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The British in India

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Binding Paperback , Hardcover
Language English
Number Of Pages 640
Author David Gilmour
Publisher Penguin
Isbn-10 0141979216
Isbn-13 9780141979212
Dimension 12.9*2.79*19.81

The British in India

David Gilmour's The British in India

The British in this book lived in India from shortly after the reign of Elizabeth I until well into the reign of Elizabeth II. They were soldiers, officials, businessmen, doctors and missionaries of both sexes, planters, engineers and many others, together with children, wives and sisters. This book describes their lives, their work and their extraordinarily varied interactions with the native populations; it also records the very diverse roles they played in the three centuries of british-indian history. Gilmour writes of people who have never been written about before, men and women who are presented here with humanity and often with humour. The result is a magnificent tapestry of life, an exceptional work of scholarly recovery which reads like a great nineteenth-century novel. It makes a highly original and engaging contribution to a long an important period of British and Indian history.
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