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The Truth About Keeping Secrets

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 336
Author Savannah Brown
Publisher Penguin UK
Isbn-10 0241346304
Isbn-13 9780241346303
Dimension 12.9*2.01*19.81

The Truth About Keeping Secrets

Savannah Brown's The Truth About Keeping Secrets

Sydney's dad is the only psychiatrist for miles around their small Ohio town. He is also unexpectedly dead. Is Sydney crazy, or is it kind of weird that her dad - a guy whose entire job revolved around other peoples' secrets - crashed alone, with no explanation? And why is June Copeland, homecoming queen and the town's golden child, at his funeral? As the two teenagers grow closer in the wake of the accident, it's clear that not everyone is happy about their new friendship. But what is picture perfect June still hiding? And does Sydney even want to know? The truth About Keeping Secrets is a page turning, voice led, high school thriller.
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