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Revolutionary Ride

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 304
Author Lois Pryce
Publisher Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Isbn-10 1473669987
Isbn-13 9781473669987
Dimension 17.7*2.01*18.29

Revolutionary Ride

Lois Pryce's Revolutionary Ride

I wish that you will visit Iran so you will see for yourself about my country. We are not Terrorists. Please come to my city, Shiraz. It is very famous as the friendliest city in Iran, it is the city of Poetry and gardens and wine. Intrigued, Lois decides to ignore the official warnings against Travel (and the warnings of her friends and family) and sets off alone on a 3, 000 mile ride from Tabriz to Shiraz, to try to uncover the heart of this most complex and incongruous country. Along the way, she meets carpet sellers and drug addicts, war veterans and housewives, doctors and teachers People living ordinary lives under the rule of an extraordinarily strict Islamic government. Revolutionary Ride is the story of a People and a country. Religious and hedonistic, practical and poetic, modern and rooted in tradition and with a wild sense of Humour and appreciation of Beauty despite the Comparative lack of freedom this is real Contemporary Iran.
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