Aksmit Goggle-Style Anti Scratch, Polycarbonate Glass Face Shield Ak-Gs2791For Toyota Innova (All Year Model),Pack Of 1

Aksmit Goggle-Style Anti Scratch, Polycarbonate Glass Face Shield Ak-Gs2791For Toyota Innova (All Year Model),Pack Of 1

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Product Specification

Brand Aksmit
Manufacturer Aksmit
Binding Misc.
Product Group BISS
  • Made of high quality super clear, lightweight material. The one-piece nose bridge frame design is comfortable to wear without discomfort, and the raised nose attachment allows enough distance between the nose and face to comfortably wear with or without glasses or sunglasses.
  • Perfect for people who work indoors or outdoors, visiting cafes, restaurants, beauty salons and barber stores, dental and medical offices, sports facilities, places of worship, educational facilities, schools, offices, public transportation and other public places
  • The well-designed product outline can even be used as a bicycle windshield, suitable for covering the eyes, nose and mouth, can protect both indoor and outdoor personnel. Full protection of the face from droplets, saliva, splashes, oil and dust.
Part Number AK-GS2791
Model AK-GS2791
Item Dimensions:Height 3.149606296
Item Dimensions:Length 9.842519675
Item Dimensions:Weight 0.2866009406
Item Dimensions:Width 5.905511805
Number Of Items 1
Title Aksmit Goggle-Style Anti Scratch, Polycarbonate Glass Face Shield Ak-Gs2791For Toyota Innova (All Year Model),Pack Of 1
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Time Price
04 March, 2022 376.0
16 January, 2022 564.0

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Anti Glass Shield
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Scratch, Year Of
Scratch, Year 1
Scratch, Model),Pack Of
Scratch, Model),Pack 1
Scratch, Of 1
Polycarbonate Glass Face
Polycarbonate Glass Shield
Polycarbonate Glass Ak-Gs2791For
Polycarbonate Glass Toyota
Polycarbonate Glass Innova
Polycarbonate Glass (All
Polycarbonate Glass Year
Polycarbonate Glass Model),Pack
Polycarbonate Glass Of
Polycarbonate Glass 1
Polycarbonate Face Shield
Polycarbonate Face Ak-Gs2791For
Polycarbonate Face Toyota
Polycarbonate Face Innova
Polycarbonate Face (All
Polycarbonate Face Year
Polycarbonate Face Model),Pack
Polycarbonate Face Of
Polycarbonate Face 1
Polycarbonate Shield Ak-Gs2791For
Polycarbonate Shield Toyota
Polycarbonate Shield Innova
Polycarbonate Shield (All
Polycarbonate Shield Year
Polycarbonate Shield Model),Pack
Polycarbonate Shield Of
Polycarbonate Shield 1
Polycarbonate Ak-Gs2791For Toyota
Polycarbonate Ak-Gs2791For Innova
Polycarbonate Ak-Gs2791For (All
Polycarbonate Ak-Gs2791For Year
Polycarbonate Ak-Gs2791For Model),Pack
Polycarbonate Ak-Gs2791For Of
Polycarbonate Ak-Gs2791For 1
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Polycarbonate Toyota (All
Polycarbonate Toyota Year
Polycarbonate Toyota Model),Pack
Polycarbonate Toyota Of
Polycarbonate Toyota 1
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Polycarbonate Innova Of
Polycarbonate Innova 1
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Glass Ak-Gs2791For Innova
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Glass Ak-Gs2791For Model),Pack
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Glass (All Model),Pack
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Glass Year Model),Pack
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Glass Year 1
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Glass Of 1
Face Shield Ak-Gs2791For
Face Shield Toyota
Face Shield Innova
Face Shield (All
Face Shield Year
Face Shield Model),Pack
Face Shield Of
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Face Ak-Gs2791For Toyota
Face Ak-Gs2791For Innova
Face Ak-Gs2791For (All
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Shield Ak-Gs2791For Innova
Shield Ak-Gs2791For (All
Shield Ak-Gs2791For Year
Shield Ak-Gs2791For Model),Pack
Shield Ak-Gs2791For Of
Shield Ak-Gs2791For 1
Shield Toyota Innova
Shield Toyota (All
Shield Toyota Year
Shield Toyota Model),Pack
Shield Toyota Of
Shield Toyota 1
Shield Innova (All
Shield Innova Year
Shield Innova Model),Pack
Shield Innova Of
Shield Innova 1
Shield (All Year
Shield (All Model),Pack
Shield (All Of
Shield (All 1
Shield Year Model),Pack
Shield Year Of
Shield Year 1
Shield Model),Pack Of
Shield Model),Pack 1
Shield Of 1
Ak-Gs2791For Toyota Innova
Ak-Gs2791For Toyota (All
Ak-Gs2791For Toyota Year
Ak-Gs2791For Toyota Model),Pack
Ak-Gs2791For Toyota Of
Ak-Gs2791For Toyota 1
Ak-Gs2791For Innova (All
Ak-Gs2791For Innova Year
Ak-Gs2791For Innova Model),Pack
Ak-Gs2791For Innova Of
Ak-Gs2791For Innova 1
Ak-Gs2791For (All Year
Ak-Gs2791For (All Model),Pack
Ak-Gs2791For (All Of
Ak-Gs2791For (All 1
Ak-Gs2791For Year Model),Pack
Ak-Gs2791For Year Of
Ak-Gs2791For Year 1
Ak-Gs2791For Model),Pack Of
Ak-Gs2791For Model),Pack 1
Ak-Gs2791For Of 1
Toyota Innova (All
Toyota Innova Year
Toyota Innova Model),Pack
Toyota Innova Of
Toyota Innova 1
Toyota (All Year
Toyota (All Model),Pack
Toyota (All Of
Toyota (All 1
Toyota Year Model),Pack
Toyota Year Of
Toyota Year 1
Toyota Model),Pack Of
Toyota Model),Pack 1
Toyota Of 1
Innova (All Year
Innova (All Model),Pack
Innova (All Of
Innova (All 1
Innova Year Model),Pack
Innova Year Of
Innova Year 1
Innova Model),Pack Of
Innova Model),Pack 1
Innova Of 1
(All Year Model),Pack
(All Year Of
(All Year 1
(All Model),Pack Of
(All Model),Pack 1
(All Of 1
Year Model),Pack Of
Year Model),Pack 1
Year Of 1
Model),Pack Of 1

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Aksmit Goggle-Style Anti Scratch, Polycarbonate Glass Face Shield Ak-Gs2791For Toyota Innova (All Year Model),Pack Of 1 Reviews

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