SSB Interview: 21 Hours Power Packed Video Lectures - Dr. Cdr. N.K Natarajan with Mantars to Crack the Screening Test

SSB Interview Video Lectures is a 21-hour H.D video containing 26 different parts. It is the first of its kind in India and produced by Commander (Dr) NK Natarajan the author of bestselling book SSB Interview: The Complete Guide. The video covers each and every test conducted at the SSB in great detail and each test has not only been explained but also demonstrated live with the help of participants. The author has explained in detail as to how to project the Officer Like Qualities in each test and what one should do and not do. Thus, this is the best product one must buy along with the book authored by Commander (Dr) NK Natarajan. This is more than sufficient for a candidate with basic intelligence, to crack the SSB. If you still can't crack it then you may not be having it in you and any amount of coaching in any academy will be pointless. Thus, this is the most cost-effective and the sure option for all aspirants. In any coaching academy each topic is taught only once and if you haven't understood it or wrongly understood it, you can't correct yourself. Several aspirants think that SSB is a physical test and requires a lot of practice. This is completely untrue. SSB is a test of intellect and your overall personality. Even the GTO tasks are based on intellect rather than physical aspects. Thus, any amount of physical practice will not help. All you need to know is the concept which can best be learnt through the SSB Video Tutorials. Finally, while you will spend more than Rs. 15,000/- in attending coaching classes, this video kit will come to you for just Rs. 2499/-. Be wise and choose the right option!!! 1. Works with a Serial Key in One Laptop or Desktop Computer Only (Windows 7 and Above). Valid for 365 days from the date of activation.
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Product Specification

Binding DVD
Brand Scholar Buzz
Format DVD-ROM
Genre Education
Hardware Platform Laptop
Is Adult Product 0
Label Scholar Buzz Publications (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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  • {"Name"=>"Hindi", "Type"=>"Original Language"}
Legal Disclaimer The product is copyright protected and all rights are reserved with the publishers. Any attempt to replicate, copy or modify the content will be illegal and will attract severe legal action subject to Nagpur Jurisdiction.
List Price:Amount 349900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 3,499.00
Manufacturer Scholar Buzz Publications (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Number Of Discs 2
Operating System windows
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 47
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 969
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 49
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 787
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Product Group Software
Product Type Name SOFTWARE
Publication Date 2017
Publisher Scholar Buzz Publications (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Running Time: Content 17
Running Time:Units Hours
Studio Scholar Buzz Publications (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Title SSB Interview: 21 Hours Power Packed Video Lectures - Dr. Cdr. N.K Natarajan with Mantars to Crack the Screening Test

