Product Specification

Binding Kitchen & Home
Brand TheCoolio
Color Green
  • Features ~ Popular solvent resistant glove | Proven durability against solvents, oil, fats and bleaching chemical agents | Premium grade Acrylonitrile Butadiene rubber | Flocklined interior for comfort and easy on-off | Specially formulated for improved dexterity | Minimal finger fatigue | Chlorinated surface | Straight Cuff | Palm & Finger embossed | Diamond pattern Grip |
  • Specifications ~ Size: 9 | 15 Mil Green Colour | Nitrile industrial glove manufactued from Acrylonitrile Butadiene rubber |
  • Quantity ~ One Pair of Midas's Tuff-N-Lite Size 9 V Nitrile Solvent / Oil & Fat / Chemical Resistant Glove.
  • Applications ~ Car and Automotive components assembly and manufacturing, suspension manufacturing, industrial chemical processing, newspaper printing industries, oil refineries, automotive paint shop, lacquer, battery manufacturing, horticulture, pesticides handling, agriculture, laboratory testing, environmental waste clean up, air compressor manufacturing, degreasing, leather tanning, glue manufacturing, janitorial.
  • Note ~ Chemical resistant gloves for use against hydrocarbons including petroleum derivatives | Free of natural rubber proteins | Rinse in clean water after use and wipe dry | To be stored in cool dry place away from sunlight | Do not use with corrosive, toxic and irritant products |
Label Midas Safety Pvt. Ltd.
List Price:Amount 49900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 499.00
Manufacturer Midas Safety Pvt. Ltd.
Model HP-US-03182
Mpn HP-US-03182
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 63
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 819
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 18
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 693
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Part Number HP-US-03182
Product Group Home Improvement
Product Type Name HOME
Publisher Midas Safety Pvt. Ltd.
Size Medium
Studio Midas Safety Pvt. Ltd.
Title Midas Tuff-N-Lite Size 9 V Nitrile Solvent/Oil & Fat/Chemical Resistant Glove - One Pair

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9 Nitrile Solvent/Oil
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9 Nitrile Resistant
9 Nitrile Glove
9 Nitrile -
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9 Solvent/Oil &
9 Solvent/Oil Fat/Chemical
9 Solvent/Oil Resistant
9 Solvent/Oil Glove
9 Solvent/Oil -
9 Solvent/Oil One
9 Solvent/Oil Pair
9 & Fat/Chemical
9 & Resistant
9 & Glove
9 & -
9 & One
9 & Pair
9 Fat/Chemical Resistant
9 Fat/Chemical Glove
9 Fat/Chemical -
9 Fat/Chemical One
9 Fat/Chemical Pair
9 Resistant Glove
9 Resistant -
9 Resistant One
9 Resistant Pair
9 Glove -
9 Glove One
9 Glove Pair
9 - One
9 - Pair
9 One Pair
V Nitrile Solvent/Oil
V Nitrile &
V Nitrile Fat/Chemical
V Nitrile Resistant
V Nitrile Glove
V Nitrile -
V Nitrile One
V Nitrile Pair
V Solvent/Oil &
V Solvent/Oil Fat/Chemical
V Solvent/Oil Resistant
V Solvent/Oil Glove
V Solvent/Oil -
V Solvent/Oil One
V Solvent/Oil Pair
V & Fat/Chemical
V & Resistant
V & Glove
V & -
V & One
V & Pair
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Solvent/Oil & -
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Solvent/Oil Fat/Chemical -
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Solvent/Oil Resistant Glove
Solvent/Oil Resistant -
Solvent/Oil Resistant One
Solvent/Oil Resistant Pair
Solvent/Oil Glove -
Solvent/Oil Glove One
Solvent/Oil Glove Pair
Solvent/Oil - One
Solvent/Oil - Pair
Solvent/Oil One Pair
& Fat/Chemical Resistant
& Fat/Chemical Glove
& Fat/Chemical -
& Fat/Chemical One
& Fat/Chemical Pair
& Resistant Glove
& Resistant -
& Resistant One
& Resistant Pair
& Glove -
& Glove One
& Glove Pair
& - One
& - Pair
& One Pair
Fat/Chemical Resistant Glove
Fat/Chemical Resistant -
Fat/Chemical Resistant One
Fat/Chemical Resistant Pair
Fat/Chemical Glove -
Fat/Chemical Glove One
Fat/Chemical Glove Pair
Fat/Chemical - One
Fat/Chemical - Pair
Fat/Chemical One Pair
Resistant Glove -
Resistant Glove One
Resistant Glove Pair
Resistant - One
Resistant - Pair
Resistant One Pair
Glove - One
Glove - Pair
Glove One Pair
- One Pair

Best Hand & Arm Protection below 0
Best Hand & Arm Protection below 4400
Best Hand & Arm Protection below 8700
Best Hand & Arm Protection below 13100
Best Hand & Arm Protection below 17400
Best Hand & Arm Protection below 21700
Best Hand & Arm Protection below 26100
Best Hand & Arm Protection below 30400
Best Hand & Arm Protection below 34800

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Midas Tuff-N-Lite Size 9 V Nitrile Solvent/Oil & Fat/Chemical Resistant Glove - One Pair Reviews

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