Krupalu Foldable 3 Drawer Fabric Storage Bins Organizer for Home, Kitchen and Office - 1 Pc (Multi Color)

Folding fabric drawer Material: Sturdy non-woven fabric and paperboard Handy cut out handles on front side Keep in the kids room, family room, or any room in the house Fits on the floor, on a closet shelf, bookshelf or desk Drawer fold flat when not in use Dimension :- Small Drawer (L x B x H) 8 X 5.5 X 5 ; Big Drawer (L X B X H) 11 X 8 X 5 (In Inches) The 3 Drawer multi utility storage box will give a contemporary look to your home decor. Useful to store toys and light weight things. Helps prevent your room from mess spread around. Can also be used to stack toys when not in use. Features attractive and pleasant prints.
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Product Specification

Binding Kitchen & Home
Brand Krupalu
Color Multi Color
  • Classify underwear, socks, neck ties, scarves, bras, accessories etc.
  • Reduce your time for dressing
  • Looks great and elegant in household living area, non-woven fabric material
  • Easy to find which one you want to wear
  • Size: 39.20 cm x 25.8 cm x 1.8 cm
List Price:Amount 99900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 999.00
Mpn 3 Drawer Fabric Box
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 183
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 572
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 44
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 496
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number 3 Drawer Fabric Box
Product Group Home
Product Type Name HOME
Size Medium
Title Krupalu Foldable 3 Drawer Fabric Storage Bins Organizer for Home, Kitchen and Office - 1 Pc (Multi Color)

