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Camlin Kokuyo Artist 40ml Acrylic Color Shade - 12 Shades (Multicolor)

Camlin Kokuyo Artist 40ml Acrylic Color Shade - 12 Shades (Multicolor)

Camel Artists’ acrylic colours are soft, creamy and are a golden mean between water colours and oil colours. They can be used directly from the tube or mixed with acrylic medium or with water. Relief texture can be obtained by application of thick paint with palette knife and large areas can be built up without fear of cracking. They adhere to a great variety of surface like canvas, wood and earthenware. Pack includes 12 tubes of acrylic colours 40ml each along with gel medium tube of 40ml and acrylic retarder medium tube of 40ml. Retarder medium is used to slow the drying time of acrylic colours, thereby allowing better mixing options for smooth blending effects of colours. Gel medium helps to thicken the acrylic colours thereby retaining brush strokes. Adding gel medium is a way to increase the paint's transparency without compromising the consistency and adhesive properties. Gel medium has a unique effecte on the consistency, finish and adhesive.

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