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Critical Care Update 2018 (ISCCM)

Critical Care Update 2018 (ISCCM)

• The book describes best practices in critical care in a clinically-oriented manner.
• It has been divided into 12 sections comprising of 100 chapters covering the wide area of critical care specialty both adult and pediatrics.
• Individual sections deliver expert guidance on managing critical care aspects in pulmonary, neurological, hematologic, gastrointestinal, endocrinology, pediatrics, oncology, obstetrics and many more.
• The chapters are a nice blend of literature review combined with clinical experience gained by the key opinion leaders over the years.
• The book provides streamlined content supplemented by algorithms, tables and figures.
• Written by eminent experts in the field known for their academic and clinical expertise.

Clinical Sub Categories

Neurology Oncology Psychiatry Diseases Hospice & Palliative Care Pain Medicine Maternity, Perinatal, Women's Health Critical & Intensive Care Medical & Surgical Cardiology Physician & Patient Obstetrics & Gynecology Preventive Medicine Pediatrics Internal Medicine Chemotherapy Diagnosis Home & Community Care Nurse & Patient Home Care Reproductive Medicine & Technology Family & General Practice Orthopedics Nephrology Infectious Diseases Endocrinology Dermatology Surgery Gastroenterology Pulmonary & Thoracic Medicine Forensic Medicine Geriatrics Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Sports Medicine Radiology & Nuclear Medicine Perinatology & Neonatology Anesthesiology Critical Care Emergency Medicine Ophthalmology Pediatric & Neonatal Nursing Home Care Assessment & Diagnosis Gerontology Hematology Rheumatology Otorhinolaryngology Emergency Occupational & Industrial Medicine Tropical Medicine Anesthesia Psychiatric