Onroad Co. Reusable Anti Pollution Mask with N95 Grade Filter, New Gris Series - Large (Ideal for 60-90 kg weight range)

At Onroad Co. we believe that stepping outdoors should not come with a compromise. With increasing levels of dust, PM 2.5 and micro pollutants in the air, we intend to introduce products that not only will protect you from pollution but will also make you look radiant and stylish. Proudly assembled and manufactured in India, Onroad Co.'s masks bring practicality to protection!. The anti-Pollution masks come in various colours and sizes providing you the best fit. Carefully tested on TSI laboratory equipment, this mask boasts a N95 filter media filtering upto 95% of PM 2.5 pollutants. Rich air circulation due to the dual exhale valve mechanism is a standard feature across all our air pollution masks. Onroad Co. anti-pollution masks combine style and functionality.

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Product Specification

Binding Personal Care
Brand Onroad Co.
Color Black black
  • Proudly Made in India | Protects from Dust/PM 2.5/ Pollen/ Allergens
  • Dual Breathing Valves prevent moisture from building up inside the mask
  • Laboratory Tested N95 filter media | Ear loop adjusters for ensuring the best fit
  • Comes with an easy to carry Mask Bag for keeping it clean
  • The mask is re-usable and washable
Label Vinera Enterprises LLP
List Price:Amount 49900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 499.00
Manufacturer Vinera Enterprises LLP
Model OC_Gris1_Large
Mpn OC_Gris1_Large
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 75 83
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 736 732
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 15 13
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 724 693
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number OC_Gris1_Large
Product Group Health and Beauty BISS
Publisher Vinera Enterprises LLP
Size Large
Studio Vinera Enterprises LLP
Title Onroad Co. Reusable Anti Pollution Mask with N95 Grade Filter, New Gris Series - Large (Ideal for 60-90 kg weight range)

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Anti Series weight
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Anti - (Ideal
Anti - for
Anti - 60-90
Anti - kg
Anti - weight
Anti - range)
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Anti Large for
Anti Large 60-90
Anti Large kg
Anti Large weight
Anti Large range)
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Anti (Ideal 60-90
Anti (Ideal kg
Anti (Ideal weight
Anti (Ideal range)
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Anti for kg
Anti for weight
Anti for range)
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Anti 60-90 weight
Anti 60-90 range)
Anti kg weight
Anti kg range)
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Pollution Mask with
Pollution Mask N95
Pollution Mask Grade
Pollution Mask Filter,
Pollution Mask New
Pollution Mask Gris
Pollution Mask Series
Pollution Mask -
Pollution Mask Large
Pollution Mask (Ideal
Pollution Mask for
Pollution Mask 60-90
Pollution Mask kg
Pollution Mask weight
Pollution Mask range)
Pollution with N95
Pollution with Grade
Pollution with Filter,
Pollution with New
Pollution with Gris
Pollution with Series
Pollution with -
Pollution with Large
Pollution with (Ideal
Pollution with for
Pollution with 60-90
Pollution with kg
Pollution with weight
Pollution with range)
Pollution N95 Grade
Pollution N95 Filter,
Pollution N95 New
Pollution N95 Gris
Pollution N95 Series
Pollution N95 -
Pollution N95 Large
