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The Magic of Indian Medicine

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 188
Author Tiny Nair
Publisher White Falcon Publishing
Isbn-10 9389085748
Isbn-13 9789389085747
Dimension 13.97*1.27*21.59

The Magic of Indian Medicine

Tiny Nair's The Magic of Indian Medicine

Jostling crowd, crying kids, supplicated by stench of antiseptic - not an ideal place for stories to start.
But in real life, most stories end up here - the chaotic 'Indian hospital'.

Caught between the ailing patient, the angry relatives and poor infrastructure, the 'Indian' doctor is supposed to offer magical cure. As he tries his best to pull a rabbit or two, out of his white coat pocket, the heavy emotional sandbag on his shoulder weighs him down.
The unedited experience for you to laugh and cry. About the Author: Dr Tiny Nair, MD, DM, FACC, FRCP heads the department of cardiology at PRS Hospital, Trivandrum, Kerala. Despite his busy schedule of patient care and teaching, he is a prolific speaker, an author (4 books), a regular writer in newspaper columns, and a 'TopWriter 2018' in Quora (blog). He is the recipient of the 'Best Doctor Award' by the Govt of Kerala and 'Most Inspiring Doctor of India Award' by the Economic Times. He lives in Trivandrum with his wife Deepa, son Akash, and daughter Parvathy.
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