather Tab Tablet
Leather Tab (Black)
Leather 4 10
Leather 4 Plus
Leather 4 10.1
Leather 4 inch
Leather 4 Tablet
Leather 4 (Black)
Leather 10 Plus
Leather 10 10.1
Leather 10 inch
Leather 10 Tablet
Leather 10 (Black)
Leather Plus 10.1
Leather Plus inch
Leather Plus Tablet
Leather Plus (Black)
Leather 10.1 inch
Leather 10.1 Tablet
Leather 10.1 (Black)
Leather inch Tablet
Leather inch (Black)
Leather Tablet (Black)
Rotary Swivel Stand
Rotary Swivel Case
Rotary Swivel Cover
Rotary Swivel for
Rotary Swivel Lenovo
Rotary Swivel Tab
Rotary Swivel 4
Rotary Swivel 10
Rotary Swivel Plus
Rotary Swivel 10.1
Rotary Swivel inch
Rotary Swivel Tablet
Rotary Swivel (Black)
Rotary Stand Case
Rotary Stand Cover
Rotary Stand for
Rotary Stand Lenovo
Rotary Stand Tab
Rotary Stand 4
Rotary Stand 10
Rotary Stand Plus
Rotary Stand 10.1
Rotary Stand inch
Rotary Stand Tablet
Rotary Stand (Black)
Rotary Case Cover
Rotary Case for
Rotary Case Lenovo
Rotary Case Tab
Rotary Case 4
Rotary Case 10
Rotary Case Plus
Rotary Case 10.1
Rotary Case inch
Rotary Case Tablet
Rotary Case (Black)
Rotary Cover for
Rotary Cover Lenovo
Rotary Cover Tab
Rotary Cover 4
Rotary Cover 10
Rotary Cover Plus
Rotary Cover 10.1
Rotary Cover inch
Rotary Cover Tablet
Rotary Cover (Black)
Rotary for Lenovo
Rotary for Tab
Rotary for 4
Rotary for 10
Rotary for Plus
Rotary for 10.1
Rotary for inch
Rotary for Tablet
Rotary for (Black)
Rotary Lenovo Tab
Rotary Lenovo 4
Rotary Lenovo 10
Rotary Lenovo Plus
Rotary Lenovo 10.1
Rotary Lenovo inch
Rotary Lenovo Tablet
Rotary Lenovo (Black)
Rotary Tab 4
Rotary Tab 10
Rotary Tab Plus
Rotary Tab 10.1
Rotary Tab inch
Rotary Tab Tablet
Rotary Tab (Black)
Rotary 4 10
Rotary 4 Plus
Rotary 4 10.1
Rotary 4 inch
Rotary 4 Tablet
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Rotary 10 inch
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Rotary 10 (Black)
Rotary Plus 10.1
Rotary Plus inch
Rotary Plus Tablet
Rotary Plus (Black)
Rotary 10.1 inch
Rotary 10.1 Tablet
Rotary 10.1 (Black)
Rotary inch Tablet
Rotary inch (Black)
Rotary Tablet (Black)
Swivel Stand Case
Swivel Stand Cover
Swivel Stand for
Swivel Stand Lenovo
Swivel Stand Tab
Swivel Stand 4
Swivel Stand 10
Swivel Stand Plus
Swivel Stand 10.1
Swivel Stand inch
Swivel Stand Tablet
Swivel Stand (Black)
Swivel Case Cover
Swivel Case for
Swivel Case Lenovo
Swivel Case Tab
Swivel Case 4
Swivel Case 10
Swivel Case Plus
Swivel Case 10.1
Swivel Case inch
Swivel Case Tablet
Swivel Case (Black)
Swivel Cover for
Swivel Cover Lenovo
Swivel Cover Tab
Swivel Cover 4
Swivel Cover 10
Swivel Cover Plus
Swivel Cover 10.1
Swivel Cover inch
Swivel Cover Tablet
Swivel Cover (Black)
Swivel for Lenovo
Swivel for Tab
Swivel for 4
