Apsara Art Jewellery Gold Plated kundan Stone Studded Copper Necklace Choker Set for Girls and Womens (Baji Rao Mastani Choker Set)

Occasion Will Add Luster When Worn For A Wedding, Engagement, Party, Prom And Any Special Occasion. Will Enhance Special Days like All Indian Festivals, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, And Mother'S Day. A Beautiful & Memorable Gift for All Occasions. From the APSARA ART JEWELLERY, Let Shine your inner diva..These Traditional Necklace Set add a hint of raw ethnic beauty to any look. Representing a classic fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and feminine elegance, this set will definitely be a treasured inclusion in every woman's jewelery collection. The gold finish further ensures a long-lasting shine!
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Product Specification

Binding Jewellery
Brand Apsara Art Jewellery
Color Rani green
Department Girls
  • Brand:Apsara Art Jewellery
  • Attractive royal red pearl Superb finishes Smooth edges Contemporary designs"
  • Everything is hand crafted so you are going to love it. QUALITY Made from premium quality material these earrings assure to remain in their original glory even after years of usage.
  • Make all your female friends,girlfriends and relatives go green with envy when you walk into a party or any occasions wearing this unmatched multi colored pearls necklace set. Studded with Pearl & Kundan, this Multi shaded necklace set comes with matching beautiful earrings.
  • Packaging : 1 Necklace set & 1- Pair Earrings,, in box
Label Apsara Art Jewellery
Legal Disclaimer Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings •Jewellery Care: Keep it away from perfumes & sprays •Don't Contact to Water and Perfume
List Price:Amount 350000
List Price:Currency Code INR
List Price:Formatted Price INR 3,500.00
Manufacturer Apsara Art Jewellery
Product Group Jewelry
Publisher Apsara Art Jewellery
Studio Apsara Art Jewellery
Title Apsara Art Jewellery Gold Plated kundan Stone Studded Copper Necklace Choker Set for Girls and Womens (Baji Rao Mastani Choker Set)

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Gold kundan Rao
Gold kundan Mastani
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Gold kundan Set)
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Gold Stone Copper
Gold Stone Necklace
Gold Stone Choker
Gold Stone Set
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Gold Stone Girls
Gold Stone and
Gold Stone Womens
Gold Stone (Baji
Gold Stone Rao
Gold Stone Mastani
Gold Stone Choker
Gold Stone Set)
Gold Studded Copper
Gold Studded Necklace
Gold Studded Choker
Gold Studded Set
Gold Studded for
Gold Studded Girls
Gold Studded and
Gold Studded Womens
Gold Studded (Baji
Gold Studded Rao
Gold Studded Mastani
Gold Studded Choker
Gold Studded Set)
Gold Copper Necklace
Gold Copper Choker
Gold Copper Set
Gold Copper for
Gold Copper Girls
Gold Copper and
Gold Copper Womens
Gold Copper (Baji
Gold Copper Rao
Gold Copper Mastani
Gold Copper Choker
Gold Copper Set)
Gold Necklace Choker
Gold Necklace Set
Gold Necklace for
Gold Necklace Girls
Gold Necklace and
Gold Necklace Womens
Gold Necklace (Baji
Gold Necklace Rao
Gold Necklace Mastani
Gold Necklace Choker
Gold Necklace Set)
Gold Choker Set
Gold Choker for
Gold Choker Girls
Gold Choker and
Gold Choker Womens
Gold Choker (Baji
Gold Choker Rao
Gold Choker Mastani
Gold Choker Choker
Gold Choker Set)
Gold Set for
Gold Set Girls
Gold Set and
Gold Set Womens
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Gold Set Rao
Gold Set Mastani
Gold Set Choker
Gold Set Set)
Gold for Girls
Gold for and
Gold for Womens
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Gold for Rao
Gold for Mastani
Gold for Choker
Gold for Set)
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Gold Girls Womens
Gold Girls (Baji
Gold Girls Rao
Gold Girls Mastani
Gold Girls Choker
Gold Girls Set)
Gold and Womens
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Gold and Mastani
