MYRA® M06 LED Projector with Android Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Native 1200*800, 2800 Lumens Full HD Play 1080P, Support Red & Blue 3D

The best projection distance is 2-4 m with projection size of 50-200 inches, which can make enjoying the best experience observation. LCD panel with optical projection system Ultra High Power LED light source; The Light source module of up to 40-50,000 hours of life. To avoid overheating and prolong its lifespan, we suggest that you can have a rest after 3 ~ 4 hours of use. Projector Size & Distance Light Source:Led Light, Max Resolution:1920*1080, Resolution:Native :1280x800 720P; Support 1080P, Screen Scale:4:3/16:9, Keystone Correction:Manual, Contrast Ratio:1000:1-2000:1 Rich Interface, Support for a variety of External Devices, to connect TV Box, Computer, Laptop, Blu-Ray DVD Player, Camera, Mobile HDD, XBOX/PS, Audio, U disk, KTV , Tablet & Phone, Digital Camera etc. Support 3D: Available red-blue 3D Glasses to watch Red-blue Film source 3D Movies. HD Broadcast , Led cold Light source, Realistic 3D experience.Ground-breaking 3D experience Media Player Support File Formats: Video encoding format: MPEG1 / MPEG2 / MPEG4 / DivX / Xvid Video format: AVI / MOV / VOB / DAT / MPEG / MPG / RM / RMVB format Audio: MP3 / WMA / WAV format image: JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG e-book format: TXT
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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Brand Myra
Color Black
Ean 4206691898179
Ean List:Ean List Element 4206691898179
  • Brightness:-2800 Lumens, Resolution:- Native Resolution:1280 x 800:: Max Resolution: 720P/1080P
  • In-build Android, WIFI, Airplay & Miracast
  • Projection size:- 50 inch - 200 inch, Projection Distance:- 1.85m - 5.8m
  • Input:- HDMI x 2/VGA/USB x 2/TV/AV/3.5mm Audio, RCA Cable
  • Best For Home Cinema, Text Presentation, Education & Office Use
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 772
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Label Myra®
List Price:Amount 2999900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 29,999.00
Manufacturer Myra®
Model Myra M06 Android
Number Of Items 7
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 787
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1339
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 772
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 1102
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Product Group CE
Publisher Myra®
Studio Myra®
Title MYRA® M06 LED Projector with Android Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Native 1200*800, 2800 Lumens Full HD Play 1080P, Support Red & Blue 3D

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M06 LED Projector
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M06 LED 1200*800,
M06 LED 2800
M06 LED Lumens
M06 LED Full
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M06 LED 1080P,
M06 LED Support
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M06 LED Blue
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M06 Projector with
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M06 Projector Wi-Fi,
