FunBlast Multi-Functional Folding Storage Ottoman Box Organizer Cum Stool with Seat Cushion, Toy Storage Boxes for Kids

FunBlast Multi-Functional Folding Storage Ottoman Box Organizer Cum Stool with Seat Cushion, Toy Storage Boxes for Kids

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Product Specification

Brand FunBlast
Manufacturer FunBlast
Binding Baby Product
Product Group Baby Product
  • FUNCTION: This wonderful Fruit storage box is not only responsible for a safe and well organised storage of its content but can also be used as seating, which turns it into a real multifunctional product.
  • QUALITY: Despite its lightweight and flexible material the box offers a high level of stability and is robust and durable at the same time.
  • FRUIT DESIGN: Modern and extremely stylish design, this practical storage box is a true eye catcher. Designed to be used for both adults and kids
  • Made up of hard cardboard. Ideal for kids and adults. Dimension (When Fully Assembled) - 30 CM X 30 CM X 30 CM
  • Perfect Size Storage for games, toys, art & craft supplies, books, clothes, shoes, seasonal items, holiday ornaments, DVDs etc
Color Multicolor Multicolour
Title FunBlast Multi-Functional Folding Storage Ottoman Box Organizer Cum Stool with Seat Cushion, Toy Storage Boxes for Kids
Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Number Of Items 1
This is the price history of this product:
Time Price
04 March, 2022 521.0
01 December, 2020 569.0
19 January, 2022 495.0

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Cum Seat for
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Stool Seat Boxes
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Stool Seat Kids
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Stool Cushion, for
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Stool Toy for
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with Seat Toy
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with Seat Boxes
with Seat for
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Seat Cushion, Kids
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Seat Toy for
Seat Toy Kids
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Seat Storage for
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Cushion, Toy for
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Cushion, Storage for
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FunBlast Multi-Functional Folding Storage Ottoman Box Organizer Cum Stool with Seat Cushion, Toy Storage Boxes for Kids Reviews

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