Pollution N95 (Ideal
Pollution N95 for
Pollution N95 60-90
Pollution N95 kg
Pollution N95 weight
Pollution N95 range)
Pollution Grade Filter,
Pollution Grade New
Pollution Grade Gris
Pollution Grade Series
Pollution Grade -
Pollution Grade Large
Pollution Grade (Ideal
Pollution Grade for
Pollution Grade 60-90
Pollution Grade kg
Pollution Grade weight
Pollution Grade range)
Pollution Filter, New
Pollution Filter, Gris
Pollution Filter, Series
Pollution Filter, -
Pollution Filter, Large
Pollution Filter, (Ideal
Pollution Filter, for
Pollution Filter, 60-90
Pollution Filter, kg
Pollution Filter, weight
Pollution Filter, range)
Pollution New Gris
Pollution New Series
Pollution New -
Pollution New Large
Pollution New (Ideal
Pollution New for
Pollution New 60-90
Pollution New kg
Pollution New weight
Pollution New range)
Pollution Gris Series
Pollution Gris -
Pollution Gris Large
Pollution Gris (Ideal
Pollution Gris for
Pollution Gris 60-90
Pollution Gris kg
Pollution Gris weight
Pollution Gris range)
Pollution Series -
Pollution Series Large
Pollution Series (Ideal
Pollution Series for
Pollution Series 60-90
Pollution Series kg
Pollution Series weight
Pollution Series range)
Pollution - Large
Pollution - (Ideal
Pollution - for
Pollution - 60-90
Pollution - kg
Pollution - weight
Pollution - range)
Pollution Large (Ideal
Pollution Large for
Pollution Large 60-90
Pollution Large kg
Pollution Large weight
Pollution Large range)
Pollution (Ideal for
Pollution (Ideal 60-90
Pollution (Ideal kg
Pollution (Ideal weight
Pollution (Ideal range)
Pollution for 60-90
Pollution for kg
Pollution for weight
Pollution for range)
Pollution 60-90 kg
Pollution 60-90 weight
Pollution 60-90 range)
Pollution kg weight
Pollution kg range)
Pollution weight range)
Mask with N95
Mask with Grade
Mask with Filter,
Mask with New
Mask with Gris
Mask with Series
Mask with -
Mask with Large
Mask with (Ideal
Mask with for
Mask with 60-90
Mask with kg
Mask with weight
Mask with range)
Mask N95 Grade
Mask N95 Filter,
Mask N95 New
Mask N95 Gris
Mask N95 Series
Mask N95 -
Mask N95 Large
Mask N95 (Ideal
Mask N95 for
Mask N95 60-90
Mask N95 kg
Mask N95 weight
Mask N95 range)
Mask Grade Filter,
Mask Grade New
Mask Grade Gris
Mask Grade Series
Mask Grade -
Mask Grade Large
Mask Grade (Ideal
Mask Grade for
Mask Grade 60-90
Mask Grade kg
Mask Grade weight
Mask Grade range)
Mask Filter, New
Mask Filter, Gris
Mask Filter, Series
Mask Filter, -
Mask Filter, Large
Mask Filter, (Ideal
Mask Filter, for
Mask Filter, 60-90
Mask Filter, kg
Mask Filter, weight
Mask Filter, range)
Mask New Gris
Mask New Series
Mask New -
Mask New Large
Mask New (Ideal
Mask New for
Mask New 60-90
Mask New kg
Mask New weight
Mask New range)
Mask Gris Series
Mask Gris -
Mask Gris Large
Mask Gris (Ideal
Mask Gris for
Mask Gris 60-90
Mask Gris kg
Mask Gris weight
Mask Gris range)
Mask Series -
Mask Series Large
Mask Series (Ideal
Mask Series for
Mask Series 60-90
Mask Series kg
Mask Series weight
Mask Series range)
Mask - Large
Mask - (Ideal
Mask - for
Mask - 60-90
Mask - kg
Mask - weight
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Mask Large (Ideal
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Mask Large 60-90
Mask Large kg
Mask Large weight
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Mask (Ideal for
Mask (Ideal 60-90
Mask (Ideal kg
Mask (Ideal weight
Mask (Ideal range)
Mask for 60-90
Mask for kg
Mask for weight
Mask for range)
Mask 60-90 kg
Mask 60-90 weight
Mask 60-90 range)
Mask kg weight
Mask kg range)
Mask weight range)
with N95 Grade
with N95 Filter,
with N95 New
