Irkaja Thread Type Heavy Duty 360-Degree Rotatable Wheels for Chair, Trolley, Furniture etc, Multipurpose Use (Set of 5)

Heavy Duty 360-Degree Wheels for Chair, Trolley, Furnitures etc.

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Product Specification

Brand Irkaja
Catalog Number List:Catalog Number List Element 11497917031
Color Green & Black
Ean 0720444592038
Ean List:Ean List Element 0720444592038
  • Thread 360-Degree Rotatable Wheels
  • For Chair, Trolley, Furnitures etc.
  • Thread Diameter: 3/8 inch, Thread Length: 3/4 inch, Wheel Diameter: 2 inch
  • Material: Metal (Iron) & Polypropylene (PP)
  • In Package: Set of 5
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 99
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Label sarita home accessories
List Price:Amount 59900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 599.00
Manufacturer sarita home accessories
Model IRHDW-S5
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 157
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 591
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 88
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 591
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number IRHDW-S5
Product Group Home Improvement
Publisher sarita home accessories
Studio sarita home accessories
Title Irkaja Thread Type Heavy Duty 360-Degree Rotatable Wheels for Chair, Trolley, Furniture etc, Multipurpose Use (Set of 5)
Upc 720444592038
Upc List:Upc List Element 720444592038

