OXY99 Portable Oxygen Cylinder - 6 Pack (36 Liter)

OXY99 OXYGEN Portable Oxygen Can / Cylinder is now available in a revolutionary lightweight Portable packaging using process technology of ING L&A BOSCHI of Italy which is a world leader in oxygen Products (since 1930) Oxygen for personal use comes packaged in a 500 ml OXY99 can comprising of 6 liters of oxygen. Using OXY99 oxygen is 100% effective and there are no side effects of breathing pure oxygen intermittently for a normal person. Think of it like a Vitamin Supplement which restores the oxygen level safely and naturally. ★Breathlessness ★ Use OXY99 for instant recovery from breathlessness or shortness of breath. BREATHE EASY with OXY99 and feel the difference with just a few puffs. ★Headaches and Dizziness★ Shortage of oxygen is a main cause of headaches. Using OXY99 is a safe & Natural way to get rid of headaches and dizziness. ★Air Pollution★ Pollution drastically lowers oxygen Levels in our body. Using OXY99 daily helps protect from the negative effects of pollution by maintaining adequate oxygen flow in the body. ★Energy & Vitality ★ Feel the effects of OXY99 immediately as it helps eliminating fatigue by increasing energy , endurance, stamina and strengthens immunity especially in old people because as we grow older our cells lose the ability to carry oxygen. Have a more active life & increase your natural ability to build red blood cells with OXY99. ★Altitude★ Use OXY99 when visiting high altitude destinations in mountainous areas where the oxygen level in the air is low, as you will feel dizzy and nauseous due to shortage of oxygen. ★Sports & Fitness★ Boost your sporting performance with OXY99 by instantly restoring breath during Running or while playing sports. OXY99 is amazing for recovering between sets at the gym . Professional Athletes use supplemental oxygen.

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Product Specification

Binding Misc.
Brand OXY99
Color multicolour
  • ★OXY99 Pure Oxygen is a Lightweight Portable Can Developed in collaboration with ING. L. & A. Boschi of Italy (Since 1930). Oxygen for personal use comes packaged in a 500 ml OXY99 can comprising of 6 liters of pure natural oxygen. Now the world has got easy access to pure natural oxygen.
  • ★OXY99 Can is fitted with ergonomically Built-In mask and Trigger system for easy use at anytime and carry with you anywhere.
  • ★OXY99 instantly increases oxygen levels in the body and helps restore brain and body functions to normal. It is safe and easy to use oxygen in a can. By using just 5 to 6 short bursts of oxygen, it helps through conditions resulting from low oxygen levels in the body.
  • ★Useful for SPORTS RECOVERY, FATIGUE, BREATHLESSNESS, POLLUTION, HANGOVER, ALTITUDE etc . Helps you recover from breathlessness & suffocation caused by pollution, smoking, stale air, poorly ventilated rooms, high altitude, etc.
Is Autographed 0
Is Memorabilia 0
Label Delhi Cryogenic Products Pvt.Ltd
Legal Disclaimer OXY99® is a registered trademark of India and protected by the Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks, Government of India.

"OXY99® hold the rights of a legal action if required, in case of any intellectual property rights violation are observed.

All products designs, packaging designs, product images and text are protected by various Indian and international patents and copyrights.
List Price:Amount 390000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 3,900.00
Manufacturer Delhi Cryogenic Products Pvt.Ltd
Mpn 0784927150634
Number Of Items 6
Package Quantity 6
Part Number 0784927150634
Product Group Sports
Product Type Name SPORTING_GOODS
Publisher Delhi Cryogenic Products Pvt.Ltd
Studio Delhi Cryogenic Products Pvt.Ltd
Title OXY99 Portable Oxygen Cylinder - 6 Pack (36 Liter)

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