Divinext Alcohol Breath Analyser Tester/Breath-Analyzer. Back Lit Digital LCD Display, 11x7x2.5 cm, Black

About Divinext Alcohol Breath Analyser Tester / Breath-Analyzer. Back Lit Digital LCD Display, 11x7x2.5 cm, Black

Digital breathalyzer, perfect for safe driving. Digital lcd display for easy reading. Displays "caution" when result is within 0.02% - 0.05%,not include 0.05%.Displays "danger" when result equals to or higher than 0.05%.Boot time: 10 s. Displays "off" 10 s after finishing measurement then auto shut off in about 3 s. Measuring countdown: 10 s. Sends out alarm "beep" when time out. With 5 pcs of washable & re-useable mouth piece attachment.


  • Each one supplies with extra 4 mouthpieces.
  • When alcohol content exceed the standard, it will alarm and remind you it might be "dangerous" now, it's very useful for driving after drinking.
  • Except above that, it has a vice function that is also used as a key chain, the equivalent of three products if only you purchase it.
  • There is auto power off function, saving energy and economy.
  • Low voltage indicator help you save much money and make you environmental.
  • Quick response and resume, fully needn't to worry about its professional level to test alcohol, red-colored backlight make the detector display more clearly, even though it is in the night.
  • Its professional level to test alcohol.
  • Use for Breath Alcohol.
  • Public breathalyzers are becoming a method.
  • These are used in pubs, bars, restaurants, charities, weddings and all types of licensed events.


  • Size: 11x7x2.5 cm
  • Color: Black
  • Power requirement: 2 * AAA battery.
  • Package Includes: 1 * (1 pc. Breath-analyzer. 1. pc Instruction Manual 5. pcs Mouth Piece Attachment All packed in a plastic re-useable container.)
  • Instruction:

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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Brand Divinext
Color Black
Ean 0769823139235
Ean List:Ean List Element 0769823139235
  • Operating temperature range: 10-40
  • Digital breathalyzer, perfect for safe driving
  • Digital LCD display for easy reading
  • Attractive pricing
  • Reliable performance
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 154
Item Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Label DI-854
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List Price:Amount 103300
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 1,033.00
Manufacturer DI-854
Model DI-854
Mpn DI-854
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 118
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 614
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 22
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 441
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number DI-854
Product Group Automotive Parts and Accessories
Publisher DI-854
Size 11x7x2.5 cm
Studio DI-854
Title Divinext Alcohol Breath Analyser Tester/Breath-Analyzer. Back Lit Digital LCD Display, 11x7x2.5 cm, Black
Upc 769823139235
Upc List:Upc List Element 769823139235

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