A.T.U.N. All Things Uber Nice Baby Girl's cotton Ghagra Choli (GLHG KIM SFA_Amethyst_1-2 Years)

A.T.U.N. All Things Uber Nice Baby Girl's cotton Ghagra Choli (GLHG KIM SFA_Amethyst_1-2 Years)

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Product Specification

Brand A.T.U.N
Manufacturer VKNP Designs pvt. ltd., PLOT NO. 516, UDYOG VIHAR PHASE-V, GURGAON HARYANA, INDIA
Binding Apparel
Product Group Apparel
  • Color Name: Amethyst
  • 100% Cotton, Exclusive Of Decoration
  • V-neck
  • dry clean only
  • Stylish, Chic & Comfortable; The lehenga has an elasticated waist
  • Easy to wear & remove; tie-up from the side
Part Number GLHG KIM SFA_Amethyst_1-2 Years
Color Amethyst
Item Dimensions:Weight 0.440924524
Size 1-2 Years
Number Of Items 3
Title A.T.U.N. All Things Uber Nice Baby Girl's cotton Ghagra Choli (GLHG KIM SFA_Amethyst_1-2 Years)

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cotton Ghagra Choli
cotton Ghagra (GLHG
cotton Ghagra KIM
cotton Ghagra SFA_Amethyst_1-2
cotton Ghagra Years)
cotton Choli (GLHG
cotton Choli KIM
cotton Choli SFA_Amethyst_1-2
cotton Choli Years)
cotton (GLHG KIM
cotton (GLHG SFA_Amethyst_1-2
cotton (GLHG Years)
cotton KIM SFA_Amethyst_1-2
cotton KIM Years)
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Ghagra Choli (GLHG
Ghagra Choli KIM
Ghagra Choli SFA_Amethyst_1-2
Ghagra Choli Years)
Ghagra (GLHG KIM
Ghagra (GLHG SFA_Amethyst_1-2
Ghagra (GLHG Years)
Ghagra KIM SFA_Amethyst_1-2
Ghagra KIM Years)
Ghagra SFA_Amethyst_1-2 Years)
Choli (GLHG SFA_Amethyst_1-2
Choli (GLHG Years)
Choli KIM SFA_Amethyst_1-2
Choli KIM Years)
Choli SFA_Amethyst_1-2 Years)
(GLHG KIM SFA_Amethyst_1-2
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