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M06 Projector Native
M06 Projector 1200*800,
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M06 Projector HD
M06 Projector Play
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M06 Android Red
M06 Android &
M06 Android Blue
M06 Android 3D
M06 Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
M06 Wi-Fi, Native
M06 Wi-Fi, 1200*800,
M06 Wi-Fi, 2800
M06 Wi-Fi, Lumens
M06 Wi-Fi, Full
M06 Wi-Fi, HD
M06 Wi-Fi, Play
M06 Wi-Fi, 1080P,
M06 Wi-Fi, Support
M06 Wi-Fi, Red
M06 Wi-Fi, &
M06 Wi-Fi, Blue
M06 Wi-Fi, 3D
M06 Bluetooth, Native
M06 Bluetooth, 1200*800,
M06 Bluetooth, 2800
M06 Bluetooth, Lumens
M06 Bluetooth, Full
M06 Bluetooth, HD
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M06 Native 1200*800,
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M06 1200*800, Play
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LED Projector Full
LED Projector HD
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LED Projector 1080P,
LED Projector Support
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LED Projector Blue
LED Projector 3D
LED with Android
LED with Wi-Fi,
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LED with 1200*800,
LED with 2800
LED with Lumens
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LED with Support
LED with Red
LED with &
LED with Blue
LED with 3D
LED Android Wi-Fi,
LED Android Bluetooth,
LED Android Native
LED Android 1200*800,
LED Android 2800
LED Android Lumens
LED Android Full
LED Android HD
LED Android Play
LED Android 1080P,
LED Android Support
LED Android Red
LED Android &
LED Android Blue
LED Android 3D
LED Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
LED Wi-Fi, Native
LED Wi-Fi, 1200*800,
LED Wi-Fi, 2800
LED Wi-Fi, Lumens
LED Wi-Fi, Full
LED Wi-Fi, Play
LED Wi-Fi, 1080P,
LED Wi-Fi, Support
LED Wi-Fi, Red
LED Wi-Fi, &
LED Wi-Fi, Blue
LED Wi-Fi, 3D
LED Bluetooth, Native
LED Bluetooth, 1200*800,
LED Bluetooth, 2800
LED Bluetooth, Lumens
LED Bluetooth, Full
LED Bluetooth, HD
LED Bluetooth, Play
LED Bluetooth, 1080P,
LED Bluetooth, Support
LED Bluetooth, Red
LED Bluetooth, &
LED Bluetooth, Blue
LED Bluetooth, 3D
LED Native 1200*800,
LED Native 2800
LED Native Lumens
LED Native Full
LED Native HD
LED Native Play
LED Native 1080P,
LED Native Support
LED Native Red
LED Native &
LED Native Blue
LED Native 3D
LED 1200*800, 2800
LED 1200*800, Lumens
LED 1200*800, Full
LED 1200*800, HD
LED 1200*800, Play
LED 1200*800, 1080P,
LED 1200*800, Support
LED 1200*800, Red
LED 1200*800, &
LED 1200*800, Blue
LED 1200*800, 3D
LED 2800 Lumens
LED 2800 Full
LED 2800 HD
LED 2800 Play
LED 2800 1080P,
LED 2800 Support
LED 2800 Red
LED 2800 &
LED 2800 Blue
LED 2800 3D
LED Lumens Full
LED Lumens HD
LED Lumens Play
LED Lumens 1080P,
LED Lumens Support
LED Lumens Red
LED Lumens &
LED Lumens Blue
LED Lumens 3D
LED Full Play
LED Full 1080P,
LED Full Support
LED Full Red
LED Full &
LED Full Blue
LED Full 3D
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LED HD Support
LED Play 1080P,
LED Play Support
LED Play Red
LED Play &
LED Play Blue
LED Play 3D
LED 1080P, Support
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LED 1080P, &
