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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages
Author S Limaye
Publisher McGraw Hill Education
Isbn-10 0070139903
Isbn-13 9780070139909
Dimension 46.99*5.31*61.01



This book employs an integrated approach to test management, techniques and process requirement activities. This text uses testing tools, processes and case designs as few of the many elements that prepare the audience to be a worthy keeper of the `Quality Gate?. Salient Features: An integrated approach to test management, test techniques and process requirement activities. Dedicated chapters on testing tools, special tests, validation and verification, and Software quality assurance. Two case studies along-with scenarios, test cases and documentation. Strong Pedagogy includes: 110 Solved examples 235 Chapter-end exercises 50 Frequently asked questions in interviews

Popular Tags: Test Case Software Techniques and Process Requirement Activities Testing Tools Other Topics

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