ASPERIA Stainless Steel Kitchen Press for Noodles and Snacks Sev Grater Cookies Maker with 15 Interchangeable Blades (Silver)

  • We understand that a housewife's work should be a delight and the same delight spreads on your snacks. Use the Kitchen Press for Quick Easy and Comfortable snack preparations.
  • Now made different namkeens at home with hygienic and healthy materials. You also can decorate your homemade cakes and pastries easily.
  • ShoppoWorld Kitchen Press persuades you that enjoy everyday Indian snacks in a variety of Fifteen shapes.
  • Manufactured from high quality Stainless steel material. Smart kitchen press is manufactured using durable stainless steel which makes it robust and stable while you use it.
  • The lock system prevents leaks and spillages. Kitchen Press set is strong in construction and will not bend or have dents during normal use.

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Product Specification

Brand Weltime
Color Silver
  • Beautiful Designed, safe and most reliable Kitchen Appliances for Modern Kitchen.
  • Being made of fine quality stainless steel, which ensures durability as well as long lasting use. After every use, you can wash it with normal water or cold water and mild detergent.
  • Handles are specifically designed to provide firm, easy and comfortable grip.
  • Ideal tool for making muruku, chakli, sev, ghatia and more. Convenient design and extremely easy to operate.
  • Choose your Blades from the many options for shape and size.
List Price:Amount 99900
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 999.00
Mpn Kitchen Press
Package Dimensions:Height: Content 224
Package Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Length: Content 1500
Package Dimensions:Length:Units hundredths-inches
Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 441
Package Dimensions:Weight:Units hundredths-pounds
Package Dimensions:Width: Content 1453
Package Dimensions:Width:Units hundredths-inches
Part Number Kitchen Press
Product Group Kitchen
Product Type Name KITCHEN
Size Standard
Title ASPERIA Stainless Steel Kitchen Press for Noodles and Snacks Sev Grater Cookies Maker with 15 Interchangeable Blades (Silver)

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Noodles Snacks Grater
Noodles Snacks Cookies
Noodles Snacks Maker
Noodles Snacks with
Noodles Snacks 15
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Noodles Snacks Blades
Noodles Snacks (Silver)
Noodles Sev Grater
Noodles Sev Cookies
Noodles Sev Maker
Noodles Sev with
Noodles Sev 15
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Noodles Sev Blades
Noodles Sev (Silver)
Noodles Grater Cookies
Noodles Grater Maker
Noodles Grater with
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Noodles Cookies Maker
Noodles Cookies with
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Noodles Maker with
Noodles Maker 15
Noodles Maker Interchangeable
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and Snacks Sev
and Snacks Grater
and Snacks Cookies
and Snacks Maker
and Snacks with
and Snacks 15
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and Sev Grater
and Sev Cookies
and Sev Maker
and Sev with
and Sev 15
and Sev Interchangeable
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and Grater Cookies
and Grater Maker
and Grater with
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Snacks Sev (Silver)
Snacks Grater Cookies
Snacks Grater Maker
Snacks Grater with
Snacks Grater 15
Snacks Grater Interchangeable
Snacks Grater Blades
Snacks Grater (Silver)
Snacks Cookies Maker
Snacks Cookies with
Snacks Cookies 15
Snacks Cookies Interchangeable
Snacks Cookies Blades
Snacks Cookies (Silver)
Snacks Maker with
Snacks Maker 15
Snacks Maker Interchangeable
Snacks Maker Blades
Snacks Maker (Silver)
Snacks with 15
Snacks with Interchangeable
Snacks with Blades
Snacks with (Silver)
Snacks 15 Interchangeable
Snacks 15 Blades
Snacks 15 (Silver)
Snacks Interchangeable Blades
Snacks Interchangeable (Silver)
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Sev Grater Cookies
Sev Grater Maker
Sev Grater with
Sev Grater 15
Sev Grater Interchangeable
Sev Grater Blades
Sev Grater (Silver)
Sev Cookies Maker
Sev Cookies with
Sev Cookies 15
Sev Cookies Interchangeable
Sev Cookies Blades
Sev Cookies (Silver)
Sev Maker with
Sev Maker 15
Sev Maker Interchangeable
Sev Maker Blades
Sev Maker (Silver)
Sev with 15
Sev with Interchangeable
Sev with Blades
Sev with (Silver)
Sev 15 Interchangeable
Sev 15 Blades
Sev 15 (Silver)
Sev Interchangeable Blades
Sev Interchangeable (Silver)
Sev Blades (Silver)
Grater Cookies Maker
Grater Cookies with
Grater Cookies 15
Grater Cookies Interchangeable
Grater Cookies Blades
Grater Cookies (Silver)
Grater Maker with
Grater Maker 15
Grater Maker Interchangeable
Grater Maker Blades
Grater Maker (Silver)
Grater with 15
Grater with Interchangeable
Grater with Blades
Grater with (Silver)
Grater 15 Interchangeable
Grater 15 Blades
Grater 15 (Silver)
Grater Interchangeable Blades
Grater Interchangeable (Silver)
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Cookies Maker with
Cookies Maker 15
Cookies Maker Interchangeable
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Maker with (Silver)
Maker 15 Interchangeable
Maker 15 Blades
Maker 15 (Silver)
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Maker Interchangeable (Silver)
Maker Blades (Silver)
with 15 Interchangeable
with 15 Blades
with 15 (Silver)
with Interchangeable Blades
with Interchangeable (Silver)
with Blades (Silver)
15 Interchangeable Blades
15 Interchangeable (Silver)
15 Blades (Silver)
Interchangeable Blades (Silver)

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ASPERIA Stainless Steel Kitchen Press for Noodles and Snacks Sev Grater Cookies Maker with 15 Interchangeable Blades (Silver) Reviews

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