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Projector with Android
Projector with Wi-Fi,
Projector with Bluetooth,
Projector with Native
Projector with 1200*800,
Projector with 2800
Projector with Lumens
Projector with Full
Projector with HD
Projector with Play
Projector with 1080P,
Projector with Support
Projector with Red
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Projector with Blue
Projector with 3D
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Projector Android Native
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Projector Android 2800
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Projector Android Support
Projector Android Red
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Projector Android Blue
Projector Android 3D
Projector Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
Projector Wi-Fi, Native
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Projector Wi-Fi, 2800
Projector Wi-Fi, Lumens
Projector Wi-Fi, Full
Projector Wi-Fi, HD
Projector Wi-Fi, Play
Projector Wi-Fi, 1080P,
Projector Wi-Fi, Support
Projector Wi-Fi, Red
Projector Wi-Fi, &
Projector Wi-Fi, Blue
Projector Wi-Fi, 3D
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Projector Bluetooth, 1200*800,
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Projector Bluetooth, Red
Projector Bluetooth, &
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Projector Native 1200*800,
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Projector Native Play
Projector Native 1080P,
Projector Native Support
Projector Native Red
Projector Native &
Projector Native Blue
Projector Native 3D
Projector 1200*800, 2800
Projector 1200*800, Lumens
Projector 1200*800, Full
Projector 1200*800, HD
Projector 1200*800, Play
Projector 1200*800, 1080P,
Projector 1200*800, Support
Projector 1200*800, Red
Projector 1200*800, &
Projector 1200*800, Blue
Projector 1200*800, 3D
Projector 2800 Lumens
Projector 2800 Full
Projector 2800 HD
Projector 2800 Play
Projector 2800 1080P,
Projector 2800 Support
Projector 2800 Red
Projector 2800 &
Projector 2800 Blue
Projector 2800 3D
Projector Lumens Full
Projector Lumens HD
Projector Lumens Play
Projector Lumens 1080P,
Projector Lumens Support
Projector Lumens Red
Projector Lumens &
Projector Lumens Blue
Projector Lumens 3D
Projector Full HD
Projector Full Play
Projector Full 1080P,
Projector Full Support
Projector Full Red
Projector Full &
Projector Full Blue
Projector Full 3D
Projector HD Play
Projector HD 1080P,
Projector HD Support
Projector HD Red
Projector HD &
Projector HD Blue
Projector HD 3D
Projector Play 1080P,
Projector Play Support
Projector Play Red
Projector Play &
Projector Play Blue
Projector Play 3D
Projector 1080P, Support
Projector 1080P, Red
Projector 1080P, &
Projector 1080P, Blue
Projector 1080P, 3D
Projector Support Red
Projector Support &
Projector Support Blue
Projector Support 3D
Projector Red &
Projector Red Blue
Projector Red 3D
Projector & Blue
Projector & 3D
Projector Blue 3D
with Android Wi-Fi,
with Android Bluetooth,
with Android Native
with Android 1200*800,
with Android 2800
with Android Lumens
with Android Full