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Plated kundan (Baji
Plated kundan Rao
Plated kundan Mastani
Plated kundan Choker
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Plated Stone Necklace
Plated Stone Choker
Plated Stone Set
Plated Stone for
Plated Stone Girls
Plated Stone and
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Plated Stone (Baji
Plated Stone Rao
Plated Stone Mastani
Plated Stone Choker
Plated Stone Set)
Plated Studded Copper
Plated Studded Necklace
Plated Studded Choker
Plated Studded Set
Plated Studded for
Plated Studded Girls
Plated Studded and
Plated Studded Womens
Plated Studded (Baji
Plated Studded Rao
Plated Studded Mastani
Plated Studded Choker
Plated Studded Set)
Plated Copper Necklace
Plated Copper Choker
Plated Copper Set
Plated Copper for
Plated Copper Girls
Plated Copper and
Plated Copper Womens
Plated Copper (Baji
Plated Copper Rao
Plated Copper Mastani
Plated Copper Choker
Plated Copper Set)
Plated Necklace Choker
Plated Necklace Set
Plated Necklace for
Plated Necklace Girls
Plated Necklace and
Plated Necklace Womens
Plated Necklace (Baji
Plated Necklace Rao
Plated Necklace Mastani
Plated Necklace Choker
Plated Necklace Set)
Plated Choker Set
Plated Choker for
Plated Choker Girls
Plated Choker and
Plated Choker Womens
Plated Choker (Baji
Plated Choker Rao
Plated Choker Mastani
Plated Choker Choker
Plated Choker Set)
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Plated Set Girls
Plated Set and
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Plated Set (Baji
Plated Set Rao
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Plated Womens Mastani
Plated Womens Choker
Plated Womens Set)
Plated (Baji Rao
Plated (Baji Mastani
Plated (Baji Choker
Plated (Baji Set)
Plated Rao Mastani
Plated Rao Choker
Plated Rao Set)
Plated Mastani Choker
Plated Mastani Set)
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kundan Stone Necklace
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kundan Stone (Baji
kundan Stone Rao
kundan Stone Mastani
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kundan Stone Set)
kundan Studded Copper
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kundan Studded Choker
kundan Studded Set
kundan Studded for
kundan Studded Girls
kundan Studded and
kundan Studded Womens
kundan Studded (Baji
kundan Studded Rao
kundan Studded Mastani
kundan Studded Choker
kundan Studded Set)
kundan Copper Necklace
kundan Copper Choker
kundan Copper Set
kundan Copper for
kundan Copper Girls
kundan Copper and
kundan Copper Womens
kundan Copper (Baji
kundan Copper Rao
kundan Copper Mastani
kundan Copper Choker
kundan Copper Set)
kundan Necklace Choker
kundan Necklace Set
kundan Necklace for
kundan Necklace Girls
kundan Necklace and
kundan Necklace Womens
kundan Necklace (Baji
kundan Necklace Rao
kundan Necklace Mastani
kundan Necklace Choker
kundan Necklace Set)
kundan Choker Set
kundan Choker for
kundan Choker Girls
kundan Choker and
kundan Choker Womens
kundan Choker (Baji
kundan Choker Rao
kundan Choker Mastani
kundan Choker Choker
kundan Choker Set)
kundan Set for
kundan Set Girls
kundan Set and
kundan Set Womens
kundan Set (Baji
kundan Set Rao
kundan Set Mastani
kundan Set Choker
kundan Set Set)
kundan for Girls
kundan for and
kundan for Womens
kundan for (Baji
kundan for Rao
kundan for Mastani
kundan for Choker
kundan for Set)
kundan Girls and
kundan Girls Womens
kundan Girls (Baji
kundan Girls Rao
kundan Girls Mastani
kundan Girls Choker
kundan Girls Set)
kundan and Womens
kundan and (Baji
kundan and Rao
kundan and Mastani
kundan and Choker
kundan and Set)
kundan Womens (Baji
kundan Womens Rao
kundan Womens Mastani
kundan Womens Choker
kundan Womens Set)
kundan (Baji Rao
kundan (Baji Mastani
kundan (Baji Choker
kundan (Baji Set)
kundan Rao Mastani
kundan Rao Choker
kundan Rao Set)
kundan Mastani Choker
kundan Mastani Set)
kundan Choker Set)
Stone Studded Copper
Stone Studded Necklace
Stone Studded Choker
