Cocktails & Dreams Stainless Steel Professional Cocktail Bar Set with Built-in Strainer, Jigger, Liquid Pourer and Recipe Book, 24 oz

Stainless steel - unlike many of the cocktails shakers on the market that are made from zinc alloy, your cocktail and dreams cocktail shaker is fashioned from 100% stainless steel. It won't rust, won't weaken at the cap and won't break. We've meticulously made this cooking gadget to serve you for years and decades to come and will last a lifetime of parties. Timeless look - when you first remove this classic drink mixer from its box marvel at the way light dances over the stainless steel handles and glides over the curves of its ergonomic design. Its elegant and compact look easily fits right into your bag or cupboard. Mix drinks and enjoy right away - master all the recipes in your book with this cocktail shaker kit. This set comes with all your supplies ready, a jigger and all the Accessories needed for your home bar. Entertain your family, friends and colleagues with your own recipes of cosmopolitan, mojito, Martini and a whole lot of other exotic drinks. Comes with a ebook containing lots of popular and enjoyable cocktail recipes. Perfect gift item.

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Product Specification

Brand Cocktails & Dreams
Color Silver
Ean 8904279122949
Ean List:Ean List Element 8904279122949
  • ENTERTAIN YOUR FRIENDS - Want to create delicious cocktails for your friends? This is the bartender tool you need. It will allow you to quickly and easily create even the most complex drinks. If you want your friends to be amazed by the drinks you make - you need this cocktail shaker set. You can even use it as a Boston shaker!
  • HIGH-QUALITY - Made from rust-proof stainless steel, this cocktail shaker not only looks fantastic but is built to last. It's guaranteed not to rust, leak or lose its quality over time. It can even be safely cleaned in the dishwasher!
  • GREAT-TASTING DRINKS - If you are an at-home drink enthusiast (or even a professional bartender), this cocktail shaker set is perfect for creating great-tasting drinks. INCLUDES: a built-in strainer, a 24-ounce shaker and a free 1 & ┼ô oz jigger. Y
  • VERSATILE - You can use this cocktail shaker stainless steel model to create drinks made from a wide variety of liquors including: Whiskey, Scotch, Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Rum, Brandy, Sake and more. You can also use any mixers you want. That's why this cocktail shaker is the ultimate bartender tool!
Label Acme
List Price:Amount 99900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 999.00
Manufacturer Acme
Number Of Items 1
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 276
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1024
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 44
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 276
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Package Quantity 1
Part Number SSCSSSF001FEB
Product Group Kitchen
Product Type Name KITCHEN
Publisher Acme
Size Other
Studio Acme
Title Cocktails & Dreams Stainless Steel Professional Cocktail Bar Set with Built-in Strainer, Jigger, Liquid Pourer and Recipe Book, 24 oz

