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The Cloud at Your Service

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 200
Author Jothy Rosenberg
Publisher Manning Publications
Isbn-10 1935182528
Isbn-13 9781935182528
Dimension 18.75*1.45*23.5

The Cloud at Your Service

Jothy Rosenberg's The Cloud at Your Service

Cloud Computing is here to stay. As an economically viable way for businesses of all sizes to distribute computing, this Technology shows tremendous promise. But the intense hype surrounding the Cloud is making it next to impossible for responsible IT managers and Business decision-makers to get a clear understanding of what the Cloud really means, what it might do for them, when it is practical, and what their Future with the Cloud looks like.

The Cloud at Your Service helps cut through all this fog to help enterprises make these critical decisions based on facts and the authors' informed unbiased recommendations and predictions.

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