Regor [4 Port] 5 Amp Wall Charger Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian Plug for Mobiles&Tablets + Free Micro USB Cable

A GAME CHANGER. Introducing, a compact yet fast Wall charger that lets you charge multiple devices simultaneously. Specifications and Features:. 4 USB port. 2.4 Amp per port. BIS certified. Indian Plug. Charge+ Technology that detects devices automatically. Protects against fuse and surges. Small and compact to carry. Charge+ technology delivers high speed charging that is specific to the requirement of your device and charges it at the most optimum speed. All ports provide 2.4A current (max 5A) so that you can insert any device in any port. DOES NOT SUPPORT QUALCOMM QUICK CHARGING on phones like Galaxy S7, S8 & other Qualcomm QC enabled models. Does not support DASH Charging on Oneplus 5T/5/3T/3. Does NOT support USB-PD found on Nexus 5x,6P, Pixel and Pixel 2.

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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Brand Regor
Color Black
  • 4 ports, 5 Amp (25W) USB Wall charger for charging multiple devices together, Minimize waiting time and avoid taking turns on the power outlet.
  • Lightweight and compact makes it a great travel companion, 110-240V input enables you to carry the charger with you anywhere in the world, Compatible with all Indian switch boards, The charger uses Indian pins which fit perfectly in our Indian sockets
  • Over heat, over charge and over voltage protection to protect your devices and you from various electric surges
  • BIS certified which ensures complete peace of mind and follows multiple safety protections, from premium-grade components to strict testing and automatic shutoff
  • 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects only
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 18
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
List Price:Amount 150000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 1,500.00
Manufacturer REGOR
Model REG4P
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 169
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 504
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 33
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 295
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number REG4P
Product Group CE
Publisher REGOR
Studio REGOR
Title Regor [4 Port] 5 Amp Wall Charger Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian Plug for Mobiles&Tablets + Free Micro USB Cable
Warranty 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects only

