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Tom Clancy's Code of Honour (Jack Ryan)

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 512
Author Marc Cameron
Publisher Michael Joseph
Isbn-10 0241410711
Isbn-13 9780241410714
Dimension 15.29*3.61*23.39

Tom Clancy's Code of Honour (Jack Ryan)

Marc Cameron's Tom Clancy's Code of Honour (Jack Ryan)

In Indonesia, an American gaming engineer is coerced into parting with cutting edge artificial intelligence software. The implications are devastating - It will wreak havoc the wrong hands. A garbled message from his old friend father Pat West warns President Jack Ryan of impending technology crisis - and that father Pat is in deadly danger. With the campus on the trail of the potentially destructive computer programme, Jack races to save his friend. He can ill-afford to waste time, for his opponents back in Washington br>D C. Are itching for any opportunity for sabotage - could treason be brewing? As the network of theft and deception grows ever more tangled, a sinister plot is taking shape. President Jack Ryan finds himself in his darkest straits yet, with a Chinese conspiracy trailing all the way to the White House...

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