Robocraze 3D Printer DIY Kit with Arduino Mega 2560, Ramps1.4 Shield, A4988 with Heat Sink, 12864 Smart Lcd and Usb Cable

Product specs: (1) mega 2560 r3 (2) 3d printer controller ramps 1. 4 It is designed to fit the entire electronics needed for a reprap in one small package for low cost. Ramps interfaces an arduino-compatible mega with the powerful arduino-compatible mega platform and has plenty of room for expansion. The modular design includes a plug in stepper drivers and extruder control electronics on an arduino-compatible mega shield for easy service, part replacement, upgrade-ability and expansion. (3) A4988 stepper motor driver a4988 is a complete micro-stepping motor driver with built-in translator for easy operation (4) lcd 12864 graphic smart display controller this full graphic smart controller contains an sd-card reader, a rotary encoder and a 128 x 64 dot matrix lcd display. You can easy connect it to your ramps board using the "smart adapter" included. Update high-quality ramp board by changing mosfet: old mosfet ic model: pdf55n06 specification:vdss: 60v id: 55a new mosfet ic model: hm60n06 specification:vdss: 60v id: 60a hm60n06 current up to 60a. Package list: (1) ramps 1. 4 X 1 (2) mega 2560 r3 x 1 (3) a4988 stepper motor driver with heatsink x 5 (4) lcd 12864 graphic smart display controller x 1 (5) smart adapter x 1 (6) cable x 2 (7) usb cable x 1 note: 1. You just need to connect the computer with mega 2560 via usb download cable when burning firmware. 2. The chip and circuit may be burnt when the power and motor driver board reversed, so please confirm twice before powering. 3. You just need to power ramps 1. 4 When testing. If you power mega 2560, the chip will be burnt easily. So please read the introduction carefully and avoid the board being burnt due to the wrong operation.

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Product Specification

Binding Misc.
Brand roboCraze
Ean 4200477657103
Ean List:Ean List Element 4200477657103
  • 1 X 12864 smart lcd controller (bigger and best display than traditional 3d printer displays: all connector and ramps mount included )
  • 5 X a4988 stepper motor drivers with heat sink
  • 1 X ramps 1. 4 Shield
  • 1 X quaduino mega 2560 board - high quality Arduino board
  • 1 X usb cable
Label RoboCraze
List Price:Amount 412500
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 4,125.00
Manufacturer RoboCraze
Model RC-A-41382
Mpn RC-A-41382
Number Of Items 11
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 307
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1146
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 71
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 917
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Part Number RC-A-41382
Product Group BISS Basic
Publisher RoboCraze
Studio RoboCraze
Title Robocraze 3D Printer DIY Kit with Arduino Mega 2560, Ramps1.4 Shield, A4988 with Heat Sink, 12864 Smart Lcd and Usb Cable

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DIY Kit with