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3 Drawer Fabric
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3 Drawer for
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3 Drawer Color)
3 Fabric Storage
3 Fabric Bins
3 Fabric Organizer
3 Fabric for
3 Fabric Home,
3 Fabric Kitchen
3 Fabric and
3 Fabric Office
3 Fabric -
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3 Fabric Color)
3 Storage Bins
3 Storage Organizer
3 Storage for
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3 Storage Kitchen
3 Storage and
3 Storage Office
3 Storage -
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3 Bins Organizer
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Drawer Bins Organizer
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Drawer Bins Kitchen
Drawer Bins and
Drawer Bins Office
Drawer Bins -
Drawer Bins 1
Drawer Bins Pc
Drawer Bins (Multi
Drawer Bins Color)
Drawer Organizer for
Drawer Organizer Home,
Drawer Organizer Kitchen
Drawer Organizer and
Drawer Organizer Office
Drawer Organizer -
Drawer Organizer 1
Drawer Organizer Pc
Drawer Organizer (Multi
Drawer Organizer Color)
Drawer for Home,
Drawer for Kitchen
Drawer for and
Drawer for Office
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Drawer for Color)
Drawer Home, Kitchen
Drawer Home, and
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Drawer and Office
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Drawer 1 Color)
Drawer Pc (Multi
Drawer Pc Color)
Drawer (Multi Color)
Fabric Storage Bins
Fabric Storage Organizer
Fabric Storage for
Fabric Storage Home,
Fabric Storage Kitchen
Fabric Storage and
Fabric Storage Office
Fabric Storage -
Fabric Storage 1
Fabric Storage Pc
Fabric Storage (Multi
Fabric Storage Color)
Fabric Bins Organizer
Fabric Bins for
Fabric Bins Home,
Fabric Bins Kitchen
Fabric Bins and
Fabric Bins Office
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Storage Bins Kitchen
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Storage Bins Office
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Storage Bins Pc
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Storage Bins Color)
Storage Organizer for
Storage Organizer Home,
Storage Organizer Kitchen
Storage Organizer and
Storage Organizer Office
Storage Organizer -
Storage Organizer 1
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Storage for Home,
Storage for Kitchen
Storage for and
Storage for Office
Storage for -
Storage for 1
Storage for Pc
Storage for (Multi
Storage for Color)
Storage Home, Kitchen
Storage Home, and
Storage Home, Office
Storage Home, -
Storage Home, 1
Storage Home, Pc
Storage Home, (Multi
Storage Home, Color)
Storage Kitchen and
Storage Kitchen Office
Storage Kitchen -
Storage Kitchen 1
Storage Kitchen Pc
Storage Kitchen (Multi
Storage Kitchen Color)
Storage and Office
Storage and -
Storage and 1
Storage and Pc
Storage and (Multi
Storage and Color)
Storage Office -
Storage Office 1
Storage Office Pc
Storage Office (Multi
Storage Office Color)
Storage - 1
Storage - Pc
Storage - (Multi
Storage - Color)
Storage 1 Pc
Storage 1 (Multi
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Storage Pc (Multi
Storage Pc Color)
Storage (Multi Color)
Bins Organizer for
Bins Organizer Home,
Bins Organizer Kitchen
Bins Organizer and
Bins Organizer Office
Bins Organizer -
Bins Organizer 1
Bins Organizer Pc
Bins Organizer (Multi
Bins Organizer Color)
Bins for Home,
Bins for Kitchen
Bins for and
Bins for Office
Bins for -
Bins for 1
Bins for Pc
Bins for (Multi
Bins for Color)
Bins Home, Kitchen
Bins Home, and
Bins Home, Office
Bins Home, -
Bins Home, 1
Bins Home, Pc
Bins Home, (Multi
Bins Home, Color)
Bins Kitchen and
Bins Kitchen Office
Bins Kitchen -
Bins Kitchen 1
Bins Kitchen Pc
Bins Kitchen (Multi
Bins Kitchen Color)
Bins and Office
Bins and -
Bins and 1
Bins and Pc
Bins and (Multi
Bins and Color)
Bins Office -
Bins Office 1
Bins Office Pc
Bins Office (Multi
Bins Office Color)
Bins - 1
Bins - Pc
Bins - (Multi
Bins - Color)
Bins 1 Pc
Bins 1 (Multi
Bins 1 Color)
Bins Pc (Multi
Bins Pc Color)
Bins (Multi Color)
Organizer for Home,
Organizer for Kitchen
Organizer for and
Organizer for Office
Organizer for -
Organizer for 1
Organizer for Pc
Organizer for (Multi
Organizer for Color)
Organizer Home, Kitchen
Organizer Home, and
Organizer Home, Office
Organizer Home, -
Organizer Home, 1
Organizer Home, Pc
Organizer Home, (Multi
Organizer Home, Color)
Organizer Kitchen and
Organizer Kitchen Office
Organizer Kitchen -
Organizer Kitchen 1
Organizer Kitchen Pc
Organizer Kitchen (Multi
Organizer Kitchen Color)
Organizer and Office
Organizer and -
Organizer and 1
Organizer and Pc
Organizer and (Multi
Organizer and Color)
Organizer Office -
Organizer Office 1
Organizer Office Pc
Organizer Office (Multi
Organizer Office Color)
Organizer - 1
Organizer - Pc
Organizer - (Multi
Organizer - Color)
Organizer 1 Pc
Organizer 1 (Multi
Organizer 1 Color)
Organizer Pc (Multi
Organizer Pc Color)
Organizer (Multi Color)
for Home, Kitchen
for Home, and
for Home, Office
for Home, -
for Home, 1
for Home, Pc
for Home, (Multi
for Home, Color)
for Kitchen and
for Kitchen Office
for Kitchen -
for Kitchen 1
for Kitchen Pc
for Kitchen (Multi
for Kitchen Color)
for and Office
for and -
for and 1
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for Office -
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for - 1
for - Pc
for - (Multi
for - Color)
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for Pc (Multi
for Pc Color)
for (Multi Color)
Home, Kitchen and
Home, Kitchen Office
Home, Kitchen -
Home, Kitchen 1
Home, Kitchen Pc
Home, Kitchen (Multi
Home, Kitchen Color)
Home, and Office
Home, and -
Home, and 1
Home, and Pc
Home, and (Multi
Home, and Color)
Home, Office -
Home, Office 1
Home, Office Pc
Home, Office (Multi
Home, Office Color)
Home, - 1
Home, - Pc
Home, - (Multi
Home, - Color)
Home, 1 Pc
Home, 1 (Multi
Home, 1 Color)
Home, Pc (Multi
Home, Pc Color)
Home, (Multi Color)
Kitchen and Office
Kitchen and -
Kitchen and 1
Kitchen and Pc
Kitchen and (Multi
Kitchen and Color)
Kitchen Office -
Kitchen Office 1
Kitchen Office Pc
Kitchen Office (Multi
Kitchen Office Color)
Kitchen - 1
Kitchen - Pc
Kitchen - (Multi
Kitchen - Color)
Kitchen 1 Pc
Kitchen 1 (Multi
Kitchen 1 Color)
Kitchen Pc (Multi
Kitchen Pc Color)
Kitchen (Multi Color)
and Office -
and Office 1
and Office Pc
and Office (Multi
and Office Color)
and - 1
and - Pc
and - (Multi
and - Color)
and 1 Pc
and 1 (Multi
and 1 Color)
and Pc (Multi
and Pc Color)
and (Multi Color)
Office - 1
Office - Pc
Office - (Multi
Office - Color)
Office 1 Pc
Office 1 (Multi
Office 1 Color)
Office Pc (Multi
Office Pc Color)
Office (Multi Color)
- 1 Pc
- 1 (Multi
- 1 Color)
- Pc (Multi
- Pc Color)
- (Multi Color)
1 Pc (Multi
1 Pc Color)
1 (Multi Color)
Pc (Multi Color)

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Krupalu Foldable 3 Drawer Fabric Storage Bins Organizer for Home, Kitchen and Office - 1 Pc (Multi Color) Reviews

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