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Toy King Modeling Clay Artist Studio Toys Kit -Set of 36 Colours TEDEMEL

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Binding Toy , Toy
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Publisher Tedemel
Isbn-13 5031816887504
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Toy King Modeling Clay Artist Studio Toys Kit -Set of 36 Colours TEDEMEL

Easy-to-Use Clay Air-Dries The PF Air-Dry Clay is made with natural, white earth clay that is easy to manipulate and sculpt. The smooth, pliable material is finer and less sticky than traditional clay. This air-dry clay softens easily with water, cleans up quickly from surfaces. It's easy to use with tools like plastic forks, combs, and rolling pins. What's in the Box 36 Air-dry Clay with different color. A easy-to-follow, step-by-step direction for each individual figure. Advantage. The clay air dries in just a few hours, so there's no need for traditional ceramic firing in an oven or kiln. Finished pieces can be decorated with paint or varnish when dry, providing plenty of opportunity to foster creativity in your child. Air dries without kiln or oven Smooth, pliable clay is less sticky than traditional clay Air-dry clay softens easily with water Finished pieces can be painted or varnished Clay is more than enough for one figure. For ages 5 and up Tips for preserving clay: 1. Preserve the clay with plastic wrap or a damp cloth 2, the length of stay in the air is too long, the clay surface of the dura can be removed, a little rub, sealed with plastic wrap, and then rub, repeat the process until the clay soft recovery. 3, can be placed in the refrigerator freezer, better effect. 4, semi dry clay, add water about 30g per 10g, stir slightly, sealed and kept well. 5, all dried clay, add water about 20g each 30g, hand mixing evenly, sealed for 4-7 minutes, you can recover the initial state

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