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DIY Arduino Usb
DIY Arduino Cable
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DIY Mega and
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DIY 2560, Sink,
DIY 2560, 12864
DIY 2560, Smart
DIY 2560, Lcd
DIY 2560, and
DIY 2560, Usb
DIY 2560, Cable
DIY Ramps1.4 Shield,
DIY Ramps1.4 A4988
DIY Ramps1.4 with
DIY Ramps1.4 Heat
DIY Ramps1.4 Sink,
DIY Ramps1.4 12864
DIY Ramps1.4 Smart
DIY Ramps1.4 Lcd
DIY Ramps1.4 and
DIY Ramps1.4 Usb
DIY Ramps1.4 Cable
DIY Shield, A4988
DIY Shield, with
DIY Shield, Heat
DIY Shield, Sink,
DIY Shield, 12864
DIY Shield, Smart
DIY Shield, Lcd
DIY Shield, and
DIY Shield, Usb
DIY Shield, Cable
DIY A4988 with
DIY A4988 Heat
DIY A4988 Sink,
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DIY A4988 Cable
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Kit with Arduino
Kit with Mega
Kit with 2560,
Kit with Ramps1.4
Kit with Shield,
Kit with A4988
Kit with with
Kit with Heat
Kit with Sink,
Kit with 12864
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Kit Arduino Mega
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Kit Arduino Cable
Kit Mega 2560,
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Kit Mega Cable
Kit 2560, Ramps1.4
Kit 2560, Shield,
Kit 2560, A4988
Kit 2560, with
Kit 2560, Heat
Kit 2560, Sink,
Kit 2560, 12864
Kit 2560, Smart
Kit 2560, Lcd
Kit 2560, and
Kit 2560, Usb
Kit 2560, Cable
Kit Ramps1.4 Shield,
Kit Ramps1.4 A4988
Kit Ramps1.4 with
Kit Ramps1.4 Heat
Kit Ramps1.4 Sink,
Kit Ramps1.4 12864
Kit Ramps1.4 Smart
Kit Ramps1.4 Lcd
Kit Ramps1.4 and
Kit Ramps1.4 Usb
Kit Ramps1.4 Cable
Kit Shield, A4988
Kit Shield, with
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Kit Shield, Lcd
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Kit Shield, Usb
Kit Shield, Cable
Kit A4988 with
Kit A4988 Heat
Kit A4988 Sink,
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Kit A4988 Smart
Kit A4988 Lcd
Kit A4988 and
Kit A4988 Usb
Kit A4988 Cable
Kit with Heat
Kit with Sink,
Kit with 12864
Kit with Smart
Kit with Lcd
Kit with and
Kit with Usb
Kit with Cable
Kit Heat Sink,
Kit Heat 12864
Kit Heat Smart
Kit Heat Lcd
Kit Heat and
Kit Heat Usb
Kit Heat Cable
Kit Sink, 12864
Kit Sink, Smart
Kit Sink, Lcd
Kit Sink, and
Kit Sink, Usb
Kit Sink, Cable
Kit 12864 Smart
Kit 12864 Lcd
Kit 12864 and
Kit 12864 Usb
Kit 12864 Cable
Kit Smart Lcd
Kit Smart and
Kit Smart Usb
Kit Smart Cable
Kit Lcd and
Kit Lcd Usb
Kit Lcd Cable
Kit and Usb
Kit and Cable
Kit Usb Cable
with Arduino Mega
with Arduino 2560,
with Arduino Ramps1.4
with Arduino Shield,
with Arduino A4988
with Arduino with
with Arduino Heat
with Arduino Sink,
with Arduino 12864
with Arduino Smart
with Arduino Lcd
with Arduino and
with Arduino Usb
with Arduino Cable
with Mega 2560,
with Mega Ramps1.4
with Mega Shield,
with Mega A4988
with Mega with
with Mega Heat
with Mega Sink,
with Mega 12864
with Mega Smart
with Mega Lcd
with Mega and
with Mega Usb
with Mega Cable
with 2560, Ramps1.4
with 2560, Shield,
with 2560, A4988
with 2560, with
with 2560, Heat
with 2560, Sink,
with 2560, 12864
with 2560, Smart
