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Reminiscence of HelL: Life at IIM - Lucknow

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 192
Author Subhra Pratim Halder
Publisher White Falcon Publishing
Isbn-10 9388459261
Isbn-13 9789388459266
Dimension 13.97*2.03*21.59

Reminiscence of HelL: Life at IIM - Lucknow

Subhra Pratim Halder's Reminiscence of HelL: Life at IIM - Lucknow

Are you going to get Day Z shortlists? How to attain inordinate advantage over others in just a few weeks after joining? Can a professor change your growth trajectory at an IIM? How versed are you for an interview during the wee hours of sunrise?
Pandit Ji, Night mess, CV iterations, Smart Casuals - everything is buzzing inside!

Summer placements is said to be the happiness quotient of MBA days. But does the stratagem to take up that mantle start much before? If you are reading this as an aspirant, the race is already at full throttle. Experience the anxieties, the quests, the self-doubts and the reaffirmations, as Avanesh embarks upon his journey to a campus popularly known as 'Hell'. How well will he fare in Summers?

The book takes you to an inspiring and uncanny landscape among 450+ crazy minds of IIM Lucknow. Based on True Accounts of its 32nd batch, this narrative memoir is a timeless testimony of every survivor, rather product of every old IIM. It will enable you to make better decisions at campus in everything you do.

A sense of purpose for aspirants and an element of nostalgia for alums, REMINISCENCE OF HELL kindles your pursuit of excellence and answers - what it takes to survive the most rigorous academic curriculum of your life.

Get to know more directly from the People behind this book -
Subhra Pratim Halder: www.linkedin.com/in/sphalder
Mohammad Aqueeb: www.linkedin.com/in/mohammadaqueeb
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