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360-Degree Rotatable Use
360-Degree Rotatable (Set
360-Degree Rotatable of
360-Degree Rotatable 5)
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360-Degree Wheels Chair,
360-Degree Wheels Trolley,
360-Degree Wheels Furniture
360-Degree Wheels etc,
360-Degree Wheels Multipurpose
360-Degree Wheels Use
360-Degree Wheels (Set
360-Degree Wheels of
360-Degree Wheels 5)
360-Degree for Chair,
360-Degree for Trolley,
360-Degree for Furniture
360-Degree for etc,
360-Degree for Multipurpose
360-Degree for Use
360-Degree for (Set
360-Degree for of
360-Degree for 5)
360-Degree Chair, Trolley,
360-Degree Chair, Furniture
360-Degree Chair, etc,
360-Degree Chair, Multipurpose
360-Degree Chair, Use
360-Degree Chair, (Set
360-Degree Chair, of
360-Degree Chair, 5)
360-Degree Trolley, Furniture
360-Degree Trolley, etc,
360-Degree Trolley, Multipurpose
360-Degree Trolley, Use
360-Degree Trolley, (Set
360-Degree Trolley, of
360-Degree Trolley, 5)
360-Degree Furniture etc,
360-Degree Furniture Multipurpose
360-Degree Furniture Use
360-Degree Furniture (Set
360-Degree Furniture of
360-Degree Furniture 5)
360-Degree etc, Multipurpose
360-Degree etc, Use
360-Degree etc, (Set
360-Degree etc, of
360-Degree etc, 5)
360-Degree Multipurpose Use
360-Degree Multipurpose (Set
360-Degree Multipurpose of
360-Degree Multipurpose 5)
360-Degree Use (Set
360-Degree Use of
360-Degree Use 5)
360-Degree (Set of
360-Degree (Set 5)
360-Degree of 5)
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Rotatable Wheels Chair,
Rotatable Wheels Trolley,
Rotatable Wheels Furniture
Rotatable Wheels etc,
Rotatable Wheels Multipurpose
Rotatable Wheels Use
Rotatable Wheels (Set
Rotatable Wheels of
Rotatable Wheels 5)
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Rotatable for Trolley,
Rotatable for Furniture
Rotatable for etc,
Rotatable for Multipurpose
Rotatable for Use
Rotatable for (Set
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Rotatable for 5)
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Rotatable Chair, Furniture
Rotatable Chair, etc,
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Rotatable Trolley, etc,
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Rotatable Furniture 5)
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Rotatable etc, Use
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Rotatable Multipurpose (Set
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Rotatable Use of
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Wheels for Trolley,
Wheels for Furniture
Wheels for etc,
Wheels for Multipurpose
Wheels for Use
Wheels for (Set
Wheels for of
Wheels for 5)
Wheels Chair, Trolley,
Wheels Chair, Furniture
Wheels Chair, etc,
Wheels Chair, Multipurpose
Wheels Chair, Use
Wheels Chair, (Set
Wheels Chair, of
Wheels Chair, 5)
Wheels Trolley, Furniture
Wheels Trolley, etc,
Wheels Trolley, Multipurpose
Wheels Trolley, Use
Wheels Trolley, (Set
Wheels Trolley, of
Wheels Trolley, 5)
Wheels Furniture etc,
Wheels Furniture Multipurpose
Wheels Furniture Use
Wheels Furniture (Set
Wheels Furniture of
Wheels Furniture 5)
Wheels etc, Multipurpose
Wheels etc, Use
Wheels etc, (Set
Wheels etc, of
Wheels etc, 5)
Wheels Multipurpose Use
Wheels Multipurpose (Set
Wheels Multipurpose of
Wheels Multipurpose 5)
Wheels Use (Set
Wheels Use of
Wheels Use 5)
Wheels (Set of
Wheels (Set 5)
Wheels of 5)
for Chair, Trolley,
for Chair, Furniture
for Chair, etc,
for Chair, Multipurpose
for Chair, Use
for Chair, (Set
for Chair, of
for Chair, 5)
for Trolley, Furniture
for Trolley, etc,
for Trolley, Multipurpose
for Trolley, Use
for Trolley, (Set
for Trolley, of
for Trolley, 5)
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for Furniture Use
for Furniture (Set
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Chair, Trolley, Furniture
Chair, Trolley, etc,
Chair, Trolley, Multipurpose
Chair, Trolley, Use
Chair, Trolley, (Set
Chair, Trolley, of
Chair, Trolley, 5)
Chair, Furniture etc,
Chair, Furniture Multipurpose
Chair, Furniture Use
Chair, Furniture (Set
Chair, Furniture of
Chair, Furniture 5)
Chair, etc, Multipurpose
Chair, etc, Use
Chair, etc, (Set
Chair, etc, of
Chair, etc, 5)
Chair, Multipurpose Use
Chair, Multipurpose (Set
Chair, Multipurpose of
Chair, Multipurpose 5)
Chair, Use (Set
Chair, Use of
Chair, Use 5)
Chair, (Set of
Chair, (Set 5)
Chair, of 5)
Trolley, Furniture etc,
Trolley, Furniture Multipurpose
Trolley, Furniture Use
Trolley, Furniture (Set
Trolley, Furniture of
Trolley, Furniture 5)
Trolley, etc, Multipurpose
Trolley, etc, Use
Trolley, etc, (Set
Trolley, etc, of
Trolley, etc, 5)
Trolley, Multipurpose Use
Trolley, Multipurpose (Set
Trolley, Multipurpose of
Trolley, Multipurpose 5)
Trolley, Use (Set
Trolley, Use of
Trolley, Use 5)
Trolley, (Set of
Trolley, (Set 5)
Trolley, of 5)
Furniture etc, Multipurpose
Furniture etc, Use
Furniture etc, (Set
Furniture etc, of
Furniture etc, 5)
Furniture Multipurpose Use
Furniture Multipurpose (Set
Furniture Multipurpose of
Furniture Multipurpose 5)
Furniture Use (Set
Furniture Use of
Furniture Use 5)
Furniture (Set of
Furniture (Set 5)
Furniture of 5)
etc, Multipurpose Use
etc, Multipurpose (Set
etc, Multipurpose of
etc, Multipurpose 5)
etc, Use (Set
etc, Use of
etc, Use 5)
etc, (Set of
etc, (Set 5)
etc, of 5)
Multipurpose Use (Set
Multipurpose Use of
Multipurpose Use 5)
Multipurpose (Set of
Multipurpose (Set 5)
Multipurpose of 5)
Use (Set of
Use (Set 5)
Use of 5)
(Set of 5)

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Irkaja Thread Type Heavy Duty 360-Degree Rotatable Wheels for Chair, Trolley, Furniture etc, Multipurpose Use (Set of 5) Reviews

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