with 2560, Lcd
with 2560, and
with 2560, Usb
with 2560, Cable
with Ramps1.4 Shield,
with Ramps1.4 A4988
with Ramps1.4 with
with Ramps1.4 Heat
with Ramps1.4 Sink,
with Ramps1.4 12864
with Ramps1.4 Smart
with Ramps1.4 Lcd
with Ramps1.4 and
with Ramps1.4 Usb
with Ramps1.4 Cable
with Shield, A4988
with Shield, with
with Shield, Heat
with Shield, Sink,
with Shield, 12864
with Shield, Smart
with Shield, Lcd
with Shield, and
with Shield, Usb
with Shield, Cable
with A4988 with
with A4988 Heat
with A4988 Sink,
with A4988 12864
with A4988 Smart
with A4988 Lcd
with A4988 and
with A4988 Usb
with A4988 Cable
with with Heat
with with Sink,
with with 12864
with with Smart
with with Lcd
with with and
with with Usb
with with Cable
with Heat Sink,
with Heat 12864
with Heat Smart
with Heat Lcd
with Heat and
with Heat Usb
with Heat Cable
with Sink, 12864
with Sink, Smart
with Sink, Lcd
with Sink, and
with Sink, Usb
with Sink, Cable
with 12864 Smart
with 12864 Lcd
with 12864 and
with 12864 Usb
with 12864 Cable
with Smart Lcd
with Smart and
with Smart Usb
with Smart Cable
with Lcd and
with Lcd Usb
with Lcd Cable
with and Usb
with and Cable
with Usb Cable
Arduino Mega 2560,
Arduino Mega Ramps1.4
Arduino Mega Shield,
Arduino Mega A4988
Arduino Mega with
Arduino Mega Heat
Arduino Mega Sink,
Arduino Mega 12864
Arduino Mega Smart
Arduino Mega Lcd
Arduino Mega and
Arduino Mega Usb
Arduino Mega Cable
Arduino 2560, Ramps1.4
Arduino 2560, Shield,
Arduino 2560, A4988
Arduino 2560, with
Arduino 2560, Heat
Arduino 2560, Sink,
Arduino 2560, 12864
Arduino 2560, Smart
Arduino 2560, Lcd
Arduino 2560, and
Arduino 2560, Usb
Arduino 2560, Cable
Arduino Ramps1.4 Shield,
Arduino Ramps1.4 A4988
Arduino Ramps1.4 with
Arduino Ramps1.4 Heat
Arduino Ramps1.4 Sink,
Arduino Ramps1.4 12864
Arduino Ramps1.4 Smart
Arduino Ramps1.4 Lcd
Arduino Ramps1.4 and
Arduino Ramps1.4 Usb
Arduino Ramps1.4 Cable
Arduino Shield, A4988
Arduino Shield, with
Arduino Shield, Heat
Arduino Shield, Sink,
Arduino Shield, 12864
Arduino Shield, Smart
Arduino Shield, Lcd
Arduino Shield, and
Arduino Shield, Usb
Arduino Shield, Cable
Arduino A4988 with
Arduino A4988 Heat
Arduino A4988 Sink,
Arduino A4988 12864
Arduino A4988 Smart
Arduino A4988 Lcd
Arduino A4988 and
Arduino A4988 Usb
Arduino A4988 Cable
Arduino with Heat
Arduino with Sink,
Arduino with 12864
Arduino with Smart
Arduino with Lcd
Arduino with and
Arduino with Usb
Arduino with Cable
Arduino Heat Sink,
Arduino Heat 12864
Arduino Heat Smart
Arduino Heat Lcd
Arduino Heat and
Arduino Heat Usb
Arduino Heat Cable
Arduino Sink, 12864
Arduino Sink, Smart
Arduino Sink, Lcd
Arduino Sink, and
Arduino Sink, Usb
Arduino Sink, Cable
Arduino 12864 Smart
Arduino 12864 Lcd
Arduino 12864 and
Arduino 12864 Usb
Arduino 12864 Cable
Arduino Smart Lcd
Arduino Smart and
Arduino Smart Usb
Arduino Smart Cable
Arduino Lcd and
Arduino Lcd Usb
Arduino Lcd Cable
Arduino and Usb
Arduino and Cable
Arduino Usb Cable
Mega 2560, Ramps1.4
Mega 2560, Shield,
Mega 2560, A4988
Mega 2560, with
Mega 2560, Heat
Mega 2560, Sink,
Mega 2560, 12864
Mega 2560, Smart
Mega 2560, Lcd
