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Software Engineering Concepts

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 364
Author Richard Fairley
Publisher McGraw Hill Education
Isbn-10 0074631217
Isbn-13 9780074631218
Dimension 35.61*4.29*54.61

Software Engineering Concepts

Richard Fairley's Software Engineering Concepts

Over the Book Computing Systems become more numerous, more complex,and more deeply embedded in modern society, the need for systematic approaches to Software development and Software maintenance becomes increasingly apparent. Software Engineering is the feild of study concerned with this emerging technology. Primary goals for this text are to acquaint students with the Basic concepts and major issue of Software engineering, to describe current Tools and techniques, and to provide abasis for evaluating new developments. Many different techniques are presented ti illustrate Basic concepts, but no single technique receives special attention. Individual instructor may choose to emphasize particular techniques, depending on local circumstances, the backgrounds of their students, and their own interests

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