Fortuner Waterproof Immersion Water Heater 1500w Copper Rod, ISI Marked

Features Maintenance free 1500 watts immersion rod Copper Rod - Power Saver Waterproof ISI Marking for Safety ISI Marking for Quality Normal 3 pin Power Supply - Fits in General power supply board Rated Voltage: 230V AC 1Ph Frequency: 50 Hz Weight: 650 Gm (Approx) Precautions After switching OFF, wait for a minute for the heater to cool down before removing it from the water to avoid risk of burn. When in use, the heater is very hot and should be kept away from children. The heater should not be run dry. (Without water of half immersed), Check the earthing of your power supply is proper and working.
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Product Specification

Color Blue
Ean 8904067709253
Ean List:Ean List Element 8904067709253
  • shock proof: Polymer coated handle for shock protection
  • Water proof: Just dip It in water
  • Submersible in water with ISI rating
  • Manufacturer Warranty of 1 Year
List Price:Amount 29900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 299.00
Manufacturer FORTUNER
Product Group Kitchen
Product Type Name KITCHEN
Publisher FORTUNER
Size 1500w
Title Fortuner Waterproof Immersion Water Heater 1500w Copper Rod, ISI Marked

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