Mega 2560, and
Mega 2560, Usb
Mega 2560, Cable
Mega Ramps1.4 Shield,
Mega Ramps1.4 A4988
Mega Ramps1.4 with
Mega Ramps1.4 Heat
Mega Ramps1.4 Sink,
Mega Ramps1.4 12864
Mega Ramps1.4 Smart
Mega Ramps1.4 Lcd
Mega Ramps1.4 and
Mega Ramps1.4 Usb
Mega Ramps1.4 Cable
Mega Shield, A4988
Mega Shield, with
Mega Shield, Heat
Mega Shield, Sink,
Mega Shield, 12864
Mega Shield, Smart
Mega Shield, Lcd
Mega Shield, and
Mega Shield, Usb
Mega Shield, Cable
Mega A4988 with
Mega A4988 Heat
Mega A4988 Sink,
Mega A4988 12864
Mega A4988 Smart
Mega A4988 Lcd
Mega A4988 and
Mega A4988 Usb
Mega A4988 Cable
Mega with Heat
Mega with Sink,
Mega with 12864
Mega with Smart
Mega with Lcd
Mega with and
Mega with Usb
Mega with Cable
Mega Heat Sink,
Mega Heat 12864
Mega Heat Smart
Mega Heat Lcd
Mega Heat and
Mega Heat Usb
Mega Heat Cable
Mega Sink, 12864
Mega Sink, Smart
Mega Sink, Lcd
Mega Sink, and
Mega Sink, Usb
Mega Sink, Cable
Mega 12864 Smart
Mega 12864 Lcd
Mega 12864 and
Mega 12864 Usb
Mega 12864 Cable
Mega Smart Lcd
Mega Smart and
Mega Smart Usb
Mega Smart Cable
Mega Lcd and
Mega Lcd Usb
Mega Lcd Cable
Mega and Usb
Mega and Cable
Mega Usb Cable
2560, Ramps1.4 Shield,
2560, Ramps1.4 A4988
2560, Ramps1.4 with
2560, Ramps1.4 Heat
2560, Ramps1.4 Sink,
2560, Ramps1.4 12864
2560, Ramps1.4 Smart
2560, Ramps1.4 Lcd
2560, Ramps1.4 and
2560, Ramps1.4 Usb
2560, Ramps1.4 Cable
2560, Shield, A4988
2560, Shield, with
2560, Shield, Heat
2560, Shield, Sink,
2560, Shield, 12864
2560, Shield, Smart
2560, Shield, Lcd
2560, Shield, and
2560, Shield, Usb
2560, Shield, Cable
2560, A4988 with
2560, A4988 Heat
2560, A4988 Sink,
2560, A4988 12864
2560, A4988 Smart
2560, A4988 Lcd
2560, A4988 and
2560, A4988 Usb
2560, A4988 Cable
2560, with Heat
2560, with Sink,
2560, with 12864
2560, with Smart
2560, with Lcd
2560, with and
2560, with Usb
2560, with Cable
2560, Heat Sink,
2560, Heat 12864
2560, Heat Smart
2560, Heat Lcd
2560, Heat and
2560, Heat Usb
2560, Heat Cable
2560, Sink, 12864
2560, Sink, Smart
2560, Sink, Lcd
2560, Sink, and
2560, Sink, Usb
2560, Sink, Cable
2560, 12864 Smart
2560, 12864 Lcd
2560, 12864 and
2560, 12864 Usb
2560, 12864 Cable
2560, Smart Lcd
2560, Smart and
2560, Smart Usb
2560, Smart Cable
2560, Lcd and
2560, Lcd Usb
2560, Lcd Cable
2560, and Usb
2560, and Cable
2560, Usb Cable
Ramps1.4 Shield, A4988
Ramps1.4 Shield, with
Ramps1.4 Shield, Heat
Ramps1.4 Shield, Sink,
Ramps1.4 Shield, 12864
Ramps1.4 Shield, Smart
Ramps1.4 Shield, Lcd
Ramps1.4 Shield, and
Ramps1.4 Shield, Usb
Ramps1.4 Shield, Cable
Ramps1.4 A4988 with
Ramps1.4 A4988 Heat
Ramps1.4 A4988 Sink,
Ramps1.4 A4988 12864
Ramps1.4 A4988 Smart
Ramps1.4 A4988 Lcd
Ramps1.4 A4988 and
Ramps1.4 A4988 Usb
Ramps1.4 A4988 Cable
Ramps1.4 with Heat
Ramps1.4 with Sink,
Ramps1.4 with 12864
Ramps1.4 with Smart
Ramps1.4 with Lcd
Ramps1.4 with and
Ramps1.4 with Usb
Ramps1.4 with Cable
Ramps1.4 Heat Sink,
Ramps1.4 Heat 12864
Ramps1.4 Heat Smart
Ramps1.4 Heat Lcd
Ramps1.4 Heat and
Ramps1.4 Heat Usb
Ramps1.4 Heat Cable
Ramps1.4 Sink, 12864
Ramps1.4 Sink, Smart
Ramps1.4 Sink, Lcd
Ramps1.4 Sink, and
