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The Sound of the Hours

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 464
Author Karen Campbell
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Isbn-10 1526605996
Isbn-13 9781526605993
Dimension 13.41*4.29*21.59

The Sound of the Hours

Karen Campbell's The Sound of the Hours

'Moving, complex, romantic, and beautifully written, Karen Campbell's saga . is a triumph' Allan Massie, Scotsman

Divided by loyalties, brought together by war

September, 1943. Tuscany, Italy.

In the hilltop town of Barga, everyone holds their breath. Even the bells fall silent. Everything Vittoria Guidi knows and loves is at risk. German troops occupy the mountains around her home, as America's Buffalo Soldiers prepare to invade. As Vittoria's country is torn in two, so is her conscience. Should she side with her Scots-Italian father or her Fascist mother? Should she do what she is told - or what she believes in?

Frank Chapel, a young, black American soldier fighting with the Buffalo soldiers for a country that refuses him the vote, is unlike anyone Vittoria has ever met. In the chaos, they find each other - but can their growing love overcome prejudice and war?

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