Stone Studded Set
Stone Studded for
Stone Studded Girls
Stone Studded and
Stone Studded Womens
Stone Studded (Baji
Stone Studded Rao
Stone Studded Mastani
Stone Studded Choker
Stone Studded Set)
Stone Copper Necklace
Stone Copper Choker
Stone Copper Set
Stone Copper for
Stone Copper Girls
Stone Copper and
Stone Copper Womens
Stone Copper (Baji
Stone Copper Rao
Stone Copper Mastani
Stone Copper Choker
Stone Copper Set)
Stone Necklace Choker
Stone Necklace Set
Stone Necklace for
Stone Necklace Girls
Stone Necklace and
Stone Necklace Womens
Stone Necklace (Baji
Stone Necklace Rao
Stone Necklace Mastani
Stone Necklace Choker
Stone Necklace Set)
Stone Choker Set
Stone Choker for
Stone Choker Girls
Stone Choker and
Stone Choker Womens
Stone Choker (Baji
Stone Choker Rao
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Stone and (Baji
Stone and Rao
Stone and Mastani
Stone and Choker
Stone and Set)
Stone Womens (Baji
Stone Womens Rao
Stone Womens Mastani
Stone Womens Choker
Stone Womens Set)
Stone (Baji Rao
Stone (Baji Mastani
Stone (Baji Choker
Stone (Baji Set)
Stone Rao Mastani
Stone Rao Choker
Stone Rao Set)
Stone Mastani Choker
Stone Mastani Set)
Stone Choker Set)
Studded Copper Necklace
Studded Copper Choker
Studded Copper Set
Studded Copper for
Studded Copper Girls
Studded Copper and
Studded Copper Womens
Studded Copper (Baji
Studded Copper Rao
Studded Copper Mastani
Studded Copper Choker
Studded Copper Set)
Studded Necklace Choker
Studded Necklace Set
Studded Necklace for
Studded Necklace Girls
Studded Necklace and
Studded Necklace Womens
Studded Necklace (Baji
Studded Necklace Rao
Studded Necklace Mastani
Studded Necklace Choker
Studded Necklace Set)
Studded Choker Set
Studded Choker for
Studded Choker Girls
Studded Choker and
Studded Choker Womens
Studded Choker (Baji
Studded Choker Rao
Studded Choker Mastani
Studded Choker Choker
Studded Choker Set)
Studded Set for
Studded Set Girls
Studded Set and
Studded Set Womens
Studded Set (Baji
Studded Set Rao
Studded Set Mastani
Studded Set Choker
Studded Set Set)
Studded for Girls
Studded for and
Studded for Womens
Studded for (Baji
Studded for Rao
Studded for Mastani
Studded for Choker
Studded for Set)
Studded Girls and
Studded Girls Womens
Studded Girls (Baji
Studded Girls Rao
Studded Girls Mastani
Studded Girls Choker
Studded Girls Set)
Studded and Womens
Studded and (Baji
Studded and Rao
Studded and Mastani
Studded and Choker
Studded and Set)
Studded Womens (Baji
Studded Womens Rao
Studded Womens Mastani
Studded Womens Choker
Studded Womens Set)
Studded (Baji Rao
Studded (Baji Mastani
Studded (Baji Choker
Studded (Baji Set)
Studded Rao Mastani
Studded Rao Choker
Studded Rao Set)
Studded Mastani Choker
Studded Mastani Set)
Studded Choker Set)
Copper Necklace Choker
Copper Necklace Set
Copper Necklace for
Copper Necklace Girls
Copper Necklace and
Copper Necklace Womens
Copper Necklace (Baji
Copper Necklace Rao
Copper Necklace Mastani
Copper Necklace Choker
Copper Necklace Set)
Copper Choker Set
Copper Choker for
Copper Choker Girls
Copper Choker and
Copper Choker Womens
Copper Choker (Baji
Copper Choker Rao
Copper Choker Mastani
Copper Choker Choker
Copper Choker Set)
Copper Set for
Copper Set Girls
Copper Set and
Copper Set Womens
Copper Set (Baji
Copper Set Rao
Copper Set Mastani
Copper Set Choker
Copper Set Set)
Copper for Girls
Copper for and
Copper for Womens
Copper for (Baji
Copper for Rao
Copper for Mastani
Copper for Choker
Copper for Set)
Copper Girls and
Copper Girls Womens
Copper Girls (Baji
Copper Girls Rao
Copper Girls Mastani
Copper Girls Choker
Copper Girls Set)
Copper and Womens
Copper and (Baji
Copper and Rao
Copper and Mastani
Copper and Choker
Copper and Set)
Copper Womens (Baji
Copper Womens Rao
Copper Womens Mastani
Copper Womens Choker
Copper Womens Set)
Copper (Baji Rao
Copper (Baji Mastani
Copper (Baji Choker
Copper (Baji Set)
Copper Rao Mastani
Copper Rao Choker
Copper Rao Set)
Copper Mastani Choker
Copper Mastani Set)
