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The Stardust Affair

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 256
Author Bilal Siddiqi
Publisher Penguin Random House India
Isbn-10 0143429310
Isbn-13 9780143429319
Dimension 29.01*19.99*3.0

The Stardust Affair

Bilal Siddiqi's The Stardust Affair

Avinash Pawar, a young, intrepid reporter, works at the Mumbai Sun, alongside his mentor, Hamza Syed, a seasoned journalist who specializes in unearthing secrets about the city’s underworld. At Hamza’s request, Avinash agrees to ghostwrite the memoir of fading Bollywood actress Parineeti Deb Ahuja—but little does he realize how drawn he will be to the charm Parineeti exudes both on- and off-screen.
Before he knows it, Avinash has a front-row seat to the glamorous World of Bollywood and discovers more about Parineeti’s complicated relationship with her secretive industrialist husband. As he confronts his own feelings, he finds himself sucked into an intricate web of danger and deceit. What starts out as a straightforward writing assignment quickly turns into a high-stakes game where Avinash is playing for his life. Will he able be to escape unscathed from this murky World of drugs, Crime and deception?
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