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The Art of Connection

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 263
Author Michael J. Gelb
Publisher Jaico Publishing House
Isbn-10 9386867478
Isbn-13 9789386867476
Dimension 21.59*14.0*1.7

The Art of Connection

Michael J. Gelb's The Art of Connection

7 Relationship Building Skills Every Leader Needs

Developing rapport with others is not just a Business tool to enhance productivity but a valuable skill to broaden our own humanity.

These days, it’s often easier to avoid face-to-face contact in favor of technological shortcuts. But as Michael Gelb argues in this compelling, Entertaining book, the meaningful Relationships that come from real interaction are key to creating innovative ideas and solving our most intractable problems.

In The Art of Connection, Gelb offers Readers seven methods of developing this essential rapport in their Professional and Personal lives. Each chapter Covers specific techniques and illustrates them with memorable stories, relevant Scientific Research and hands-on exercises that allow Readers to apply their new skills. Gelb guides us to cultivate the skills we all need to deepen our Relationships and transform our lives.
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