Copper Choker Set)
Necklace Choker Set
Necklace Choker for
Necklace Choker Girls
Necklace Choker and
Necklace Choker Womens
Necklace Choker (Baji
Necklace Choker Rao
Necklace Choker Mastani
Necklace Choker Choker
Necklace Choker Set)
Necklace Set for
Necklace Set Girls
Necklace Set and
Necklace Set Womens
Necklace Set (Baji
Necklace Set Rao
Necklace Set Mastani
Necklace Set Choker
Necklace Set Set)
Necklace for Girls
Necklace for and
Necklace for Womens
Necklace for (Baji
Necklace for Rao
Necklace for Mastani
Necklace for Choker
Necklace for Set)
Necklace Girls and
Necklace Girls Womens
Necklace Girls (Baji
Necklace Girls Rao
Necklace Girls Mastani
Necklace Girls Choker
Necklace Girls Set)
Necklace and Womens
Necklace and (Baji
Necklace and Rao
Necklace and Mastani
Necklace and Choker
Necklace and Set)
Necklace Womens (Baji
Necklace Womens Rao
Necklace Womens Mastani
Necklace Womens Choker
Necklace Womens Set)
Necklace (Baji Rao
Necklace (Baji Mastani
Necklace (Baji Choker
Necklace (Baji Set)
Necklace Rao Mastani
Necklace Rao Choker
Necklace Rao Set)
Necklace Mastani Choker
Necklace Mastani Set)
Necklace Choker Set)
Choker Set for
Choker Set Girls
Choker Set and
Choker Set Womens
Choker Set (Baji
Choker Set Rao
Choker Set Mastani
Choker Set Choker
Choker Set Set)
Choker for Girls
Choker for and
Choker for Womens
Choker for (Baji
Choker for Rao
Choker for Mastani
Choker for Choker
Choker for Set)
Choker Girls and
Choker Girls Womens
Choker Girls (Baji
Choker Girls Rao
Choker Girls Mastani
Choker Girls Choker
Choker Girls Set)
Choker and Womens
Choker and (Baji
Choker and Rao
Choker and Mastani
Choker and Choker
Choker and Set)
Choker Womens (Baji
Choker Womens Rao
Choker Womens Mastani
Choker Womens Choker
Choker Womens Set)
Choker (Baji Rao
Choker (Baji Mastani
Choker (Baji Choker
Choker (Baji Set)
Choker Rao Mastani
Choker Rao Choker
Choker Rao Set)
Choker Mastani Choker
Choker Mastani Set)
Choker Choker Set)
Set for Girls
Set for and
Set for Womens
Set for (Baji
Set for Rao
Set for Mastani
Set for Choker
Set for Set)
Set Girls and
Set Girls Womens
Set Girls (Baji
Set Girls Rao
Set Girls Mastani
Set Girls Choker
Set Girls Set)
Set and Womens
Set and (Baji
Set and Rao
Set and Mastani
Set and Choker
Set and Set)
Set Womens (Baji
Set Womens Rao
Set Womens Mastani
Set Womens Choker
Set Womens Set)
Set (Baji Rao
Set (Baji Mastani
Set (Baji Choker
Set (Baji Set)
Set Rao Mastani
Set Rao Choker
Set Rao Set)
Set Mastani Choker
Set Mastani Set)
Set Choker Set)
for Girls and
for Girls Womens
for Girls (Baji
for Girls Rao
for Girls Mastani
for Girls Choker
for Girls Set)
for and Womens
for and (Baji
for and Rao
for and Mastani
for and Choker
for and Set)
for Womens (Baji
for Womens Rao
for Womens Mastani
for Womens Choker
for Womens Set)
for (Baji Rao
for (Baji Mastani
for (Baji Choker
for (Baji Set)
for Rao Mastani
for Rao Choker
for Rao Set)
for Mastani Choker
for Mastani Set)
for Choker Set)
Girls and Womens
Girls and (Baji
Girls and Rao
Girls and Mastani
Girls and Choker
Girls and Set)
Girls Womens (Baji
Girls Womens Rao
Girls Womens Mastani
Girls Womens Choker
Girls Womens Set)
Girls (Baji Rao
Girls (Baji Mastani
Girls (Baji Choker
Girls (Baji Set)
Girls Rao Mastani
Girls Rao Choker
Girls Rao Set)
Girls Mastani Choker
Girls Mastani Set)
Girls Choker Set)
and Womens (Baji
and Womens Rao
and Womens Mastani
and Womens Choker
and Womens Set)
and (Baji Rao
and (Baji Mastani
and (Baji Choker
and (Baji Set)
and Rao Mastani
and Rao Choker
and Rao Set)
and Mastani Choker
and Mastani Set)
and Choker Set)
Womens (Baji Rao
Womens (Baji Mastani
Womens (Baji Choker
Womens (Baji Set)
Womens Rao Mastani
Womens Rao Choker
Womens Rao Set)
Womens Mastani Choker
Womens Mastani Set)
Womens Choker Set)
(Baji Rao Mastani
(Baji Rao Choker
(Baji Rao Set)
(Baji Mastani Choker
(Baji Mastani Set)
(Baji Choker Set)
Rao Mastani Choker
Rao Mastani Set)
Rao Choker Set)
Mastani Choker Set)

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