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Stories of Cyber Crime & Protection Mantra

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 86
Author Commander KK Chaudhary (Retd)
Publisher Notion Press
Isbn-10 1684666023
Isbn-13 9781684666027

Stories of Cyber Crime & Protection Mantra

Commander KK Chaudhary (Retd)'s Stories of Cyber Crime & Protection Mantra

What goes through your mind when you read News about Women being harassed by cyber criminals, Children being stalked online, Children committing suicide when playing Internet games, people's bank accounts being hacked and so on?

Do you also think that you are a Basic Internet user and something like this couldn't possibly happen to you? That you will deal with it if it happens?

Well, the Internet today is omnipresent. It's cheap, easy and accessible on all Digital platforms, from desktops to watches. Admit it or deny it, everyone holding a Digital device is a consumer of this facility and possible prey to a camouflaged criminal.

Through this book Cdr. KK Chaudhary, cyber Security expert, explores real incidents of cybercrimes and explains the modus operandi of cybercriminals. He suggests simple practices which can save one from major troubles. The paragraph 'Protection Mantra' is a unique feature of the book as it will help Readers to find ways to avert various types of cyber threats.

This book is a must read for Internet users of all ages to know how the Internet can empower them and also render them powerless.

It's Time to be aware and not naive, vigilant and not a victim.
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