Swivel for 10
Swivel for Plus
Swivel for 10.1
Swivel for inch
Swivel for Tablet
Swivel for (Black)
Swivel Lenovo Tab
Swivel Lenovo 4
Swivel Lenovo 10
Swivel Lenovo Plus
Swivel Lenovo 10.1
Swivel Lenovo inch
Swivel Lenovo Tablet
Swivel Lenovo (Black)
Swivel Tab 4
Swivel Tab 10
Swivel Tab Plus
Swivel Tab 10.1
Swivel Tab inch
Swivel Tab Tablet
Swivel Tab (Black)
Swivel 4 10
Swivel 4 Plus
Swivel 4 10.1
Swivel 4 inch
Swivel 4 Tablet
Swivel 4 (Black)
Swivel 10 Plus
Swivel 10 10.1
Swivel 10 inch
Swivel 10 Tablet
Swivel 10 (Black)
Swivel Plus 10.1
Swivel Plus inch
Swivel Plus Tablet
Swivel Plus (Black)
Swivel 10.1 inch
Swivel 10.1 Tablet
Swivel 10.1 (Black)
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Stand Case Cover
Stand Case for
Stand Case Lenovo
Stand Case Tab
Stand Case 4
Stand Case 10
Stand Case Plus
Stand Case 10.1
Stand Case inch
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Stand Case (Black)
Stand Cover for
Stand Cover Lenovo
Stand Cover Tab
Stand Cover 4
Stand Cover 10
Stand Cover Plus
Stand Cover 10.1
Stand Cover inch
Stand Cover Tablet
Stand Cover (Black)
Stand for Lenovo
Stand for Tab
Stand for 4
Stand for 10
Stand for Plus
Stand for 10.1
Stand for inch
Stand for Tablet
Stand for (Black)
Stand Lenovo Tab
Stand Lenovo 4
Stand Lenovo 10
Stand Lenovo Plus
Stand Lenovo 10.1
Stand Lenovo inch
Stand Lenovo Tablet
Stand Lenovo (Black)
Stand Tab 4
Stand Tab 10
Stand Tab Plus
Stand Tab 10.1
Stand Tab inch
Stand Tab Tablet
Stand Tab (Black)
Stand 4 10
Stand 4 Plus
Stand 4 10.1
Stand 4 inch
Stand 4 Tablet
Stand 4 (Black)
Stand 10 Plus
Stand 10 10.1
Stand 10 inch
Stand 10 Tablet
Stand 10 (Black)
Stand Plus 10.1
Stand Plus inch
Stand Plus Tablet
Stand Plus (Black)
Stand 10.1 inch
Stand 10.1 Tablet
Stand 10.1 (Black)
Stand inch Tablet
Stand inch (Black)
Stand Tablet (Black)
Case Cover for
Case Cover Lenovo
Case Cover Tab
Case Cover 4
Case Cover 10
Case Cover Plus
Case Cover 10.1
Case Cover inch
Case Cover Tablet
Case Cover (Black)
Case for Lenovo
Case for Tab
Case for 4
Case for 10
Case for Plus
Case for 10.1
Case for inch
Case for Tablet
Case for (Black)
Case Lenovo Tab
Case Lenovo 4
Case Lenovo 10
Case Lenovo Plus
Case Lenovo 10.1
Case Lenovo inch
Case Lenovo Tablet
Case Lenovo (Black)
Case Tab 4
Case Tab 10
Case Tab Plus
Case Tab 10.1
Case Tab inch
Case Tab Tablet
Case Tab (Black)
Case 4 10
Case 4 Plus
Case 4 10.1
Case 4 inch
Case 4 Tablet
Case 4 (Black)
Case 10 Plus
Case 10 10.1
Case 10 inch
Case 10 Tablet
Case 10 (Black)
Case Plus 10.1
Case Plus inch
Case Plus Tablet
Case Plus (Black)
Case 10.1 inch
Case 10.1 Tablet
Case 10.1 (Black)
Case inch Tablet
Case inch (Black)
Case Tablet (Black)
Cover for Lenovo
Cover for Tab
Cover for 4
Cover for 10