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Packed Video Lectures
Packed Video -
Packed Video Dr.
Packed Video Cdr.
Packed Video N.K
Packed Video Natarajan
Packed Video with
Packed Video Mantars
Packed Video to
Packed Video Crack
Packed Video the
Packed Video Screening
Packed Video Test
Packed Lectures -
Packed Lectures Dr.
Packed Lectures Cdr.
Packed Lectures N.K
Packed Lectures Natarajan
Packed Lectures with
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Packed N.K Natarajan
Packed N.K with
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Packed N.K Test
Packed Natarajan with
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Video Lectures -
Video Lectures Dr.
Video Lectures Cdr.
Video Lectures N.K
Video Lectures Natarajan
Video Lectures with
Video Lectures Mantars
Video Lectures to
Video Lectures Crack
Video Lectures the
Video Lectures Screening
Video Lectures Test
Video - Dr.
Video - Cdr.
Video - N.K
Video - Natarajan
Video - with
Video - Mantars
Video - to
Video - Crack
Video - the
Video - Screening
Video - Test
Video Dr. Cdr.
Video Dr. N.K
Video Dr. Natarajan
Video Dr. with
Video Dr. Mantars
Video Dr. to
Video Dr. Crack
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Video Dr. Screening
Video Dr. Test
Video Cdr. N.K
Video Cdr. Natarajan
Video Cdr. with
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Video N.K Natarajan
Video N.K with
Video N.K Mantars
Video N.K to
Video N.K Crack
Video N.K the
Video N.K Screening
Video N.K Test
Video Natarajan with
Video Natarajan Mantars
Video Natarajan to
Video Natarajan Crack
Video Natarajan the
Video Natarajan Screening
Video Natarajan Test
Video with Mantars
Video with to
Video with Crack
Video with the
Video with Screening
Video with Test
Video Mantars to
Video Mantars Crack
Video Mantars the
Video Mantars Screening
Video Mantars Test
Video to Crack
Video to the
Video to Screening
Video to Test
Video Crack the
Video Crack Screening
Video Crack Test
Video the Screening
Video the Test
Video Screening Test
Lectures - Dr.
Lectures - Cdr.
Lectures - N.K
Lectures - Natarajan
Lectures - with
Lectures - Mantars
Lectures - to
Lectures - Crack
Lectures - the
Lectures - Screening
Lectures - Test
Lectures Dr. Cdr.
Lectures Dr. N.K
Lectures Dr. Natarajan
Lectures Dr. with
Lectures Dr. Mantars
Lectures Dr. to
Lectures Dr. Crack
Lectures Dr. the
Lectures Dr. Screening
Lectures Dr. Test
Lectures Cdr. N.K
Lectures Cdr. Natarajan
Lectures Cdr. with
Lectures Cdr. Mantars
Lectures Cdr. to
Lectures Cdr. Crack
Lectures Cdr. the
Lectures Cdr. Screening
Lectures Cdr. Test
Lectures N.K Natarajan
Lectures N.K with
Lectures N.K Mantars
Lectures N.K to
Lectures N.K Crack
Lectures N.K the
Lectures N.K Screening
Lectures N.K Test
Lectures Natarajan with
Lectures Natarajan Mantars
Lectures Natarajan to
Lectures Natarajan Crack
Lectures Natarajan the
Lectures Natarajan Screening
Lectures Natarajan Test
Lectures with Mantars
Lectures with to
Lectures with Crack
Lectures with the
Lectures with Screening
Lectures with Test
Lectures Mantars to
Lectures Mantars Crack
Lectures Mantars the
Lectures Mantars Screening
Lectures Mantars Test
Lectures to Crack
Lectures to the
Lectures to Screening
Lectures to Test
Lectures Crack the
Lectures Crack Screening
Lectures Crack Test
Lectures the Screening
Lectures the Test
Lectures Screening Test
- Dr. Cdr.
- Dr. N.K
- Dr. Natarajan
- Dr. with
- Dr. Mantars
- Dr. to
- Dr. Crack
- Dr. the
- Dr. Screening
- Dr. Test
- Cdr. N.K
- Cdr. Natarajan
- Cdr. with
- Cdr. Mantars
- Cdr. to
- Cdr. Crack
- Cdr. the
- Cdr. Screening
- Cdr. Test
- N.K Natarajan
- N.K with
- N.K Mantars
- N.K to
- N.K Crack
- N.K the
- N.K Screening
- N.K Test
- Natarajan with
- Natarajan Mantars
- Natarajan to
- Natarajan Crack
- Natarajan the
- Natarajan Screening
- Natarajan Test
- with Mantars
- with to
- with Crack
- with the
- with Screening
- with Test
- Mantars to
- Mantars Crack
- Mantars the
- Mantars Screening
- Mantars Test
- to Crack
- to the
- to Screening
- to Test
- Crack the
- Crack Screening
- Crack Test
- the Screening
- the Test
- Screening Test
Dr. Cdr. N.K
Dr. Cdr. Natarajan
Dr. Cdr. with
Dr. Cdr. Mantars
Dr. Cdr. to
Dr. Cdr. Crack
Dr. Cdr. the
Dr. Cdr. Screening
Dr. Cdr. Test
Dr. N.K Natarajan
Dr. N.K with
Dr. N.K Mantars
Dr. N.K to
Dr. N.K Crack
Dr. N.K the
Dr. N.K Screening
Dr. N.K Test
Dr. Natarajan with
Dr. Natarajan Mantars
Dr. Natarajan to
Dr. Natarajan Crack
Dr. Natarajan the
Dr. Natarajan Screening
Dr. Natarajan Test
Dr. with Mantars
Dr. with to
Dr. with Crack
Dr. with the
Dr. with Screening
Dr. with Test
Dr. Mantars to
Dr. Mantars Crack
Dr. Mantars the
Dr. Mantars Screening
Dr. Mantars Test
Dr. to Crack
Dr. to the
Dr. to Screening
Dr. to Test
Dr. Crack the
Dr. Crack Screening
Dr. Crack Test
Dr. the Screening
Dr. the Test
Dr. Screening Test
Cdr. N.K Natarajan
Cdr. N.K with
Cdr. N.K Mantars
Cdr. N.K to
Cdr. N.K Crack
Cdr. N.K the
Cdr. N.K Screening
Cdr. N.K Test
Cdr. Natarajan with
Cdr. Natarajan Mantars
Cdr. Natarajan to
Cdr. Natarajan Crack
Cdr. Natarajan the
Cdr. Natarajan Screening
Cdr. Natarajan Test
Cdr. with Mantars
Cdr. with to
Cdr. with Crack
Cdr. with the
Cdr. with Screening
Cdr. with Test
Cdr. Mantars to
Cdr. Mantars Crack
Cdr. Mantars the
Cdr. Mantars Screening
Cdr. Mantars Test
Cdr. to Crack
Cdr. to the
Cdr. to Screening
Cdr. to Test
Cdr. Crack the
Cdr. Crack Screening
Cdr. Crack Test
Cdr. the Screening
Cdr. the Test
Cdr. Screening Test
N.K Natarajan with
N.K Natarajan Mantars
N.K Natarajan to
N.K Natarajan Crack
N.K Natarajan the
N.K Natarajan Screening
N.K Natarajan Test
N.K with Mantars
N.K with to
N.K with Crack
N.K with the
N.K with Screening
N.K with Test
N.K Mantars to
N.K Mantars Crack
N.K Mantars the
N.K Mantars Screening
N.K Mantars Test
N.K to Crack
N.K to the
N.K to Screening
N.K to Test
N.K Crack the
N.K Crack Screening
N.K Crack Test
N.K the Screening
N.K the Test
N.K Screening Test
Natarajan with Mantars
Natarajan with to
Natarajan with Crack
Natarajan with the
Natarajan with Screening
Natarajan with Test
Natarajan Mantars to
Natarajan Mantars Crack
Natarajan Mantars the
Natarajan Mantars Screening
Natarajan Mantars Test
Natarajan to Crack
Natarajan to the
Natarajan to Screening
Natarajan to Test
Natarajan Crack the
Natarajan Crack Screening
Natarajan Crack Test
Natarajan the Screening
Natarajan the Test
Natarajan Screening Test
with Mantars to
with Mantars Crack
with Mantars the
with Mantars Screening
with Mantars Test
with to Crack
with to the
with to Screening
with to Test
with Crack the
with Crack Screening
with Crack Test
with the Screening
with the Test
with Screening Test
Mantars to Crack
Mantars to the
Mantars to Screening
Mantars to Test
Mantars Crack the
Mantars Crack Screening
Mantars Crack Test
Mantars the Screening
Mantars the Test
Mantars Screening Test
to Crack the
to Crack Screening
to Crack Test
to the Screening
to the Test
to Screening Test
Crack the Screening
Crack the Test
Crack Screening Test
the Screening Test

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