Skyfun Food Grade Stainless Steel Hot Insulated Lunch Box with Handle for Kids
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Skyfun Food Grade Stainless Steel Hot Insulated Lunch Box with Handle for Kids

Food Grade stainless steel containers will serve you for a long time. Make Sure You Are Eating Healthy With Durable Quality Lunch Boxes. No more Time wasted Cooking every day, no more leftovers are thrown away, no more tasteless eating experiences for you. Facilitate This Lunch Preparation with Assorted Colors Food Containers. Nourish your body. Improve eating standards, enrich your diet with more vegetables, fruit and homemade food.

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Product Specification

Brand Skyfun
  • Lock N Lock System In Bowl With Silicon Rubber Inside Which Firmly Secure Food While Maintaining Freshness.
  • The lid with extended fastening design,close the lid and box body fastening With no leaking no sprinkle and easy to carry.
  • Big size for more food storage,great for bringing lunch to school,office or picnic.
  • Lunch box is made of food-grade Steel and Plastic Materials.
  • In Pack : 1 Piece Hot Insulated Lunch Box
Label Lunch Tiffin Box
Manufacturer Lunch Tiffin Box
Product Group Lawn & Patio
Product Type Name OUTDOOR_LIVING
Publisher Lunch Tiffin Box
Studio Lunch Tiffin Box
Title Skyfun Food Grade Stainless Steel Hot Insulated Lunch Box with Handle for Kids

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