Cover for Plus
Cover for 10.1
Cover for inch
Cover for Tablet
Cover for (Black)
Cover Lenovo Tab
Cover Lenovo 4
Cover Lenovo 10
Cover Lenovo Plus
Cover Lenovo 10.1
Cover Lenovo inch
Cover Lenovo Tablet
Cover Lenovo (Black)
Cover Tab 4
Cover Tab 10
Cover Tab Plus
Cover Tab 10.1
Cover Tab inch
Cover Tab Tablet
Cover Tab (Black)
Cover 4 10
Cover 4 Plus
Cover 4 10.1
Cover 4 inch
Cover 4 Tablet
Cover 4 (Black)
Cover 10 Plus
Cover 10 10.1
Cover 10 inch
Cover 10 Tablet
Cover 10 (Black)
Cover Plus 10.1
Cover Plus inch
Cover Plus Tablet
Cover Plus (Black)
Cover 10.1 inch
Cover 10.1 Tablet
Cover 10.1 (Black)
Cover inch Tablet
Cover inch (Black)
Cover Tablet (Black)
for Lenovo Tab
for Lenovo 4
for Lenovo 10
for Lenovo Plus
for Lenovo 10.1
for Lenovo inch
for Lenovo Tablet
for Lenovo (Black)
for Tab 4
for Tab 10
for Tab Plus
for Tab 10.1
for Tab inch
for Tab Tablet
for Tab (Black)
for 4 10
for 4 Plus
for 4 10.1
for 4 inch
for 4 Tablet
for 4 (Black)
for 10 Plus
for 10 10.1
for 10 inch
for 10 Tablet
for 10 (Black)
for Plus 10.1
for Plus inch
for Plus Tablet
for Plus (Black)
for 10.1 inch
for 10.1 Tablet
for 10.1 (Black)
for inch Tablet
for inch (Black)
for Tablet (Black)
Lenovo Tab 4
Lenovo Tab 10
Lenovo Tab Plus
Lenovo Tab 10.1
Lenovo Tab inch
Lenovo Tab Tablet
Lenovo Tab (Black)
Lenovo 4 10
Lenovo 4 Plus
Lenovo 4 10.1
Lenovo 4 inch
Lenovo 4 Tablet
Lenovo 4 (Black)
Lenovo 10 Plus
Lenovo 10 10.1
Lenovo 10 inch
Lenovo 10 Tablet
Lenovo 10 (Black)
Lenovo Plus 10.1
Lenovo Plus inch
Lenovo Plus Tablet
Lenovo Plus (Black)
Lenovo 10.1 inch
Lenovo 10.1 Tablet
Lenovo 10.1 (Black)
Lenovo inch Tablet
Lenovo inch (Black)
Lenovo Tablet (Black)
Tab 4 10
Tab 4 Plus
Tab 4 10.1
Tab 4 inch
Tab 4 Tablet
Tab 4 (Black)
Tab 10 Plus
Tab 10 10.1
Tab 10 inch
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Tab 10.1 inch
Tab 10.1 Tablet
Tab 10.1 (Black)
Tab inch Tablet
Tab inch (Black)
Tab Tablet (Black)
4 10 Plus
4 10 10.1
4 10 inch
4 10 Tablet
4 10 (Black)
4 Plus 10.1
4 Plus inch
4 Plus Tablet
4 Plus (Black)
4 10.1 inch
4 10.1 Tablet
4 10.1 (Black)
4 inch Tablet
4 inch (Black)
4 Tablet (Black)
10 Plus 10.1
10 Plus inch
10 Plus Tablet
10 Plus (Black)
10 10.1 inch
10 10.1 Tablet
10 10.1 (Black)
10 inch Tablet
10 inch (Black)
10 Tablet (Black)
Plus 10.1 inch
Plus 10.1 Tablet
Plus 10.1 (Black)
Plus inch Tablet
Plus inch (Black)
Plus Tablet (Black)
10.1 inch Tablet
10.1 inch (Black)
10.1 Tablet (Black)
inch Tablet (Black)

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TGK 360 Degree Rotating Leather Rotary Swivel Stand Case Cover for Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus 10.1 inch Tablet (Black) Reviews

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