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Switchgear and Protection

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 584
Author Arun Ingole
Publisher Pearson Education
Isbn-10 9386873435
Isbn-13 9789386873439

Switchgear and Protection

Arun Ingole's Switchgear and Protection

Switchgear and Protection is designed for students of Electrical Engineering as well as professionals. With his rich industry experience, the author has strived to provide a balanced coverage of both the theoretical and practical aspects of Switchgear and Protection systems.
The book Covers a wide range of topics such as system faults; current interruption; working principles of various switchgears; Theory of ‘relay protection’ as well as various protection schemes for Electrical equipment and systems. Topics ranging from the humble LV fuse, circuit breakers, switchboards, control-boards, CTs, PTs, LAs to modern Electrical Technology such as SF6 filled switchgear (GIS) are also dealt in detail. The systematic presentation of topics supported by ample diagrams, layouts, sketches and photographs of real-life equipment utilized in industry make this text ideal for learners to comprehend the subject.
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