AC/DC Stereo Audio Amplifier MP3 Player Module With Speaker & Dancing Light Panel,Card, USB, FM Radio

Mini AC/DC Stereo Audio Amplifier MP3 Module Player With Speaker/Speaker Out,Card, USB, FM Radio, Aux IN & Remote

It is an ultimate 60W +60W Stereo Audio Amplifier Music System with Front Aux IN connectivity. It Means You Can Listen to Your Favorite Music Tracks Stored in Your Mobile Phone, Tablet or Laptop by Connecting an 3.5mm AUX Cable. You Can Also Play MP3 Songs From Your USB Flash/Pen Drive or from MMC card. It Has An Inbuilt Digital FM Radio Receiver and a Front AUX Connectivity Socket. Can be Used it Any Where you want with 220V AC or 12V DC Power Source. A Great All-in-One Solution to All Your Entertainment Needs. Small in Size, Portable Design, Mini Remote Controller.

  • Supply Voltage: DC 12V (Minimum 2 A Current) or Direct 220V AC Power.
  • Display Screen: 3 Digit LED Tube (With Music Dancing Light).
  • Output Mode: Stereo Phonic.
  • Output Power: 60W + 60W.
  • You Can Connect Your Own Speaker with this Unit to Select Speaker Out Button.
  • FM: Digital (FM Frequency 87.6~107.8MHz) *Depends Signal Strength at Your Location.
  • Remote Type: IR
  • Remote Range: 10 Feets 
  • Front Controls: Volume / Mode / Scan / Scan
  • Power Input: 12 v DC 2 Amp or 220V AC
  • Use With: 220V AC or 12 V DC Power Supply, 12V Battery, or Solar Panel (Adapter Not Included) 
  • Support: Up to 6-10" Speaker & 6" Sub Woofer
  • Unit Size: 10 x 12 x 6 cm Approx
  • Do Take Great Care While Making Connections As Any Wrong Connection May Instantly Damage the Internal Circuitry.
  • Some Buttons On the Remote May Not Work. (This is Normal As It Is a General Remote for Multiple Devices and Hence Not All Buttons Are Intended for this Model.)
Package include:
  • 1 x AC/DC Power Stereo Audio Amplifier Music Player with Speaker, USB MP3, MMC, Aux IN, FM Radio
  • 1 x IR Remote
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Product Specification

Binding Electronics
Ean 0717449458308
Ean List:Ean List Element 0717449458308
  • 100% Brand New and High Quality.
  • This Unit Work With 220V AC & 12V DC Power Source. This Unit Come With Built In Amplifier & Speaker, Also You Can Connect Your Own Extra Speaker With this Unit.
  • Mini Stereo Audio Amplifier MP3 Player With Speaker, Card, USB, FM Radio, Aux IN & Remote.
  • It is an ultimate 60W + 60W Stereo Audio Amplifier Music System with Front Aux IN Connectivity.
Item Dimensions:Weight: Content 99
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Package Dimensions:Weight: Content 99
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Product Group CE
Title AC/DC Stereo Audio Amplifier MP3 Player Module With Speaker & Dancing Light Panel,Card, USB, FM Radio
Upc 717449458308
Upc List:Upc List Element 717449458308

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