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Super Tips for Super Memory

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 208
Author Sushant Mysorekar
Publisher Rupa Publications India
Isbn-10 9353333504
Isbn-13 9789353333508
Dimension 19.99*14.0*3.99

Super Tips for Super Memory

Sushant Mysorekar's Super Tips for Super Memory

There are so many things about our brain that we don’t know. For instance, how is it that one has good memory while another does not, despite there being no difference in their brains? How are ideas generated? How do we remember what we learn? How and where are memories stored? What triggers memory? If you wish to know the answers to these and more, This book is for you! Super tips for super memory will not only help you identify your learning and working style but also teach you how to strengthen your brain’s retentive power through activities, game models, quizzes and riddles. It provides you with simple tips and techniques along with some unique methods to achieve wonderful results, not only in academics but also in life. What’s more, it also contains: more than 5 assessment exercises over 10 Learning methodologies more than 50 activities, brain quizzes and riddles a complete action plan a feedback mechanism this book is your first step to achieving super memory, and each learning capsule will enable you to master Your ability to fly limitlessly.
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