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Puffin Classics: Timeless Tales from Marwar

Book Specification

Binding Paperback
Language English
Number Of Pages 208
Author Vijaydan Detha
Publisher Puffin
Isbn-10 0143448285
Isbn-13 9780143448280

Puffin Classics: Timeless Tales from Marwar

Vijaydan Detha's Puffin Classics: Timeless Tales from Marwar

For centuries, Rajasthan has been a gold mine of oral traditions and histories, with Padma Shri Vijaydan Detha being one of the foremost storytellers of all time.

Giving a new lease of life to his writings, Timeless Tales from Marwar is a handpicked collection of folk tales from the everlasting works of Detha's celebrated Batan ri Phulwari meaning 'Garden of Tales'. Collected and written over the span of nearly fifty years, this fourteen-volume assortment of Rajasthani folk stories earned him the moniker-the Shakespeare of Rajasthan.

This selection--retold in Detha's magical narrative style complete with vivid imagery--offers some of the oldest and most popular fables from the Thar Desert region. Discover tales of handsome rajkanwars, evil witches, exploitative thakars, miserly seths, clever insects, benevolent snakes and more. Vishes Kothari's vivid English translation introduces one of the most venerated figures in Rajasthani folk culture to a wider audience. This tribute to Detha's rich legacy is a collector's edition for all ages.

Introduction by Aruna Roy.

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