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Port] Certified/Indian Plug
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5 Charger Mobiles&Tablets
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5 Charger Cable
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5 Free Micro
5 Free USB
5 Free Cable
5 Micro USB
5 Micro Cable
5 USB Cable
Amp Wall Charger
Amp Wall Adapter/BIS
Amp Wall Certified/Indian
Amp Wall Plug
Amp Wall for
Amp Wall Mobiles&Tablets
Amp Wall +
Amp Wall Free
Amp Wall Micro
Amp Wall USB
Amp Wall Cable
Amp Charger Adapter/BIS
Amp Charger Certified/Indian
Amp Charger Plug
Amp Charger for
Amp Charger Mobiles&Tablets
Amp Charger +
Amp Charger Free
Amp Charger Micro
Amp Charger USB
Amp Charger Cable
Amp Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian
Amp Adapter/BIS Plug
Amp Adapter/BIS for
Amp Adapter/BIS Mobiles&Tablets
Amp Adapter/BIS +
Amp Adapter/BIS Free
Amp Adapter/BIS Micro
Amp Adapter/BIS USB
Amp Adapter/BIS Cable
Amp Certified/Indian Plug
Amp Certified/Indian for
Amp Certified/Indian Mobiles&Tablets
Amp Certified/Indian +
Amp Certified/Indian Free
Amp Certified/Indian Micro
Amp Certified/Indian USB
Amp Certified/Indian Cable
Amp Plug for
Amp Plug Mobiles&Tablets
Amp Plug +
Amp Plug Free
Amp Plug Micro
Amp Plug USB
Amp Plug Cable
Amp for Mobiles&Tablets
Amp for +
Amp for Free
Amp for Micro
Amp for USB
Amp for Cable
Amp Mobiles&Tablets +
Amp Mobiles&Tablets Free
Amp Mobiles&Tablets Micro
Amp Mobiles&Tablets USB
Amp Mobiles&Tablets Cable
Amp + Free
Amp + Micro
Amp + USB
Amp + Cable
Amp Free Micro
Amp Free USB
Amp Free Cable
Amp Micro USB
Amp Micro Cable
Amp USB Cable
Wall Charger Adapter/BIS
Wall Charger Certified/Indian
Wall Charger Plug
Wall Charger for
Wall Charger Mobiles&Tablets
Wall Charger +
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Wall Charger USB
Wall Charger Cable
Wall Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian
Wall Adapter/BIS Plug
Wall Adapter/BIS for
Wall Adapter/BIS Mobiles&Tablets
Wall Adapter/BIS +
Wall Adapter/BIS Free
Wall Adapter/BIS Micro
Wall Adapter/BIS USB
Wall Adapter/BIS Cable
Wall Certified/Indian Plug
Wall Certified/Indian for
Wall Certified/Indian Mobiles&Tablets
Wall Certified/Indian +
Wall Certified/Indian Free
Wall Certified/Indian Micro
Wall Certified/Indian USB
Wall Certified/Indian Cable
Wall Plug for
Wall Plug Mobiles&Tablets
Wall Plug +
Wall Plug Free
Wall Plug Micro
Wall Plug USB
Wall Plug Cable
Wall for Mobiles&Tablets
Wall for +
Wall for Free
Wall for Micro
Wall for USB
Wall for Cable
Wall Mobiles&Tablets +
Wall Mobiles&Tablets Free
Wall Mobiles&Tablets Micro
Wall Mobiles&Tablets USB
Wall Mobiles&Tablets Cable
Wall + Free
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Wall + USB
Wall + Cable
Wall Free Micro
Wall Free USB
Wall Free Cable
Wall Micro USB
Wall Micro Cable
Wall USB Cable
Charger Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian
Charger Adapter/BIS Plug
Charger Adapter/BIS for
Charger Adapter/BIS Mobiles&Tablets
Charger Adapter/BIS +
Charger Adapter/BIS Free
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Charger Adapter/BIS Cable
Charger Certified/Indian Plug
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Charger Plug +
Charger Plug Free
Charger Plug Micro
Charger Plug USB
Charger Plug Cable
Charger for Mobiles&Tablets
Charger for +
Charger for Free
Charger for Micro
Charger for USB
Charger for Cable
Charger Mobiles&Tablets +
Charger Mobiles&Tablets Free
Charger Mobiles&Tablets Micro
Charger Mobiles&Tablets USB
Charger Mobiles&Tablets Cable
Charger + Free
Charger + Micro
Charger + USB
Charger + Cable
Charger Free Micro
Charger Free USB
Charger Free Cable
Charger Micro USB
Charger Micro Cable
Charger USB Cable
Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian Plug
Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian for
Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian Mobiles&Tablets
Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian +
Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian Free
Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian Micro
Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian USB
Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian Cable
Adapter/BIS Plug for
Adapter/BIS Plug Mobiles&Tablets
Adapter/BIS Plug +
Adapter/BIS Plug Free
Adapter/BIS Plug Micro
Adapter/BIS Plug USB
Adapter/BIS Plug Cable
Adapter/BIS for Mobiles&Tablets
Adapter/BIS for +
Adapter/BIS for Free
Adapter/BIS for Micro
Adapter/BIS for USB
Adapter/BIS for Cable
Adapter/BIS Mobiles&Tablets +
Adapter/BIS Mobiles&Tablets Free
Adapter/BIS Mobiles&Tablets Micro
Adapter/BIS Mobiles&Tablets USB
Adapter/BIS Mobiles&Tablets Cable
Adapter/BIS + Free
Adapter/BIS + Micro
Adapter/BIS + USB
Adapter/BIS + Cable
Adapter/BIS Free Micro
Adapter/BIS Free USB
Adapter/BIS Free Cable
Adapter/BIS Micro USB
Adapter/BIS Micro Cable
Adapter/BIS USB Cable
Certified/Indian Plug for
Certified/Indian Plug Mobiles&Tablets
Certified/Indian Plug +
Certified/Indian Plug Free
Certified/Indian Plug Micro
Certified/Indian Plug USB
Certified/Indian Plug Cable
Certified/Indian for Mobiles&Tablets
Certified/Indian for +
Certified/Indian for Free
Certified/Indian for Micro
Certified/Indian for USB
Certified/Indian for Cable
Certified/Indian Mobiles&Tablets +
Certified/Indian Mobiles&Tablets Free
Certified/Indian Mobiles&Tablets Micro
Certified/Indian Mobiles&Tablets USB
Certified/Indian Mobiles&Tablets Cable
Certified/Indian + Free
Certified/Indian + Micro
Certified/Indian + USB
Certified/Indian + Cable
Certified/Indian Free Micro
Certified/Indian Free USB
Certified/Indian Free Cable
Certified/Indian Micro USB
Certified/Indian Micro Cable
Certified/Indian USB Cable
Plug for Mobiles&Tablets
Plug for +
Plug for Free
Plug for Micro
Plug for USB
Plug for Cable
Plug Mobiles&Tablets +
Plug Mobiles&Tablets Free
Plug Mobiles&Tablets Micro
Plug Mobiles&Tablets USB
Plug Mobiles&Tablets Cable
Plug + Free
Plug + Micro
Plug + USB
Plug + Cable
Plug Free Micro
Plug Free USB
Plug Free Cable
Plug Micro USB
Plug Micro Cable
Plug USB Cable
for Mobiles&Tablets +
for Mobiles&Tablets Free
for Mobiles&Tablets Micro
for Mobiles&Tablets USB
for Mobiles&Tablets Cable
for + Free
for + Micro
for + USB
for + Cable
for Free Micro
for Free USB
for Free Cable
for Micro USB
for Micro Cable
for USB Cable
Mobiles&Tablets + Free
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Mobiles&Tablets + Cable
Mobiles&Tablets Free Micro
Mobiles&Tablets Free USB
Mobiles&Tablets Free Cable
Mobiles&Tablets Micro USB
Mobiles&Tablets Micro Cable
Mobiles&Tablets USB Cable
+ Free Micro
+ Free USB
+ Free Cable
+ Micro USB
+ Micro Cable
+ USB Cable
Free Micro USB
Free Micro Cable
Free USB Cable
Micro USB Cable

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Regor [4 Port] 5 Amp Wall Charger Adapter/BIS Certified/Indian Plug for Mobiles&Tablets + Free Micro USB Cable Reviews

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