Neoprene Sport Eyewear Glasses Neck Strap Cord Retainer Band Strap Lanyard
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Neoprene Sport Eyewear Glasses Neck Strap Cord Retainer Band Strap Lanyard

Ureka Neoprene eyeglasses neck strap EXPLORE MORE - Enjoy your next BIG Adventure and do what YOU want without having toworry about catching your Sunglasses or Glasses. Your Pair of Straps · Fits all standard Sunglasses/Glasses · FAST DRYING - Time for the Beach or a Weekend Fishing Trip! · Washable- Hand wash with mild detergent then air dry. · Premium material to keep a tight grip on your glasses or sunglasses · Available in Four fun colors to fit your STYLE

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Product Specification

Binding Apparel
Brand Ureka
Department Unisex
  • STAY STRAPPED - Never lose a pair of sunglasses again. Ureka Premium Sunglass Straps will fit securely around the ends of your sunglasses, and keep them on your face. It's inexpensive insurance for your expensive sunglasses. Ureka sunglass holder straps hang comfortably on your chest instead of tightly around your neck. The stretchy Neoprene straps will fit most sunglass frames.
  • UNIQUE DESIGNS - Choose a style or two that fits your lifestyle, personality, or occasion. Whether you're feeling patriotic, fishing, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, hunting, going to a concert, or attending a Luau, we've got you covered. The soft Neoprene material compliments the sunglass holder strap colors and patterns that will have friends asking "Where'd you get those?"
  • SOFT - We've sought out the softest, most comfortable material for our Ureka eyewear retainer. The premium Neoprene material is comfy, water proof, and stain resistant. Ureka Premium Sunglass Straps won't irritate your temple or areas around your ear. You will forget they're even there!
  • DURABLE - Our eyeglass straps have been battle tested in various locations like the oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, and forests. Whether its wet, hailing, snowing, windy, or high heat conditions, Ureka sunglass straps can withstand all the elements. They are built to last and won't fade or fall apart. We use them every day!
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We absolutely stand by our products. If you're not satisfied with your Ureka glasses strap, go ahead and send it back.
Is Adult Product 0
Label Ureka
Manufacturer Ureka
Mpn ns01
Part Number ns01
Product Group Apparel
Product Type Name ACCESSORY
Publisher Ureka
Size 410*20*2.5 mm
Studio Ureka
Title Neoprene Sport Eyewear Glasses Neck Strap Cord Retainer Band Strap Lanyard

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