with Android HD
with Android Play
with Android 1080P,
with Android Support
with Android Red
with Android &
with Android Blue
with Android 3D
with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
with Wi-Fi, Native
with Wi-Fi, 1200*800,
with Wi-Fi, 2800
with Wi-Fi, Lumens
with Wi-Fi, Full
with Wi-Fi, HD
with Wi-Fi, Play
with Wi-Fi, 1080P,
with Wi-Fi, Support
with Wi-Fi, Red
with Wi-Fi, &
with Wi-Fi, Blue
with Wi-Fi, 3D
with Bluetooth, Native
with Bluetooth, 1200*800,
with Bluetooth, 2800
with Bluetooth, Lumens
with Bluetooth, Full
with Bluetooth, HD
with Bluetooth, Play
with Bluetooth, 1080P,
with Bluetooth, Support
with Bluetooth, Red
with Bluetooth, &
with Bluetooth, Blue
with Bluetooth, 3D
with Native 1200*800,
with Native 2800
with Native Lumens
with Native Full
with Native HD
with Native Play
with Native 1080P,
with Native Support
with Native Red
with Native &
with Native Blue
with Native 3D
with 1200*800, 2800
with 1200*800, Lumens
with 1200*800, Full
with 1200*800, HD
with 1200*800, Play
with 1200*800, 1080P,
with 1200*800, Support
with 1200*800, Red
with 1200*800, &
with 1200*800, Blue
with 1200*800, 3D
with 2800 Lumens
with 2800 Full
with 2800 HD
with 2800 Play
with 2800 1080P,
with 2800 Support
with 2800 Red
with 2800 &
with 2800 Blue
with 2800 3D
with Lumens Full
with Lumens HD
with Lumens Play
with Lumens 1080P,
with Lumens Support
with Lumens Red
with Lumens &
with Lumens Blue
with Lumens 3D
with Full HD
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with Full Red
with Full &
with Full Blue
with Full 3D
with HD Play
with HD 1080P,
with HD Support
with HD Red
with HD &
with HD Blue
with HD 3D
with Play 1080P,
with Play Support
with Play Red
with Play &
with Play Blue
with Play 3D
with 1080P, Support
with 1080P, Red
with 1080P, &
with 1080P, Blue
with 1080P, 3D
with Support Red
with Support &
with Support Blue
with Support 3D
with Red &
with Red Blue
with Red 3D
with & Blue
with & 3D
with Blue 3D
Android Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,
Android Wi-Fi, Native
Android Wi-Fi, 1200*800,
Android Wi-Fi, 2800
Android Wi-Fi, Lumens
Android Wi-Fi, Full
Android Wi-Fi, HD
Android Wi-Fi, Play
Android Wi-Fi, 1080P,
Android Wi-Fi, Support
Android Wi-Fi, Red
Android Wi-Fi, &
Android Wi-Fi, Blue
Android Wi-Fi, 3D
Android Bluetooth, Native
Android Bluetooth, 1200*800,
Android Bluetooth, 2800
Android Bluetooth, Lumens
Android Bluetooth, Full
Android Bluetooth, HD
Android Bluetooth, Play
Android Bluetooth, 1080P,
Android Bluetooth, Support
Android Bluetooth, Red
Android Bluetooth, &
Android Bluetooth, Blue
Android Bluetooth, 3D
Android Native 1200*800,
Android Native 2800
Android Native Lumens
Android Native Full
Android Native HD
Android Native Play
Android Native 1080P,
Android Native Support
Android Native Red
Android Native &
Android Native Blue
Android Native 3D
Android 1200*800, 2800
Android 1200*800, Lumens
Android 1200*800, Full
Android 1200*800, HD
Android 1200*800, Play
Android 1200*800, 1080P,
Android 1200*800, Support
Android 1200*800, Red
Android 1200*800, &
Android 1200*800, Blue
Android 1200*800, 3D
Android 2800 Lumens
Android 2800 Full
Android 2800 HD
Android 2800 Play