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Steel Professional Set
Steel Professional with
Steel Professional Built-in
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Steel Professional Jigger,
Steel Professional Liquid
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Steel Professional Recipe
Steel Professional Book,
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Steel Professional oz
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Steel Cocktail Set
Steel Cocktail with
Steel Cocktail Built-in
Steel Cocktail Strainer,
Steel Cocktail Jigger,
Steel Cocktail Liquid
Steel Cocktail Pourer
Steel Cocktail and
Steel Cocktail Recipe
Steel Cocktail Book,
Steel Cocktail 24
Steel Cocktail oz
Steel Bar Set
Steel Bar with
Steel Bar Built-in
Steel Bar Strainer,
Steel Bar Jigger,
Steel Bar Liquid
Steel Bar Pourer
Steel Bar and
Steel Bar Recipe
Steel Bar Book,
Steel Bar 24
Steel Bar oz
Steel Set with
Steel Set Built-in
Steel Set Strainer,
Steel Set Jigger,
Steel Set Liquid
Steel Set Pourer
Steel Set and
Steel Set Recipe
Steel Set Book,
Steel Set 24
Steel Set oz
Steel with Built-in
Steel with Strainer,
Steel with Jigger,
Steel with Liquid
Steel with Pourer
Steel with and
Steel with Recipe
Steel with Book,
Steel with 24
Steel with oz
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Steel Built-in Recipe
Steel Built-in Book,
Steel Built-in 24
Steel Built-in oz
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Steel Strainer, Liquid
Steel Strainer, Pourer
Steel Strainer, and
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Steel Strainer, Book,
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Professional Cocktail Bar
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Professional Bar Pourer
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Professional Set Liquid
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Professional Set Recipe
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Professional with Jigger,
Professional with Liquid
Professional with Pourer
Professional with and
Professional with Recipe
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Professional with oz
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Professional Built-in oz
Professional Strainer, Jigger,
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Professional Strainer, Recipe
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Professional Jigger, Pourer
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Professional Jigger, Recipe
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Professional Jigger, oz
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Professional Liquid Recipe
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Cocktail with Liquid
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Cocktail with 24
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Cocktail Built-in Book,
Cocktail Built-in 24
Cocktail Built-in oz
Cocktail Strainer, Jigger,
Cocktail Strainer, Liquid
Cocktail Strainer, Pourer
Cocktail Strainer, and
Cocktail Strainer, Recipe
Cocktail Strainer, Book,
Cocktail Strainer, 24
Cocktail Strainer, oz
Cocktail Jigger, Liquid
Cocktail Jigger, Pourer
Cocktail Jigger, and
Cocktail Jigger, Recipe
Cocktail Jigger, Book,
Cocktail Jigger, 24
Cocktail Jigger, oz
Cocktail Liquid Pourer
Cocktail Liquid and
Cocktail Liquid Recipe
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Cocktail Pourer Recipe
Cocktail Pourer Book,
Cocktail Pourer 24
Cocktail Pourer oz
Cocktail and Recipe
Cocktail and Book,
Cocktail and 24
Cocktail and oz
Cocktail Recipe Book,
Cocktail Recipe 24
Cocktail Recipe oz
Cocktail Book, 24
Cocktail Book, oz
Cocktail 24 oz
Bar Set with
Bar Set Built-in
Bar Set Strainer,
Bar Set Jigger,
Bar Set Liquid
Bar Set Pourer
Bar Set and
Bar Set Recipe
Bar Set Book,
Bar Set 24
Bar Set oz
Bar with Built-in
Bar with Strainer,
Bar with Jigger,
Bar with Liquid
Bar with Pourer
Bar with and
Bar with Recipe
Bar with Book,
Bar with 24
Bar with oz
Bar Built-in Strainer,
Bar Built-in Jigger,
Bar Built-in Liquid
Bar Built-in Pourer
Bar Built-in and
Bar Built-in Recipe
Bar Built-in Book,
Bar Built-in 24
Bar Built-in oz
Bar Strainer, Jigger,
Bar Strainer, Liquid
Bar Strainer, Pourer
Bar Strainer, and
Bar Strainer, Recipe
Bar Strainer, Book,
Bar Strainer, 24
Bar Strainer, oz
Bar Jigger, Liquid
Bar Jigger, Pourer
Bar Jigger, and
Bar Jigger, Recipe
Bar Jigger, Book,
