Splash Cotton Rich Camisole Slip for Women| Long Kurti Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole Slip Knee Length - 139 Black

Stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the day in this high-quality cotton rich Suit Slip for women. These multicolor slips have a Sleeveless pattern. Can be worn as Innerwear, Loungewear or Casual wear. Wear it under your suits or kurtis to have a perfect fit, shape and stylish look. The cotton texture is completely breathable, breezy and skin-accommodating. It is agreeable to wear throughout the day and simple to keep up it can be hand washed. This Suit Slip for kurta combination pack of camisole/ slip is uniquely made for Indian outfit if you cherish kurtis or salwar suits, however, ward off as it's transparent, at that point, this is ideal for you. Crafted using comfortable stretch cotton that provides quick dry breathability. High comfort quotient with relaxed and easy fit all day & night long. Product Feature Made from Cotton Rich, soft absorbent Fabric Longer side slits for comfort and ease Wear it instead of the traditional chemise, shimmy, slips or petticoat Styled with shoulder panels to provide comfort and conceal the bra straps Side slits for added comfort and ease Label free for all-day comfort Long camisole is specifically designed to be worn under salwar kameez, kurtas & kurtis

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Product Specification

Binding Apparel
Brand Splash
Catalog Number List:Catalog Number List Element 127
Color Black
Department Women
  • Length Article 139: M-37" L-38" XL-39" XXL-40" XXXL-42", This slip is made out of Cotton rich blended Fabric which is comfortable to wear as also skin friendly.
  • Care Instructions: Normal machine/hand Wash
  • It does not shrink,does not get deshaped,and the colors are also non bleedable
  • Ultra-Soft cotton makes you feel cool and dry all day Side-slit for better body movements for Comfort and Ease Breathable Fabric Offers Sweat Free Comfort.
  • Cotton Rich fabric provides excellent comfort you are assured to stay comfortable for all day long.
Is Adult Product 0
Label Splash
Legal Disclaimer Product colour may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor setting
List Price:Amount 34000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 340.00
Manufacturer Splash
Mpn New_139_Black_L
Number Of Items 2
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 197
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 591
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 55
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 472
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Part Number New_139_Black_L
Product Group Apparel
Product Type Name UNDERWEAR
Publisher Splash
Size Large
Studio Splash
Title Splash Cotton Rich Camisole Slip for Women| Long Kurti Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole Slip Knee Length - 139 Black

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Camisole Slip/Camisole 139
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Camisole Slip Length
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Camisole Slip 139
Camisole Slip Black
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Camisole Knee -
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for Women| Knee
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for Long Slip/Suit
for Long Slip/Camisole
for Long Slip
for Long Knee
for Long Length
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for Kurti Slip
for Kurti Knee
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for - 139
for - Black
for 139 Black
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Women| Long Slip/Suit
Women| Long Slip/Camisole
Women| Long Slip
Women| Long Knee
Women| Long Length
Women| Long -
Women| Long 139
Women| Long Black
Women| Kurti Slip/Suit
Women| Kurti Slip/Camisole
Women| Kurti Slip
Women| Kurti Knee
Women| Kurti Length
Women| Kurti -
Women| Kurti 139
Women| Kurti Black
Women| Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole
Women| Slip/Suit Slip
Women| Slip/Suit Knee
Women| Slip/Suit Length
Women| Slip/Suit -
Women| Slip/Suit 139
Women| Slip/Suit Black
Women| Slip/Camisole Slip
Women| Slip/Camisole Knee
Women| Slip/Camisole Length
Women| Slip/Camisole -
Women| Slip/Camisole 139
Women| Slip/Camisole Black
Women| Slip Knee
Women| Slip Length
Women| Slip -
Women| Slip 139
Women| Slip Black
Women| Knee Length
Women| Knee -
Women| Knee 139
Women| Knee Black
Women| Length -
Women| Length 139
Women| Length Black
Women| - 139
Women| - Black
Women| 139 Black
Long Kurti Slip/Suit
Long Kurti Slip/Camisole
Long Kurti Slip
Long Kurti Knee
Long Kurti Length
Long Kurti -
Long Kurti 139
Long Kurti Black
Long Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole
Long Slip/Suit Slip
Long Slip/Suit Knee
Long Slip/Suit Length
Long Slip/Suit -
Long Slip/Suit 139
Long Slip/Suit Black
Long Slip/Camisole Slip
Long Slip/Camisole Knee
Long Slip/Camisole Length
Long Slip/Camisole -
Long Slip/Camisole 139
Long Slip/Camisole Black
Long Slip Knee
Long Slip Length
Long Slip -
Long Slip 139
Long Slip Black
Long Knee Length
Long Knee -
Long Knee 139
Long Knee Black
Long Length -
Long Length 139
Long Length Black
Long - 139
Long - Black
Long 139 Black
Kurti Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole
Kurti Slip/Suit Slip
Kurti Slip/Suit Knee
Kurti Slip/Suit Length
Kurti Slip/Suit -
Kurti Slip/Suit 139
Kurti Slip/Suit Black
Kurti Slip/Camisole Slip
Kurti Slip/Camisole Knee
Kurti Slip/Camisole Length
Kurti Slip/Camisole -
Kurti Slip/Camisole 139
Kurti Slip/Camisole Black
Kurti Slip Knee
Kurti Slip Length
Kurti Slip -
Kurti Slip 139
Kurti Slip Black
Kurti Knee Length
Kurti Knee -
Kurti Knee 139
Kurti Knee Black
Kurti Length -
Kurti Length 139
Kurti Length Black
Kurti - 139
Kurti - Black
Kurti 139 Black
Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole Slip
Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole Knee
Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole Length
Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole -
Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole 139
Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole Black
Slip/Suit Slip Knee
Slip/Suit Slip Length
Slip/Suit Slip -
Slip/Suit Slip 139
Slip/Suit Slip Black
Slip/Suit Knee Length
Slip/Suit Knee -
Slip/Suit Knee 139
Slip/Suit Knee Black
Slip/Suit Length -
Slip/Suit Length 139
Slip/Suit Length Black
Slip/Suit - 139
Slip/Suit - Black
Slip/Suit 139 Black
Slip/Camisole Slip Knee
Slip/Camisole Slip Length
Slip/Camisole Slip -
Slip/Camisole Slip 139
Slip/Camisole Slip Black
Slip/Camisole Knee Length
Slip/Camisole Knee -
Slip/Camisole Knee 139
Slip/Camisole Knee Black
Slip/Camisole Length -
Slip/Camisole Length 139
Slip/Camisole Length Black
Slip/Camisole - 139
Slip/Camisole - Black
Slip/Camisole 139 Black
Slip Knee Length
Slip Knee -
Slip Knee 139
Slip Knee Black
Slip Length -
Slip Length 139
Slip Length Black
Slip - 139
Slip - Black
Slip 139 Black
Knee Length -
Knee Length 139
Knee Length Black
Knee - 139
Knee - Black
Knee 139 Black
Length - 139
Length - Black
Length 139 Black
- 139 Black

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Splash Cotton Rich Camisole Slip for Women| Long Kurti Slip/Suit Slip/Camisole Slip Knee Length - 139 Black Reviews

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