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Stuck in Space

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 64
Author Aarav Mehta
Publisher Notion Press, Inc.
Isbn-10 1948473038
Isbn-13 9781948473033
Dimension 12.7*0.41*20.32

Stuck in Space

Aarav Mehta's Stuck in Space

"Yipee!" Jake exclaimed, "I have finally reached the Moon!"

Jake was exuberant, until some peculiar events, unexpected creatures and uncanny mystery envelop him and he finds himself on the most menacing journey he could ever imagine...

Embark with Jake on his journey to the Moon and witness the camaraderie, courage and his adventurous mission which eventually reiterates the power of good over evil in this enthralling tale.

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