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Spring MVC Blueprints

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 490
Author Sherwin John C. Tragura
Publisher Packt Publishing Limited
Isbn-10 1785888277
Isbn-13 9781785888274
Dimension 19.05*2.82*23.5

Spring MVC Blueprints

Sherwin John C. Tragura's Spring MVC Blueprints

Design and implement real-world web-based applications using the Spring Framework 4.x specification based on technical documentation About This Book * Learn all the details of implementing Spring 4.x MVC applications from Basic core platform construction to advanced integration implementations * Gain a complete Reference guide to implementing the controllers, models, views, view resolvers, and other service-related Components to solve various real-world problems * Discover the possible optimal solutions for developers and experts to build enterprise and Personal web-based applications * Create a Spring MVC application that has a validation process and exception handling with the HTTP status codes Who This Book Is For This book is for competent Spring developers who wish to understand how to develop complex yet flexible applications with Spring MVC. You must have a good knowledge of JAVA Programming and be familiar with the basics of Spring. What You Will Learn * Set up and configure the Spring 4.x MVC platform from ground level up using the Basic Spring Framework 4.x APIs * Study requirements and manage solutions on file uploading transactions in Spring 4.x applications Configure, , and test Spring integration to the Hibernate, MyBatis, and JPA frameworks for database transactions * Properly implement exception handlers and audit trails in Spring MVC applications * Generate reports using JFreeChart, Google Charts, JasperReports, DynamicReports, FreeMarker, Velocity, and Spring's API known as ContentNegotiatingViewResolver * Configure Security and flexibility by adding Captcha, Spring Security, Spring Flow, Spring Portlets, JTA to improve data Management performance * Implement web Services using Spring's RESTful implementation and other service-oriented integration plugins * Design and implement a Spring 4. x application using AngularJS, ExtJs, Twitter Bootstrap, and Spring Mobile for responsive web Design In Detail Spring MVC is the ideal tool to build modern web applications on the server side. With the arrival of Spring Boot, developers can really focus on the code and deliver great value, leveraging the rich Spring ecosystem with minimal configuration. Spring makes it simple to create RESTful applications, interact with social services, communicate with modern databases, secure your system, and make your code modular and easy to test. It is also easy to deploy the result on different cloud providers. This book starts all the necessary topics in starting a Spring MVC-based application. Moving ahead it explains how to Design model objects to handle file objects. save files into a data store and how Spring MVC behaves when an application deals with uploading and downloading files. Further it highlights form transactions and the user of Validation Framework as the tool in validating data input. It shows how to create a customer feedback system which does not require a username or password to log in. It will show you the soft side of Spring MVC where layout and presentation are given importance. Later it will discuss how to use Spring Web Flow on top of Spring MVC to create better web applications. Moving ahead, it will teach you how create an Invoice Module that receives and transport data using Web Services By the end of the book you will be able to create efficient and flexible real-time web applications using all the frameworks in Spring MVC. Style and approach This book is a compendium of technical specification documents that will guide you through Building an application using Spring 4.x MVC. Each chapter starts with a high-level wireframe Design of the Software followed by how to set up and configure different Libraries and tools.
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