with N95 Gris
with N95 Series
with N95 -
with N95 Large
with N95 (Ideal
with N95 for
with N95 60-90
with N95 kg
with N95 weight
with N95 range)
with Grade Filter,
with Grade New
with Grade Gris
with Grade Series
with Grade -
with Grade Large
with Grade (Ideal
with Grade for
with Grade 60-90
with Grade kg
with Grade weight
with Grade range)
with Filter, New
with Filter, Gris
with Filter, Series
with Filter, -
with Filter, Large
with Filter, (Ideal
with Filter, for
with Filter, 60-90
with Filter, kg
with Filter, weight
with Filter, range)
with New Gris
with New Series
with New -
with New Large
with New (Ideal
with New for
with New 60-90
with New kg
with New weight
with New range)
with Gris Series
with Gris -
with Gris Large
with Gris (Ideal
with Gris for
with Gris 60-90
with Gris kg
with Gris weight
with Gris range)
with Series -
with Series Large
with Series (Ideal
with Series for
with Series 60-90
with Series kg
with Series weight
with Series range)
with - Large
with - (Ideal
with - for
with - 60-90
with - kg
with - weight
with - range)
with Large (Ideal
with Large for
with Large 60-90
with Large kg
with Large weight
with Large range)
with (Ideal for
with (Ideal 60-90
with (Ideal kg
with (Ideal weight
with (Ideal range)
with for 60-90
with for kg
with for weight
with for range)
with 60-90 kg
with 60-90 weight
with 60-90 range)
with kg weight
with kg range)
with weight range)
N95 Grade Filter,
N95 Grade New
N95 Grade Gris
N95 Grade Series
N95 Grade -
N95 Grade Large
N95 Grade (Ideal
N95 Grade for
N95 Grade 60-90
N95 Grade kg
N95 Grade weight
N95 Grade range)
N95 Filter, New
N95 Filter, Gris
N95 Filter, Series
N95 Filter, -
N95 Filter, Large
N95 Filter, (Ideal
N95 Filter, for
N95 Filter, 60-90
N95 Filter, kg
N95 Filter, weight
N95 Filter, range)
N95 New Gris
N95 New Series
N95 New -
N95 New Large
N95 New (Ideal
N95 New for
N95 New 60-90
N95 New kg
N95 New weight
N95 New range)
N95 Gris Series
N95 Gris -
N95 Gris Large
N95 Gris (Ideal
N95 Gris for
N95 Gris 60-90
N95 Gris kg
N95 Gris weight
N95 Gris range)
N95 Series -
N95 Series Large
N95 Series (Ideal
N95 Series for
N95 Series 60-90
N95 Series kg
N95 Series weight
N95 Series range)
N95 - Large
N95 - (Ideal
N95 - for
N95 - 60-90
N95 - kg
N95 - weight
N95 - range)
N95 Large (Ideal
N95 Large for
N95 Large 60-90
N95 Large kg
N95 Large weight
N95 Large range)
N95 (Ideal for
N95 (Ideal 60-90
N95 (Ideal kg
N95 (Ideal weight
N95 (Ideal range)
N95 for 60-90
N95 for kg
N95 for weight
N95 for range)
N95 60-90 kg
N95 60-90 weight
N95 60-90 range)
N95 kg weight
N95 kg range)
N95 weight range)
Grade Filter, New
Grade Filter, Gris
Grade Filter, Series
Grade Filter, -
Grade Filter, Large
Grade Filter, (Ideal
Grade Filter, for
Grade Filter, 60-90
Grade Filter, kg
Grade Filter, weight
Grade Filter, range)
Grade New Gris
Grade New Series
Grade New -
Grade New Large
Grade New (Ideal
Grade New for
Grade New 60-90
Grade New kg
Grade New weight
Grade New range)
Grade Gris Series
Grade Gris -
Grade Gris Large
Grade Gris (Ideal
Grade Gris for
Grade Gris 60-90
Grade Gris kg
Grade Gris weight
Grade Gris range)
Grade Series -
Grade Series Large
Grade Series (Ideal
Grade Series for
Grade Series 60-90
Grade Series kg
Grade Series weight
Grade Series range)
Grade - Large
Grade - (Ideal
Grade - for
Grade - 60-90
Grade - kg
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Grade 60-90 kg
Grade 60-90 weight
Grade 60-90 range)
Grade kg weight
Grade kg range)
Grade weight range)
Filter, New Gris
Filter, New Series
Filter, New -
Filter, New Large
Filter, New (Ideal
Filter, New for