Android 2800 1080P,
Android 2800 Support
Android 2800 Red
Android 2800 &
Android 2800 Blue
Android 2800 3D
Android Lumens Full
Android Lumens HD
Android Lumens Play
Android Lumens 1080P,
Android Lumens Support
Android Lumens Red
Android Lumens &
Android Lumens Blue
Android Lumens 3D
Android Full HD
Android Full Play
Android Full 1080P,
Android Full Support
Android Full Red
Android Full &
Android Full Blue
Android Full 3D
Android HD Play
Android HD 1080P,
Android HD Support
Android HD Red
Android HD &
Android HD Blue
Android HD 3D
Android Play 1080P,
Android Play Support
Android Play Red
Android Play &
Android Play Blue
Android Play 3D
Android 1080P, Support
Android 1080P, Red
Android 1080P, &
Android 1080P, Blue
Android 1080P, 3D
Android Support Red
Android Support &
Android Support Blue
Android Support 3D
Android Red &
Android Red Blue
Android Red 3D
Android & Blue
Android & 3D
Android Blue 3D
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Native
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1200*800,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2800
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Lumens
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Full
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HD
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Play
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1080P,
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Support
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Red
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, &
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Blue
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3D
Wi-Fi, Native 1200*800,
Wi-Fi, Native 2800
Wi-Fi, Native Lumens
Wi-Fi, Native Full
Wi-Fi, Native HD
Wi-Fi, Native Play
Wi-Fi, Native 1080P,
Wi-Fi, Native Support
Wi-Fi, Native Red
Wi-Fi, Native &
Wi-Fi, Native Blue
Wi-Fi, Native 3D
Wi-Fi, 1200*800, 2800
Wi-Fi, 1200*800, Lumens
Wi-Fi, 1200*800, Full
Wi-Fi, 1200*800, HD
Wi-Fi, 1200*800, Play
Wi-Fi, 1200*800, 1080P,
Wi-Fi, 1200*800, Support
Wi-Fi, 1200*800, Red
Wi-Fi, 1200*800, &
Wi-Fi, 1200*800, Blue
Wi-Fi, 1200*800, 3D
Wi-Fi, 2800 Lumens
Wi-Fi, 2800 Full
Wi-Fi, 2800 HD
Wi-Fi, 2800 Play
Wi-Fi, 2800 1080P,
Wi-Fi, 2800 Support
Wi-Fi, 2800 Red
Wi-Fi, 2800 &
Wi-Fi, 2800 Blue
Wi-Fi, 2800 3D
Wi-Fi, Lumens Full
Wi-Fi, Lumens HD
Wi-Fi, Lumens Play
Wi-Fi, Lumens 1080P,
Wi-Fi, Lumens Support
Wi-Fi, Lumens Red
Wi-Fi, Lumens &
Wi-Fi, Lumens Blue
Wi-Fi, Lumens 3D
Wi-Fi, Full HD
Wi-Fi, Full Play
Wi-Fi, Full 1080P,
Wi-Fi, Full Support
Wi-Fi, Full Red
Wi-Fi, Full &
Wi-Fi, Full Blue
Wi-Fi, Full 3D
Wi-Fi, HD Play
Wi-Fi, HD 1080P,
Wi-Fi, HD Support
Wi-Fi, HD Red
Wi-Fi, HD &
Wi-Fi, HD Blue
Wi-Fi, HD 3D
Wi-Fi, Play 1080P,
Wi-Fi, Play Support
Wi-Fi, Play Red
Wi-Fi, Play &
Wi-Fi, Play Blue
Wi-Fi, Play 3D
Wi-Fi, 1080P, Support
Wi-Fi, 1080P, Red
Wi-Fi, 1080P, &
Wi-Fi, 1080P, Blue
Wi-Fi, 1080P, 3D
Wi-Fi, Support Red
Wi-Fi, Support &
Wi-Fi, Support Blue
Wi-Fi, Support 3D
Wi-Fi, Red &
Wi-Fi, Red Blue
Wi-Fi, Red 3D
Wi-Fi, & Blue
Wi-Fi, & 3D
Wi-Fi, Blue 3D
Bluetooth, Native 1200*800,
Bluetooth, Native 2800
Bluetooth, Native Lumens
Bluetooth, Native Full
Bluetooth, Native HD