Bar Jigger, 24
Bar Jigger, oz
Bar Liquid Pourer
Bar Liquid and
Bar Liquid Recipe
Bar Liquid Book,
Bar Liquid 24
Bar Liquid oz
Bar Pourer and
Bar Pourer Recipe
Bar Pourer Book,
Bar Pourer 24
Bar Pourer oz
Bar and Recipe
Bar and Book,
Bar and 24
Bar and oz
Bar Recipe Book,
Bar Recipe 24
Bar Recipe oz
Bar Book, 24
Bar Book, oz
Bar 24 oz
Set with Built-in
Set with Strainer,
Set with Jigger,
Set with Liquid
Set with Pourer
Set with and
Set with Recipe
Set with Book,
Set with 24
Set with oz
Set Built-in Strainer,
Set Built-in Jigger,
Set Built-in Liquid
Set Built-in Pourer
Set Built-in and
Set Built-in Recipe
Set Built-in Book,
Set Built-in 24
Set Built-in oz
Set Strainer, Jigger,
Set Strainer, Liquid
Set Strainer, Pourer
Set Strainer, and
Set Strainer, Recipe
Set Strainer, Book,
Set Strainer, 24
Set Strainer, oz
Set Jigger, Liquid
Set Jigger, Pourer
Set Jigger, and
Set Jigger, Recipe
Set Jigger, Book,
Set Jigger, 24
Set Jigger, oz
Set Liquid Pourer
Set Liquid and
Set Liquid Recipe
Set Liquid Book,
Set Liquid 24
Set Liquid oz
Set Pourer and
Set Pourer Recipe
Set Pourer Book,
Set Pourer 24
Set Pourer oz
Set and Recipe
Set and Book,
Set and 24
Set and oz
Set Recipe Book,
Set Recipe 24
Set Recipe oz
Set Book, 24
Set Book, oz
Set 24 oz
with Built-in Strainer,
with Built-in Jigger,
with Built-in Liquid
with Built-in Pourer
with Built-in and
with Built-in Recipe
with Built-in Book,
with Built-in 24
with Built-in oz
with Strainer, Jigger,
with Strainer, Liquid
with Strainer, Pourer
with Strainer, and
with Strainer, Recipe
with Strainer, Book,
with Strainer, 24
with Strainer, oz
with Jigger, Liquid
with Jigger, Pourer
with Jigger, and
with Jigger, Recipe
with Jigger, Book,
with Jigger, 24
with Jigger, oz
with Liquid Pourer
with Liquid and
with Liquid Recipe
with Liquid Book,
with Liquid 24
with Liquid oz
with Pourer and
with Pourer Recipe
with Pourer Book,
with Pourer 24
with Pourer oz
with and Recipe
with and Book,
with and 24
with and oz
with Recipe Book,
with Recipe 24
with Recipe oz
with Book, 24
with Book, oz
with 24 oz
Built-in Strainer, Jigger,
Built-in Strainer, Liquid
Built-in Strainer, Pourer
Built-in Strainer, and
Built-in Strainer, Recipe
Built-in Strainer, Book,
Built-in Strainer, 24
Built-in Strainer, oz
Built-in Jigger, Liquid
Built-in Jigger, Pourer
Built-in Jigger, and
Built-in Jigger, Recipe
Built-in Jigger, Book,
Built-in Jigger, 24
Built-in Jigger, oz
Built-in Liquid Pourer
Built-in Liquid and
Built-in Liquid Recipe
Built-in Liquid Book,
Built-in Liquid 24
Built-in Liquid oz
Built-in Pourer and
Built-in Pourer Recipe
Built-in Pourer Book,
Built-in Pourer 24
Built-in Pourer oz
Built-in and Recipe
Built-in and Book,
Built-in and 24
Built-in and oz
Built-in Recipe Book,
Built-in Recipe 24
Built-in Recipe oz
Built-in Book, 24
Built-in Book, oz
Built-in 24 oz
Strainer, Jigger, Liquid
Strainer, Jigger, Pourer
Strainer, Jigger, and
Strainer, Jigger, Recipe
Strainer, Jigger, Book,
Strainer, Jigger, 24
Strainer, Jigger, oz
Strainer, Liquid Pourer
Strainer, Liquid and
Strainer, Liquid Recipe
Strainer, Liquid Book,
Strainer, Liquid 24
Strainer, Liquid oz
Strainer, Pourer and
Strainer, Pourer Recipe
Strainer, Pourer Book,
Strainer, Pourer 24
Strainer, Pourer oz
Strainer, and Recipe
Strainer, and Book,
Strainer, and 24
Strainer, and oz
Strainer, Recipe Book,
Strainer, Recipe 24
Strainer, Recipe oz
Strainer, Book, 24
Strainer, Book, oz
Strainer, 24 oz
Jigger, Liquid Pourer
Jigger, Liquid and
Jigger, Liquid Recipe
Jigger, Liquid Book,
Jigger, Liquid 24
Jigger, Liquid oz
Jigger, Pourer and
Jigger, Pourer Recipe
Jigger, Pourer Book,
Jigger, Pourer 24
Jigger, Pourer oz
Jigger, and Recipe
Jigger, and Book,
Jigger, and 24
Jigger, and oz
Jigger, Recipe Book,
Jigger, Recipe 24
Jigger, Recipe oz
Jigger, Book, 24
Jigger, Book, oz
Jigger, 24 oz
Liquid Pourer and
Liquid Pourer Recipe
Liquid Pourer Book,
Liquid Pourer 24
Liquid Pourer oz
Liquid and Recipe
Liquid and Book,
Liquid and 24
Liquid and oz
Liquid Recipe Book,
Liquid Recipe 24
Liquid Recipe oz
Liquid Book, 24
Liquid Book, oz
Liquid 24 oz
Pourer and Recipe
Pourer and Book,
Pourer and 24
Pourer and oz
Pourer Recipe Book,
Pourer Recipe 24
Pourer Recipe oz
Pourer Book, 24
Pourer Book, oz
Pourer 24 oz
and Recipe Book,
and Recipe 24
and Recipe oz
and Book, 24
and Book, oz
and 24 oz
Recipe Book, 24
Recipe Book, oz
Recipe 24 oz
Book, 24 oz

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