Ramps1.4 Sink, Usb
Ramps1.4 Sink, Cable
Ramps1.4 12864 Smart
Ramps1.4 12864 Lcd
Ramps1.4 12864 and
Ramps1.4 12864 Usb
Ramps1.4 12864 Cable
Ramps1.4 Smart Lcd
Ramps1.4 Smart and
Ramps1.4 Smart Usb
Ramps1.4 Smart Cable
Ramps1.4 Lcd and
Ramps1.4 Lcd Usb
Ramps1.4 Lcd Cable
Ramps1.4 and Usb
Ramps1.4 and Cable
Ramps1.4 Usb Cable
Shield, A4988 with
Shield, A4988 Heat
Shield, A4988 Sink,
Shield, A4988 12864
Shield, A4988 Smart
Shield, A4988 Lcd
Shield, A4988 and
Shield, A4988 Usb
Shield, A4988 Cable
Shield, with Heat
Shield, with Sink,
Shield, with 12864
Shield, with Smart
Shield, with Lcd
Shield, with and
Shield, with Usb
Shield, with Cable
Shield, Heat Sink,
Shield, Heat 12864
Shield, Heat Smart
Shield, Heat Lcd
Shield, Heat and
Shield, Heat Usb
Shield, Heat Cable
Shield, Sink, 12864
Shield, Sink, Smart
Shield, Sink, Lcd
Shield, Sink, and
Shield, Sink, Usb
Shield, Sink, Cable
Shield, 12864 Smart
Shield, 12864 Lcd
Shield, 12864 and
Shield, 12864 Usb
Shield, 12864 Cable
Shield, Smart Lcd
Shield, Smart and
Shield, Smart Usb
Shield, Smart Cable
Shield, Lcd and
Shield, Lcd Usb
Shield, Lcd Cable
Shield, and Usb
Shield, and Cable
Shield, Usb Cable
A4988 with Heat
A4988 with Sink,
A4988 with 12864
A4988 with Smart
A4988 with Lcd
A4988 with and
A4988 with Usb
A4988 with Cable
A4988 Heat Sink,
A4988 Heat 12864
A4988 Heat Smart
A4988 Heat Lcd
A4988 Heat and
A4988 Heat Usb
A4988 Heat Cable
A4988 Sink, 12864
A4988 Sink, Smart
A4988 Sink, Lcd
A4988 Sink, and
A4988 Sink, Usb
A4988 Sink, Cable
A4988 12864 Smart
A4988 12864 Lcd
A4988 12864 and
A4988 12864 Usb
A4988 12864 Cable
A4988 Smart Lcd
A4988 Smart and
A4988 Smart Usb
A4988 Smart Cable
A4988 Lcd and
A4988 Lcd Usb
A4988 Lcd Cable
A4988 and Usb
A4988 and Cable
A4988 Usb Cable
with Heat Sink,
with Heat 12864
with Heat Smart
with Heat Lcd
with Heat and
with Heat Usb
with Heat Cable
with Sink, 12864
with Sink, Smart
with Sink, Lcd
with Sink, and
with Sink, Usb
with Sink, Cable
with 12864 Smart
with 12864 Lcd
with 12864 and
with 12864 Usb
with 12864 Cable
with Smart Lcd
with Smart and
with Smart Usb
with Smart Cable
with Lcd and
with Lcd Usb
with Lcd Cable
with and Usb
with and Cable
with Usb Cable
Heat Sink, 12864
Heat Sink, Smart
Heat Sink, Lcd
Heat Sink, and
Heat Sink, Usb
Heat Sink, Cable
Heat 12864 Smart
Heat 12864 Lcd
Heat 12864 and
Heat 12864 Usb
Heat 12864 Cable
Heat Smart Lcd
Heat Smart and
Heat Smart Usb
Heat Smart Cable
Heat Lcd and
Heat Lcd Usb
Heat Lcd Cable
Heat and Usb
Heat and Cable
Heat Usb Cable
Sink, 12864 Smart
Sink, 12864 Lcd
Sink, 12864 and
Sink, 12864 Usb
Sink, 12864 Cable
Sink, Smart Lcd
Sink, Smart and
Sink, Smart Usb
Sink, Smart Cable
Sink, Lcd and
Sink, Lcd Usb
Sink, Lcd Cable
Sink, and Usb
Sink, and Cable
Sink, Usb Cable
12864 Smart Lcd
12864 Smart and
12864 Smart Usb
12864 Smart Cable
12864 Lcd and
12864 Lcd Usb
12864 Lcd Cable
12864 and Usb
12864 and Cable
12864 Usb Cable
Smart Lcd and
Smart Lcd Usb
Smart Lcd Cable
Smart and Usb
Smart and Cable
Smart Usb Cable
Lcd and Usb
Lcd and Cable
Lcd Usb Cable
and Usb Cable

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