Bluetooth, Native Play
Bluetooth, Native 1080P,
Bluetooth, Native Support
Bluetooth, Native Red
Bluetooth, Native &
Bluetooth, Native Blue
Bluetooth, Native 3D
Bluetooth, 1200*800, 2800
Bluetooth, 1200*800, Lumens
Bluetooth, 1200*800, Full
Bluetooth, 1200*800, HD
Bluetooth, 1200*800, Play
Bluetooth, 1200*800, 1080P,
Bluetooth, 1200*800, Support
Bluetooth, 1200*800, Red
Bluetooth, 1200*800, &
Bluetooth, 1200*800, Blue
Bluetooth, 1200*800, 3D
Bluetooth, 2800 Lumens
Bluetooth, 2800 Full
Bluetooth, 2800 HD
Bluetooth, 2800 Play
Bluetooth, 2800 1080P,
Bluetooth, 2800 Support
Bluetooth, 2800 Red
Bluetooth, 2800 &
Bluetooth, 2800 Blue
Bluetooth, 2800 3D
Bluetooth, Lumens Full
Bluetooth, Lumens HD
Bluetooth, Lumens Play
Bluetooth, Lumens 1080P,
Bluetooth, Lumens Support
Bluetooth, Lumens Red
Bluetooth, Lumens &
Bluetooth, Lumens Blue
Bluetooth, Lumens 3D
Bluetooth, Full HD
Bluetooth, Full Play
Bluetooth, Full 1080P,
Bluetooth, Full Support
Bluetooth, Full Red
Bluetooth, Full &
Bluetooth, Full Blue
Bluetooth, Full 3D
Bluetooth, HD Play
Bluetooth, HD 1080P,
Bluetooth, HD Support
Bluetooth, HD Red
Bluetooth, HD &
Bluetooth, HD Blue
Bluetooth, HD 3D
Bluetooth, Play 1080P,
Bluetooth, Play Support
Bluetooth, Play Red
Bluetooth, Play &
Bluetooth, Play Blue
Bluetooth, Play 3D
Bluetooth, 1080P, Support
Bluetooth, 1080P, Red
Bluetooth, 1080P, &
Bluetooth, 1080P, Blue
Bluetooth, 1080P, 3D
Bluetooth, Support Red
Bluetooth, Support &
Bluetooth, Support Blue
Bluetooth, Support 3D
Bluetooth, Red &
Bluetooth, Red Blue
Bluetooth, Red 3D
Bluetooth, & Blue
Bluetooth, & 3D
Bluetooth, Blue 3D
Native 1200*800, 2800
Native 1200*800, Lumens
Native 1200*800, Full
Native 1200*800, HD
Native 1200*800, Play
Native 1200*800, 1080P,
Native 1200*800, Support
Native 1200*800, Red
Native 1200*800, &
Native 1200*800, Blue
Native 1200*800, 3D
Native 2800 Lumens
Native 2800 Full
Native 2800 HD
Native 2800 Play
Native 2800 1080P,
Native 2800 Support
Native 2800 Red
Native 2800 &
Native 2800 Blue
Native 2800 3D
Native Lumens Full
Native Lumens HD
Native Lumens Play
Native Lumens 1080P,
Native Lumens Support
Native Lumens Red
Native Lumens &
Native Lumens Blue
Native Lumens 3D
Native Full HD
Native Full Play
Native Full 1080P,
Native Full Support
Native Full Red
Native Full &
Native Full Blue
Native Full 3D
Native HD Play
Native HD 1080P,
Native HD Support
Native HD Red
Native HD &
Native HD Blue
Native HD 3D
Native Play 1080P,
Native Play Support
Native Play Red
Native Play &
Native Play Blue
Native Play 3D
Native 1080P, Support
Native 1080P, Red
Native 1080P, &
Native 1080P, Blue
Native 1080P, 3D
Native Support Red
Native Support &
Native Support Blue
Native Support 3D
Native Red &
Native Red Blue
Native Red 3D
Native & Blue
Native & 3D
Native Blue 3D
1200*800, 2800 Lumens
1200*800, 2800 Full
1200*800, 2800 HD
1200*800, 2800 Play
1200*800, 2800 1080P,
1200*800, 2800 Support
1200*800, 2800 Red
1200*800, 2800 &
1200*800, 2800 Blue
1200*800, 2800 3D
1200*800, Lumens Full
1200*800, Lumens HD
1200*800, Lumens Play
1200*800, Lumens 1080P,
1200*800, Lumens Support
1200*800, Lumens Red
1200*800, Lumens &
1200*800, Lumens Blue
1200*800, Lumens 3D
1200*800, Full HD
