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Rooh-e-Rumi: Seeking God is Seeking Love

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Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 174
Author Mamta Sehgal
Publisher Notion Press
Isbn-10 1645871819
Isbn-13 9781645871811
Dimension 12.7*1.12*20.32

Rooh-e-Rumi: Seeking God is Seeking Love

Mamta Sehgal's Rooh-e-Rumi: Seeking God is Seeking Love

Life itself is an ironical battle of sorts, where we strive hard to control and win the world but often fail to control our own lives. Most of us praise spirituality but fail to follow it and recognize its potential in the true sense; the reason-we chase false goals but never attempt to chase the true light that rests within.

The author, a believer of God, shares her spiritual realizations led by her own experiences of life, and interprets them in two themes - "God" and "Love".

The author's prescription to win the story of life in three distinct ways:

-Through self-realization,

-Embracing love, which is the language of the universe, and

-Surrendering to the Supreme Power.

Rooh-e-Rumi presents many thought-provoking selections of Rumi, the famous thirteenth-century Persian poet. The quotes and their commendable spiritual interpretations attempted by the author will guide the readers to discover their own link to the experience of love and the unhindered path to spiritual enlightenment.

"In this soul-stirring, deep and insightful book, Mamta Sehgal beautifully expounds Rumi's thoughts on divine love. A must read for Rumi's followers and all those who believe that God is love."

-Oswald Pereira, veteran journalist and best-selling author of eight books

"Mamta Sehgal proves again her deep insight in the subject of spirituality. This book is a crucial pivot on the way we understand devotion."

-Santosh Srivastava, Co-Author, The Gita Way

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