Gjshop Electric Gel Bottle Pouch Massager Hot Water Bag (Multicolour)

Water Gel is permanently sealed in the bag so you never have to refill it you can keep it inside the quilt to heat up the quilt or use on low temperature for massaging body parts Runs on Electricity, no hassles of heating water on gas or heaters. Gives relief from pain and makes you feel comfortable. This portable, rechargeable heating pack helps keep you warm and ease your aches and pains, quickly and easily. Color and Design Assorted as per availability Ideal For: Men, Women's
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Product Specification

Brand Gjshop
Color multicolor
Ean 4374215468983
Ean List:Ean List Element 4374215468983
  • Simple to use and Easy to carry
  • New generation technology, safe and reliable use.
  • Electric rechargeable Hot Water Bag
  • Charge only 6-10 Minutes
  • Heating Effect Last upto 4-6 Hours
Label Gjshop
List Price:Amount 79900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 799.00
Manufacturer Gjshop
Mpn 6546412129
Part Number 6546412129
Product Group Kitchen
Publisher Gjshop
Size standard
Studio Gjshop
Title Gjshop Electric Gel Bottle Pouch Massager Hot Water Bag (Multicolour)

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