1200*800, Full Play
1200*800, Full 1080P,
1200*800, Full Support
1200*800, Full Red
1200*800, Full &
1200*800, Full Blue
1200*800, Full 3D
1200*800, HD Play
1200*800, HD 1080P,
1200*800, HD Support
1200*800, HD Red
1200*800, HD &
1200*800, HD Blue
1200*800, HD 3D
1200*800, Play 1080P,
1200*800, Play Support
1200*800, Play Red
1200*800, Play &
1200*800, Play Blue
1200*800, Play 3D
1200*800, 1080P, Support
1200*800, 1080P, Red
1200*800, 1080P, &
1200*800, 1080P, Blue
1200*800, 1080P, 3D
1200*800, Support Red
1200*800, Support &
1200*800, Support Blue
1200*800, Support 3D
1200*800, Red &
1200*800, Red Blue
1200*800, Red 3D
1200*800, & Blue
1200*800, & 3D
1200*800, Blue 3D
2800 Lumens Full
2800 Lumens HD
2800 Lumens Play
2800 Lumens 1080P,
2800 Lumens Support
2800 Lumens Red
2800 Lumens &
2800 Lumens Blue
2800 Lumens 3D
2800 Full HD
2800 Full Play
2800 Full 1080P,
2800 Full Support
2800 Full Red
2800 Full &
2800 Full Blue
2800 Full 3D
2800 HD Play
2800 HD 1080P,
2800 HD Support
2800 HD Red
2800 HD &
2800 HD Blue
2800 HD 3D
2800 Play 1080P,
2800 Play Support
2800 Play Red
2800 Play &
2800 Play Blue
2800 Play 3D
2800 1080P, Support
2800 1080P, Red
2800 1080P, &
2800 1080P, Blue
2800 1080P, 3D
2800 Support Red
2800 Support &
2800 Support Blue
2800 Support 3D
2800 Red &
2800 Red Blue
2800 Red 3D
2800 & Blue
2800 & 3D
2800 Blue 3D
Lumens Full HD
Lumens Full Play
Lumens Full 1080P,
Lumens Full Support
Lumens Full Red
Lumens Full &
Lumens Full Blue
Lumens Full 3D
Lumens HD Play
Lumens HD 1080P,
Lumens HD Support
Lumens HD Red
Lumens HD &
Lumens HD Blue
Lumens HD 3D
Lumens Play 1080P,
Lumens Play Support
Lumens Play Red
Lumens Play &
Lumens Play Blue
Lumens Play 3D
Lumens 1080P, Support
Lumens 1080P, Red
Lumens 1080P, &
Lumens 1080P, Blue
Lumens 1080P, 3D
Lumens Support Red
Lumens Support &
Lumens Support Blue
Lumens Support 3D
Lumens Red &
Lumens Red Blue
Lumens Red 3D
Lumens & Blue
Lumens & 3D
Lumens Blue 3D
Full HD Play
Full HD 1080P,
Full HD Support
Full HD Red
Full HD &
Full HD Blue
Full HD 3D
Full Play 1080P,
Full Play Support
Full Play Red
Full Play &
Full Play Blue
Full Play 3D
Full 1080P, Support
Full 1080P, Red
Full 1080P, &
Full 1080P, Blue
Full 1080P, 3D
Full Support Red
Full Support &
Full Support Blue
Full Support 3D
Full Red &
Full Red Blue
Full Red 3D
Full & Blue
Full & 3D
Full Blue 3D
HD Play 1080P,
HD Play Support
HD Play Red
HD Play &
HD Play Blue
HD Play 3D
HD 1080P, Support
HD 1080P, Red
HD 1080P, &
HD 1080P, Blue
HD 1080P, 3D
HD Support Red
HD Support &
HD Support Blue
HD Support 3D
HD Red &
HD Red Blue
HD Red 3D
HD & Blue
HD & 3D
HD Blue 3D
Play 1080P, Support
Play 1080P, Red
Play 1080P, &
Play 1080P, Blue
Play 1080P, 3D
Play Support Red
Play Support &
Play Support Blue
Play Support 3D
Play Red &
Play Red Blue
Play Red 3D
Play & Blue
Play & 3D
Play Blue 3D
1080P, Support Red
1080P, Support &
1080P, Support Blue
1080P, Support 3D
1080P, Red &
1080P, Red Blue
1080P, Red 3D
1080P, & Blue
1080P, & 3D
1080P, Blue 3D
Support Red &
Support Red Blue
Support Red 3D
Support & Blue
Support & 3D
Support Blue 3D
Red & Blue
Red & 3D
Red Blue 3D
& Blue 3D

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