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The Julius Zebra Joke Book Jamboree

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 96
Author Gary Northfield
Publisher Walker
Isbn-10 1406388270
Isbn-13 9781406388275
Dimension 12.9*0.61*19.81

The Julius Zebra Joke Book Jamboree

Gary Northfield's The Julius Zebra Joke Book Jamboree

The champion of Rome returns, with the champion of all joke books! Brimming with brazenly bonkers and clever jokes, this is the ideal handbook for kids with a budding comedic talent (and an essential guidebook for those without…). this new addition to the Julius zebra collection features jokes from all Julius and his friends’ adventures in ancient Rome. Egypt, Britain and Greece. What's a crocodile's favourite card game? Snap! Have you read make your own togas? It's by Lucy lastic. With all the energy of the Julius zebra stories, this joke book is packed with puns, stuffed with gags and crammed with cartoon capers. Perfect summer reading for those who like a dash of history with their jokes – horrible histories but with a zebra... Internationally successful series, with translation rights sold in ten different countries worldwide so far.

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