Filter, New 60-90
Filter, New kg
Filter, New weight
Filter, New range)
Filter, Gris Series
Filter, Gris -
Filter, Gris Large
Filter, Gris (Ideal
Filter, Gris for
Filter, Gris 60-90
Filter, Gris kg
Filter, Gris weight
Filter, Gris range)
Filter, Series -
Filter, Series Large
Filter, Series (Ideal
Filter, Series for
Filter, Series 60-90
Filter, Series kg
Filter, Series weight
Filter, Series range)
Filter, - Large
Filter, - (Ideal
Filter, - for
Filter, - 60-90
Filter, - kg
Filter, - weight
Filter, - range)
Filter, Large (Ideal
Filter, Large for
Filter, Large 60-90
Filter, Large kg
Filter, Large weight
Filter, Large range)
Filter, (Ideal for
Filter, (Ideal 60-90
Filter, (Ideal kg
Filter, (Ideal weight
Filter, (Ideal range)
Filter, for 60-90
Filter, for kg
Filter, for weight
Filter, for range)
Filter, 60-90 kg
Filter, 60-90 weight
Filter, 60-90 range)
Filter, kg weight
Filter, kg range)
Filter, weight range)
New Gris Series
New Gris -
New Gris Large
New Gris (Ideal
New Gris for
New Gris 60-90
New Gris kg
New Gris weight
New Gris range)
New Series -
New Series Large
New Series (Ideal
New Series for
New Series 60-90
New Series kg
New Series weight
New Series range)
New - Large
New - (Ideal
New - for
New - 60-90
New - kg
New - weight
New - range)
New Large (Ideal
New Large for
New Large 60-90
New Large kg
New Large weight
New Large range)
New (Ideal for
New (Ideal 60-90
New (Ideal kg
New (Ideal weight
New (Ideal range)
New for 60-90
New for kg
New for weight
New for range)
New 60-90 kg
New 60-90 weight
New 60-90 range)
New kg weight
New kg range)
New weight range)
Gris Series -
Gris Series Large
Gris Series (Ideal
Gris Series for
Gris Series 60-90
Gris Series kg
Gris Series weight
Gris Series range)
Gris - Large
Gris - (Ideal
Gris - for
Gris - 60-90
Gris - kg
Gris - weight
Gris - range)
Gris Large (Ideal
Gris Large for
Gris Large 60-90
Gris Large kg
Gris Large weight
Gris Large range)
Gris (Ideal for
Gris (Ideal 60-90
Gris (Ideal kg
Gris (Ideal weight
Gris (Ideal range)
Gris for 60-90
Gris for kg
Gris for weight
Gris for range)
Gris 60-90 kg
Gris 60-90 weight
Gris 60-90 range)
Gris kg weight
Gris kg range)
Gris weight range)
Series - Large
Series - (Ideal
Series - for
Series - 60-90
Series - kg
Series - weight
Series - range)
Series Large (Ideal
Series Large for
Series Large 60-90
Series Large kg
Series Large weight
Series Large range)
Series (Ideal for
Series (Ideal 60-90
Series (Ideal kg
Series (Ideal weight
Series (Ideal range)
Series for 60-90
Series for kg
Series for weight
Series for range)
Series 60-90 kg
Series 60-90 weight
Series 60-90 range)
Series kg weight
Series kg range)
Series weight range)
- Large (Ideal
- Large for
- Large 60-90
- Large kg
- Large weight
- Large range)
- (Ideal for
- (Ideal 60-90
- (Ideal kg
- (Ideal weight
- (Ideal range)
- for 60-90
- for kg
- for weight
- for range)
- 60-90 kg
- 60-90 weight
- 60-90 range)
- kg weight
- kg range)
- weight range)
Large (Ideal for
Large (Ideal 60-90
Large (Ideal kg
Large (Ideal weight
Large (Ideal range)
Large for 60-90
Large for kg
Large for weight
Large for range)
Large 60-90 kg
Large 60-90 weight
Large 60-90 range)
Large kg weight
Large kg range)
Large weight range)
(Ideal for 60-90
(Ideal for kg
(Ideal for weight
(Ideal for range)
(Ideal 60-90 kg
(Ideal 60-90 weight
(Ideal 60-90 range)
(Ideal kg weight
(Ideal kg range)
(Ideal weight range)
for 60-90 kg
for 60-90 weight
for 60-90 range)
for kg weight
for kg range)
for weight range)
60-90 kg weight
60-90 kg range)
60-90 weight range)
kg weight range)

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