C&E CNE585734 CL3 Rated Ultra HDMI Cable with Ethernet (Gold)

C&E CNE585734 CL3 Rated Ultra HDMI Cable with Ethernet (Gold)

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Product Specification

Brand C&E
Manufacturer C&E
Binding Electronics
Product Group Electronics
  • 0641489585734
  • 641489585734
  • Quality HDMI cable for 3D TV's with 2.0/1.4a/1.4/1.3c/1.3b devices and supports 3D movies
  • Cable for 1080p also supports 4K x 2K Video and more color spare, high speed band width support 10.2Gbps and above
  • CL3 rated triple shielded heavy duty 30AWG premium grade cable with soft PVC jacket perfect for in-wall installations
  • 24K gold plated with 99.99 percent oxygen free copper conductor (bare copper), flat shell ends are thin enough to hide anywhere on a wall, ceiling, under the rug, carpet or tile without affecting the performance
  • It has an Audio Return Channel (ARC) that combines both the audio and video channel in one cable
  • ROHS and HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliance that ensure consumer safety and safe HDMI connection
  • Fully shielded with 24K golden-plated and metal jacket connector provides the unique quality that maintains strength and durability that protects the cable from disruptions as compared to other cables
Part Number CNE585734
Model CNE585734
Color Gold
Item Dimensions:Height 1.0
Item Dimensions:Length 6.0
Item Dimensions:Weight 0.27
Item Dimensions:Width 4.0
Size 6 Feet
Number Of Items 1
Title C&E CNE585734 CL3 Rated Ultra HDMI Cable with Ethernet (Gold)

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C&E CNE585734 CL3 Rated Ultra HDMI Cable with Ethernet (Gold) Reviews

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